Younger brother’s wife

Every one of you must have fucked many women and girls. Some of you certainly have fucked your own relatives even mother and sisters and daughters. Nothing wrong as long as it is with mutual consent. I also had my share of cunts. Now I am going to narrate an incident. I get opportunity to fuck two woman exactly in similar circumstances when I was least expecting it. That time I was about 36 years, happily married and already blessed with one son and daughter who was elder and that time she was only 13 yrs. Well my parents were living in a village. I was working in a factory and my younger brother (22) was also working in the same factory. He was married just few months back. His wife after staying one month with him has gone back to her parents. It was summer time and marriage of my youngest sister got fixed.

Between me and youngest sister who was getting married there were five more co-borns, three sisters and two brothers. My wife with kids were first to go. Father himself came to take them. I was told to come two weeks before marriage and was also ordered to pick up my younger brother’s wife on the way. Since my brother has new job he was to come few days before marriage. On due day I began journey and by evening I reached brother’s sasural. I being eldest I was treated very well. Next day in afternoon I along with Kiran (brother’s wife) took a bus . After journey of 4 hour We had to catch a train and supposed to reach destination by morning. Man proposes God disposes. Bus broke down and some how we reached station. But by that time our train had left. It was 9 of night. After walking here and there we reached a small time hotel. Manager showed us the room. It was a small room with one single bed (6’x3’). He said that some marriage party has booked the hotel and it is only room available.

“how far is other hotel’ I enquired.

“about 3-4 km away on high way and at this time of night you will not get any convenience more over it is unsafe.” Manager replied. I was in a dilemma. How can I sleep with brother’s wife that also on a single bed. In our community younger brother’s wife should remain away from there husband’s elder brothers. Any type of physical contact between them considered as a greatest sin. I was thinking what to do .. Kiran replied,

“I am very tired. Let us stay here . It is a matter of one night only.” At this manager replied smilingly ,

“wife husband can sleep very comfortably at this bed.” And he went out of room. Before I could say any thing Kiran said “ bhaiya, I know what you are thinking. But I am tired , I cant walk. U book the room otherwise they may rent it to other. We will manage.”

I looked at her. She was quite and calm, looking innocent. I went out and returned after registering and paying. We washed and went out to eat. While taking food I told her that we will ask for extra bed.

“Better not”. Kiran said. “if u asks one they may think other wise. They may think that u has abducted me or I fled home and another problem may crop up.” She was right. In first look she may pass for my wife but on closer scrutiny it will be found that she is too young only 17, almost 20 yrs younger to me. We reached the room. Locked room from inside and I changed to lungi and sandow (normally I sleep only in lungi). She came out of bathroom. She did not change dress and remained in saree set.

“Kiran u sleeps on bed and I will take some nap while sitting.” I suggested. She lie on the bed and turned her back to me. I switched off the light.

“keep light-on please.” Kiran said and I obeyed. I thought that she is afraid that in dark I may molest her. I looked at her. She was on her side. Her back to me. For first time I looked at her body. She was a girlish figure. Thin waist, small hips and not so wide back and shoulders. She had long and dense hair and very fair. She was attractive and looking sexy. I kept looking at her. I don’t know how much time passed and she turned side. I could see her belly portion, deep and narrow. Her saree was tied about 2”below naval point and bottom of blouse were about 4”above belly button. One of her breast was covered with pallu (of saree ) but other was out of saree. It was pressed on bed so part of top portion had come out of the blouse. I could not stop looking at her. I was married for about 16-17 yrs and enjoyed sex with wife. I did not fuck any other beside my wife.. I knew that my brother had brought girls even after marriage. He was visiting pros even My wife told me that my brother does not like his wife Kiran, the lady sleeping in front of me. I wondered why. She is so juicy and young. She certainly would be a feast to fuck and I got erection. I wanted my wife to be there to fuck. I was thinking and she opened eyes. Our eyes met. She smiled,

“Come and sleep beside me. I will not tell didi (my wife).” I did not want her to change her mind. I got up and lie on beside her. I avoided her touch.

“it seems I slept for some time. What you did.?” I did not want to say but words came out of my mouth, “I was cherishing your beauty. You are very beautiful.”

“But your brother has different opinion. For him I am most ugly.” Sadness in her words was very clear. I turned to her.

“He is a fool. He is running after a mirage leaving behind tank full of sweet honey.” I said. She pushed one of her hand away from her body. She looked in my eyes and said “if he has any other girl in life, he should not have married me.” There were tears in her eyes. I could not resist . I put my finger below her eyes and wiped tears drop. I let my fingers rest on her cheeks. He does not have one girl. He regularly visits ‘randi’ . We even my wife tried to stop him but he likes cheap women.

“didi is very fortunate.” Kiran said.

“how” ? I enquired.

“because you love her so much.” She pushed her hand to me and it touched my chest. I said “Ajju (Ajay her husband) will also love you. Once you let him taste your honey and then he will think just of you.” I said and pinched her cheeks. “you are full of juice.”

“what juice and honey you are talking. I have nothing.” She said loudly.

