Wife Getting Fucked By Her Boss

I was a middle class man not so rich ,i was studious and got admission for engineering .While in college i noticed a girl who was having big ass and boobs,but was not so beautiful but her looks were average .I didnt like her for her beauty but was so impressed by her ass.Till then i havent seen any girl having that big curvy ass.I used to masturbate thinking about her ass.At that point of time i didnt know wat exactly was fucking but i knew some things.As time passed i became close to her .We both were in a relation,but i exactly didnt love her but as i said her ass that made me crazy.But i couldnt fuck her because we were not having a place to be personal.But i did smooch her press her boobs and ass.She was very horny.After my studies i married her and we have a baby now.

Now the problem started i always used to fantasize my wife having sex with others,might be because as i told i didnt love her but her ass.So after marriage i again went for higher studies but didnt take her along with me ,she was alone with her parents.By that time she got a job offer in gulf ,i didnt refuse .We used to have sex once in a month only at that time but she was too horny with her huge ass and big boobs.She went abroad alone to work ,then problem started there was a guy her boss who was also married but was living alone there .She used to call me and talk to me quiet often.But as days passed she became busy with her work and our conversation became less.But she became more and more friendly with that guy,she used to tell all her problems with him they became so close .

I used to visit her once in a while that time i noticed reduced sexual desire of her towards me,a girl who was so horny who used to moan with pleasure became so feeling less,i had some doubt .But her boobs and ass were so full and once while having sex i noticed her pussy it became wide so i was little doubtful but didnt ask.After i returned back i badly wanted to find out what was happening to her.I talked to my friend who was working near by her place to just watch her.But i was so excited to think her fucking with some other guy as i always dreamt and masturbated thinking about that.My friend with out her knowledge used to watch her ,it came to his notice that she used to work extra time till twelve night in the office,while all others would have left the office only him and her will be left in the office .

I asked him to check what was happening inside,so i asked him to find what was happening inside but with out there knowledge,so next day he went to there office but didnt come out and was hiding inside slowly the staffs where going home,and at last my wife and him where left alone ,as soon as the last staff left it was 10.30 in the night,suddenly her boss went and locked the office from inside and put the shutter .And started switching off the lights ,my wife was having a separate cabin in her office ,so light was on in her cabin only now,my friend was tensed as he was hiding inside ,he called me and told that this was happening and i told i want to see what was happening so my friend told he will switch on the lap top and web cam so that even i can see what was happening. So he switched on the web came ,i saw light only in her cabin ,her boss after switching off the other lights in all other cabins went inside her cabin. And closed the door .Near by window curtains were little open so my friend went near that so that we both could see what was happening inside .

My friend was first time seeing my wife.She was wearing burkhaa which was tight fitting so that her big ass was seen like two big curves ,her boobs was also seen projecting.Her boss was a short man .He went near her and sat near her.My friend me where so eager to know what will happen .To our surprise he removed her scarf ,and he slowly started removing her burkhaa.She was wearing a short skirt and one t shirt inside,my friend was staring at her .Then her boss held her towards him and they both started kissing each others lips .I was shocked to see this but my penis started getting erect.Her boss the started removing her t shirt my friend was not taking his eyes from her ,he removed her t shirt now her big curvy boobs became visible my friend was telling me he hasnt seen boobs as big as this in his life,her boss started holding her boobs and started licking her nipples which became erect.My penis was fully erect ,my friends penis also became erect.Her navel was so deep so that even a full finger will go inside.Her boss were fondling her big boobs with his hands .

He licked her navel and he slowly started removing her skirt .I was sure that my friend will be shocked seeing her ass.He removed her skirt and even i was shocked to see her ass which became even more big.Now she was fully naked showing her curvy ass and boobs.Her boss asked her lie down on bed and he slowly started removing his clothes.My friend by this time removed his pants and slowly started jerking even i was jerking.Then we got our next shock her boss was a short man when he removed his under wear we saw his cock which was like a huge iron rode,thick and long .My wife was lying down spreading her legs her pussy was visible her boss kneeled down and he put his finger inside her pussy and touched her clitt,then she started moaning ,after fingering for some time he started licking her clitoris she was moaning with pleasure,my friend started jerking hard even me.She suddenly stood up and grabbed her bosses long and thick cock and sucked it .Her mouth was so wide almost three fourth of his long cock went inside her mouth .

She gave blow job for around ten minutes each time she was doing that her boobs and ass were shaking.My friend was jerking hard seeing this.Her boss then made her sit in his top and started inserting his cock inside her deep pussy ,to my surprise his cock went deep inside almost his long cock went inside her pussy ,he started shaking her ass which was very erotic to see,my friend was jerking hard and i was sure that he was imagining of having sex with my wife.She was moaning out of pleasure.Her ass and boobs were shaking and wobbling and my doubt was clear that how her small pussy became big,her moaning became so loud i could clearly hear her moaning now it was around 12.30 ,two hours and i could see her eyes closed and she was holding his chest tight i knew that she was about to climax she was moaning loud ,and at last it happened she climaxed with a loud noticed and she bit his chest hardly.

My friend was about to cum,still i was wondering that her boss didnt cum,then he removed his cock from her pussy and asked her to jerk his penis as a obedient staff she started jerking her boss penis,she couldnt hold it with her one hand as it was so big and this jerking went off for another ten minutes and then suddenly he cummed we were surprised to see the amount it was splashing like fountain she like a bitch swallowed all his semen,cleaned his long cock with her mouth ,my friend also cummed even i cummed.My friend was telling me your wife is so sexy and horny and any one one will love to fuck her.Her boss stood up and went to toilet .My wife was lying down on sofa with out any dress .I didnt know what to do.Her boss got dressed up and he was about to leave.He left the office now my wife was lying down on sofa showing her ass and boobs .She became alone in the office ,my friend still was starring at her.Then happened the next surprise

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