Unexpected Surprise

This happen around one month back. I was with my friend & we go 2 meet one of his friend actually married aunty He call her frm my cell then she came…& we meet for 10 min THEN leaveafter 2 days I got call from her inquring about my frien .i say he is nt with me….after formal talk,she talk 4 10 min ,she will like 2 do friendship with me… I got ageed…then we started frequent calling .one day she told she is very tense & want to meet me.i agreed go 2 her ….. I drive my car 2 her & we meet..she got in my car,after relaxing she start crying..& Keep her head on my shoulder…I was shock.. I got exited n thought that this might be my time to came my unforgetable dream true. Oh sorry i forgot to introduce myself my name is sameer, i m a medical profession having three chemist shops. I m 26 years old n not married. About my friend, around 30-32 years old, her figure is 38/32/40…great figure na for her age….she name is alka. Here the story beings.

I keep my hand on shoulder….lightly touching 2 her breasts…I stop car beside road…ask about her problem..she told about her family prob…softly I have started moving my hand frm shoulders 2 breasts.i was getting hard on…my tool was getting hard thinking about her….then some how i got some courage n i slowly place my hand on her boobs. This was first time i have touch a boob that too with clothes on.. She was still in sad..i try 2 get her cool…relax Suddenly I tell her I like her &I want her She was tense but didn’t agitate…&says dat she have same feelings 4 me…or want 2 be with me i was very happy I said her lets go to hotel…where we can get room and satisfy each other she agreed & we go 4 hotel

After entering in room I started kissing her very wildl She just hug me and took me to bed. She made me to sit on the bed and started removing her blouse buttons. She had a lovely shape and round arse. She removed the blouse and her boobs were tight inside her black bra. She removed her petticoat , as the petticoat slipped out of her thighs and fell on the ground.

Now she was only with bra and panty. She came forward removed my shirt, removed my pant, and threw herself on me. She was kissing me everywhere, my cheeks, my nipples, i was in heaven since i never experienced sex in my life. I was moaning in pleasure.. Then i slep beside her n just went near to her lips…..it was full of juice….i put my lips on her…n started kissing her…..i was in heaven….her lips were so soft.. Then i wisper in her ear “alka i like u very much please let do it….” on hearing this she told me “please don;t waste time…i m hungry ..” on this i got so exited i stood up make myself full nude….n jump on the bed n we were mad.

Hurryly i made her nude ..n my alka was totaly nude infornt of me…her boobs were huge…i went on sucking it. S he was moaning aorund 20 mins i was kissing her from head to toe n also squeeing n suching her boobs….n also her body. Then she started to move faster and masturbate holding my cock hard in her soft palm.. I was not able to control and hold my cumming , I moan heavily . She realized that I am going to cum and all of a sudden put my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. I felt the coolness of her lips and mouth on my cock as she sucked harder and harder.She licked my cock’s redhead with the tip of her tongue and swirled her tongue on my cock head .. She licked the tip of my cock and hole in the cock also. She licked all the way down my cock and with the grip of her red sweet lovely lips she sucked and masturbated with the grip of her lips.. She holded my balls and massaged and took it in her mouth and sucked it for some time and once again suck my penis up to her throat .. I felt the chillness of her deep throat and her mouth and swirling tongue around my penis. I felt my long penis in her deep throat and hitting it , but she didnt bothered about that .. But she kept swallowing my hardening cock. I cant hold it for long time and I cummed in her mouth.. Lots of cumm filled her mouth and fell on her lips also she lipped every drop that fell on her lips and chin .. Lots of cum went into her throat and a little she held in her mouth and she tasted and drank that, she drank all without leaving a single drop and licked my cock also and made it dry.

I was totally exhausted….just lie beside her for 10-15 mins afterwards I getting recharge again……for next session I first put my tongue out to the fullest extent and placed it on her cunt. She started jumping in pleasure. She raised her hips and arched her body to offer me more of her cunt but I kept moving my head away in such a way as to just touch her cunt lips with my tongue. She was making all kind of faces but dared not make noise. Now I started sucking her clit and watched her facial expressions of lust, pleasure and desire. She caught my hair and pressed my head very closed to her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her hole and started making horizontal vibrations with my tongue inside her pussy lips. After sucking her cunt for quarter of an hour and drinking her cum twice, I She wrapped both her hands around my dick and started stroking each inch of it. She took the whole nine inches in her wet and warm mouth, which gave me intense pleasure. She was fully satisfied with me She said this is one of her best sex [email protected]

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