I moved my finger on her lips and caressed those juicy lips softly “you know what I mean.”

“no I don’t know’.

I did not reply any thing. Enough of talk . I rubbed her lips and slowly moved my fingers down on her chin and through her necks to her chest and then my hand rested on her breast. I moved towards her and kissed deeply. She immediately took me in her arms and kissed me back. My fingers molded her breast and we kissed. While squeezing breast I pushed pallu, unbuttoned blouse and pulled it out of her body. She had no bra and without bra breast was held tight . I t was of 34” size I pushed hand down and freed her from saree and even petticoat. She was totally nude. I pulled her on me. We held each other in arms. She crushed me and I almost broke her bone. She pulled my sandow away and rubbed her lips on my hairy chest and sucked my nipples. It ticked me and I pushed finger in her choot (cunt). It was wet and eager to take lund . I pushed her down on bed. Positioned myself between her thighs and put supara on cunt entrance. I held both breast firmly and gave hard push.

“ohhh…maaaa..” She moaned loudly. I squeezed both breast tightly and gave still harder push and half of lund went in. Like this I gave 4-5 hard push and then entire 6” lund went inside cunt. She was almost like a virgin “Ajju has not fucked you ?” I enquired. She replied that only once he entered her but could not complete the work. She held me tightly in her arms and crossed her legs over my waist. I was unable to move. We remain still for few minutes and then we fucked slowly and slowly. I enjoyed fucking almost virgin cunt. I fucked her and fucked her. She was indecent. Talking filthy.

“Ahh raja.. Meri choot phar daalo, lawda bur me daal do.. Maarte raho.. Pelte raho… roj lund lunge.. Tere bhai ke saamne chudwaungee.. Gaand maraungee… ahhh… pelo.. Apni bibi ka maal samajh kar chodo….Mujhe randi bana bologe sub karungi…ahhh mazaaa aa raha hai… Mujhe daily chodna…Ahhhh.”

And she held me very tightly and then she climaxed. She remains still. I increased my speed and soon I filled her cunt….After we regain breath I kissed her.

“For this only, you wanted to stay in this room.!” I asked, “ dear you liked my lund.”

“ohh thank you bhaiya for giving me pleasure. I am satisfied but you can fuck me anytime any where.” She pushed me flat and came over me. I cupped her twin hips and said “gaand (ass) maraogi’

“yes dear, everything is yours , I am your kept. I will do anything you say.”

“then suck my lund.”

Without any objection she slipped down and took my limp lund in mouth. She swallowed lund , rub lips on my balls and soon lund became hard . Then once again we had straight fuck. After we discharged we held each other and slept nude.

In morning we woke up with sound of knocks on door. I covered myself with her saree and she put on petticoat tied over her breast. Her back was bare and in front breast was visible. She opened the door and a tea boy of about 14 year entered with two cups of tea. He said that it is 9 in morning . He enquired whether we need hot water . She asked for two buckets. We washed mouth and we had tea. I took her in lap and said,” in night we did what we should not have. Are you repenting for what you did ?” She sat on my lap. Kissed me and said that last night was the best time she had so far. She said that she has no regret and she wants me inside her again and again. I untied her petticoat and pushed petticoat out of her legs. I saw her nude first time in broad day light. I made her stand. She was about 5’4” , slender figure. Nicely curved body. Very well tapered thighs . No extra flesh. I turned her around. She had good size and tight round hips. I rubbed ass and then I pushed hand over her cunt. I did not give attention in night, she had good hair on the cunt. I caressed hair and pubic area. I got up and made her sit on the small table kept in the room. I spread her legs and bent down With both hands I held her thighs and kissed cunt lips. She shivered and held my head tightly. I chewed clits and ran tongue along cunt slit. She jerked hips and widened her thighs herself. I ate cunt and slowly pushed one finger in cunt. I chewed cunt and finger fucked .

She began moaning .”I will die…Don’t do this .. I cant stand… Ahhh.. I never knew there is so much pleasure hidden in choot…Ahhhh… keep doing ….ahhh… And for about 10 minutes I sucked her cunt. Pulled cunt lips apart and ran tongue inside. She was moaning loudly. And that time a middle aged lady (30-35) entered room with two buckets of hot water. We were not in position to stop. She kept buckets down and “at least you should have closed the door. Thank that boy did not come..” Kiran looked at her but could not stop moaning..” Now I cant tolerate , mujhe chodo… lund under daaloo.. Choot phad daalo..”

I pulled mouth away from cunt , held her from shoulder and kissed deeply. She tasted her cunt. At the same time I pushed lund inside her choot and fucked hard. While I was fucking that lady remain and watched our chudai. We fucked and fucked and that lady squeezed breast of kiran. She did not object. I said “ if you want to enjoy why you don’t undress.” Lady undressed immediately. Contrary to kiran she was plumb and big. Her breast were not less than 38” and too fleshy. Thighs were thick and between two thighs there was big bur but without any hair. She had wide slit, must have been fucked thoroughly…Then Kiran held me tightly and became still. Lady Pulled me off Kiran . She sat on knees and gulped my lund . She sucked it for few minutes and then She lie –on bed and widened her leg. I was not to be directed. I fucked her. Kiran watched in amazement. I was giving hard push. Kiran came to bed nude and sat. She held lady’s big breast and massaged them. But lady was engrossed in fucking and after some time I discharged in her big bur. Lady held me tightly. Our breaths became normal . She dressed and went out telling that she will come back soon.

