Unexpected Sex With My Mother-In-Law

Hello ISS readers. This is Ram (name changed). This is my first story in Indian Sex Stories please forgive me if my narration is boring

Now I am going to share my first and last incest experience with my mother in law. It started in 2010 and ended on 2012. I am from AP Vijayawada city, 6 feet height and 80 kg weight with a small dick of 4.5 inches when erect. This incident happened in dusserah holidays, where I will stay in my aunt house for every holidays, as every time I do, I have visited my aunts house, and my mother in law came along with me.

Before this incident happened I didn’t have any feelings on her. But that dusserah holidays of 2010 changed my feelings towards her. Let me explain about her, she was around 5.5 height and her husband expired 10 years back, from then she was staying with my grand mother, she was very fair not fat not thin just had enough fat, especially I love her boobs, they are may be around 38 c I think, well maintained structure.

Now lets come into the dusserah days. first day went as usual with prayer etc; second day when I went to take bath I have forgotten to keep bolt after completing routine works I became nude to take bath, then suddenly bath room doors were opened and its my mother in law, both are little bit shocked she saw me nude and my semi erected cock also. After taking bath we sat for lunch then she was giving some smiles at me which made me uncomfortable

So I have went away from there and didn’t saw her for next 1 ½ years , after that in summer of 2012 she came to my house, when ever she got a chance she used to touch me, so I got some courage and used to touch her boobs with my elbows whenever crossing her like accident. One day when I went to my grand mothers house my mother in law was doing household works and she is cleaning house, when she came before me for cleaning I got a clear view of her boobs. My pants got tight by seeing it.

After that she came and sat beside me, while talking her foot was touching my foot, first I thought that it was an accident but she was not removing her legs from there. After 5 minutes of talk she started moving her leg slowly. My breathing increased and my penis was trying to get free. I want to tell about her gait (nadumu) she had sexy curves, when she sits there will be 3 folds on her gait . I love to bite those folds. I used to stare at those folds when she was talking For that she used to give a naughty smile

Next time when she came to my house my mom told me to drop my mother in law in their village. Their road will be full of stones and up and downs, so I used this chance and ride my bike fast , so that she caught me tightly and her boobs touched my back. After going to her house she asked me to come in, and she changed herself into nighty and made me a coffee, in between she called me to take a box which was height, in this process my penis area touched her ass, where my penis was fully erected then made her feel my penis.

After that she sat beside me and talking with me, myself I cant control more as it was my first time, I kept my hand on her gait (nadumu) just my fingers touching her gait but no reaction from her, so I kept my hand full after 5 minutes

She just saw me and gave a smile and stopped talking, then my hands are shivering due to fear and tension. Then I gently pressed her gait, slowly kissed her neck, and bite her ears. This made her mad and started giving lip kiss after 10 minutes of kiss I took off her dress, there she was in petticoat and blouse, as I am a boobs lover I opened her blouse first, her boobs jumped out as she didn’t wear any bra inside. I sucked her boobs one after another for more than 15 minutes, after that I made her nude and I too became nude, I kissed her whole body from top to bottom and sucked her pussy for a while

Next she took my pennies into her mouth, she was not good at blow job but it was enough for me to cum in her mouth. After that we kissed for a while until my dick becomes erect and tried to insert in her pussy but I am not successful after she guided me into the pussy, as my dick was small it didn’t went into the pussy fully. As I started fucking her slowly she started kissing all over my chest and face, we exchanged our saliva and she was making small sounds saying ah AAA ah ah ah ah ah ah ouch ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah , and breathing heavily, I fucked her for 4 to 5 minutes and ejected my cum in her pussy and slept on her for a while, later she woke me up with keeping her boobs in my mouth and had another fucking session and I have went back

After that we didn’t got chance to fuck each other but we had lot of romance by touching our parts and kissing each other. Later I got to know that my mother-in-law already got fucked by 3 of my family members , those stories I will post on my next parts

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As it was my first story and I am not good at English please forgive my grammatical mistakes. I am happy if I get any suggestions from you. And I will share some private photos through mail for selected persons. Thanks for spending your hot time for reading my story.

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