Kiran laughed, “you know bhaiya, and watching chudai is a great fun. You had a bonus.” We took each other in arms and I began caressing her cunt again. But she pulled away,” let’s bath together and enjoy.” She got up and locked door from inside. We were in bath room and we heard a knock on the door. I put on towel and opened the door. The lady was back. Before I say some thing she locked door from inside and called Kiran out. Lady made kiran lie on bed. She applied a cream on her pubic area and after about ten minutes she wiped the cream and washed it with hot water. Then I saw best cunt in the world. Without hair cunt was looking great. It was pinkish, sides were swollen like pao-roti. “ab choot dekho, kitni pyari lug rahi hai’ lady said and planted a kiss on the cunt. “you will enjoy sucking this chikni choot but before you suck her cunt again please lick my big bur.” She told and became nude. “I would like to but I am very tired” But Kiran took my lund in her hand and requested me to suck that lady’s bur. I obeyed and licked , sucked and ate her big bur . While sucking I pushed fingers in her gaand. Her gaand was loose. She certainly would have been a regular ass fucker and I was sucking the lady made Kiran sat on her mouth. I saw lady pushing her tongue inside kiran’s tight choot. Kiran was making hissing sound. She helped lady by spreading cunt lips and made room for her maneuverings. Seeing Kiran getting her choot sucked by lady I got very excited . I Pushed lady’s legs apart and pushed lund in her asshole. She made a loud moan but kiran pushed her cunt on lady’s mouth. It was a big wide hole and lund made a comfortable journey inside ass of that lady. I fucked and fucked and when I felt that I will ejaculate I pulled lund out of her gaand and pushed it in lady’s mouth.

Now she was sucking my lund and kiran’s choot was on her lips as well. I discharged in her mouth . Kiran got down and she also licked lund along with the lady. We all were very happy. We gave Rs 100 to lady for her service and she said that she liked my lund very much and if I visit her house she will allow me taste her daughter in law whose husband is not in town. We told her that we would be leaving in evening and next time I will visit her house. After she left we closed door and took bath together. Kiran was happy and I was happiest after getting a unexpected chance to fuck Kiran. In evening we left hotel and boarded train . We had no reservation so we had to sit in a general compartment. I told Kiran to address me “Babujee” to avoid unnecessary attention of co passenger. Whole night Kiran sat beside me but as lights were on and passengers were awake we could not do any thing. In fact we had enjoyed enough that day.

We reached home. After some time Kiran’s husband also came. House was crowded so there was no opportunity to fuck Kiran or even my wife. Marriage got over and after fifth day of marriage guest started leaving. Kiran’s husband went back to his job early. When my leave got over, I wanted to take my family with me but my parents insisted that as children’s have holiday I should let them stay for some more time. I was told to take Kiran back to her parents. Nothing could have been better. On the way back we stayed two night in that hotel but this time in a double bedded room. Like earlier we two fucked and fucked and that lady again joined us. We visited her house and there she was. Her daughter- in- law a girl of 14-15 only. And while lady entertained Kiran I fucked that girl. When I asked she said that after marriage only thrice her husband has pushed lund inside her choot but could not complete chudai. We all tried to convince her but she did not agree for group fuck. She wanted it all alone but during last chdai I ensured that Kiran is watching us. While leaving I paid them some money.

After two days we reached kiran’s house. I convinced her parents to sent Kiran with me to her husband (so that we can fuck regularly). They agreed to send her on an auspicious day which was after three days. No problem for me. I was treated nicely there. I was not to look or even talk with Kiran. It being summer I preferred to sleep in open under mosquito net as you know the mosquito menace in the villages. There were other males including Kiran’s father around my bed. When I was sleeping peacefully I felt that some one came and slept beside me. It was kiran. “don’t utter a word, just fuck me hard.” She whispered. We fucked and she left happily. Like that all three nights we did chudai . We don’t know if any one has seen her coming to me. Last day when we were to leave Kiran’s mother called me inside and said that she is very thankful to me that I made her daughter a happy woman and she requested that we should keep it as a secret. Back home, Kiran’s husband was not happy to see his wife.

It took lot of time to pursued him to sleep with his wife. I had earlier instructed Kiran to behave like a randi with her husband. Next morning I found kiran happy . She said that she behaved very cheap with him he (her husband ) fucked her twice. She also said happily that he has no doubt about our relation. We both brother were having shift duty and when ever Kiran’s husband goes for duty I take charge of Kiran. My wife and children came . After few months my wife charged me & kiran about our sinful affairs. Kiran cried and made my wife agree to accept her as my second wife. Now, Kiran is mother of my children. I will narrate next similar incident with another lady of the family in next part soon.

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