Troubles Of Lakshmi

Hi readers I am lakshmi age 30 this is my true encounter.I am married to Ramesh.I live in Chennai with my mother in law, my baby Rohan and my husband Ramesh. One day my husband Ramesh invited Raj to our home, he was a wealthy person with lot of political contacts. Since Ramesh has borrowed money from Raj for his business purposes we had to treat Raj in a polite manner but Raj was a awfully bad man he had a lot of illegal contacts with many married woman, though many of our locals knew this they were afraid to question him.

One evening Raj came to our house, I was wearing saree like lot of Indian girls wore it while they are in their house Ramesh and Raj were chatting about the current affairs and I brought coffee for them .I was holding the tray with two coffee cups and I approached near Raj , I could sense that Raj was scanning me from head to toe. When I tried to give the coffee to Raj unfortunately my saree pallu moved a little bit and now he could see my hip and my navel clearly (I use to wear saree very low below navel but I use to hide my treasures

Raj was looking at my waist area and I could sense he wanted to grab my hip and to squeeze it . I was so angry at Raj but I controlled it, but Ramesh didn’t noticed this. After drinking the coffee Raj said that he liked the coffee very much and would come to visit us frequently to have coffee, I was not happy with that. He left that day very lately he tried to see my uncovered body parts but I hid them as much I can.

Days passed quickly and suddenly Ramesh had money problems, he needed 25,000 rs urgently to keep his business running. So he contacted Raj and Raj promised him that he would to pay it to me at the house. So next day Raj came to the house to handover the money to me. Ramesh went o the office and I was alone in the house along with my sick old Mother-in-law and my two year old baby my Mother in law never comes out of her room. I received the money from Raj .While handing over the money he held my hands and felt the softness of my skin, I took of my hands along with the money.

Now Raj told me that Ramesh would come here to sign an evidence for the money lending process and he took the news paper and sat on the sofa. I went to kitchen to continue the cooking. Raj came to the kitchen and started to speak but I did not respond to him but pretended as if I was listening to him. while in the kitchen he never missed to see my exposed back ,my coconut shaped breast ,my round ass, my deep navel and waist. Suddenly I noticed that I forgot to wear the bra (I rarely won’t wear innerwear’s while I am at home) I felt an uneasy situation and I could see Raj looking at my boobs

Raj slowly moved near me and my heart beat increased I was cautious not to let Raj touch me you are sweating too much” saying this he tried to rub my exposed back my heart started to beat heavily. To my relief the door bell rang and Ramesh entered the house. Ramesh and Raj chatted for a while and I resumed cooking. we all sat for lunch while I was serving Raj I was standing close to Raj I know he would do some dirty woks to feel my body, despite my awareness he suddenly inserted his index finger and filled my navel with sambar gravy.

I was shocked by his act I was holding the food in my hand so I couldn’t react soon and saw Ramesh but Ramesh was speaking in his cell phone and he was unaware of what is happening , my round deep navel was partially filled with gravy. I moved quickly and I acted as if nothing happened because Raj had given money to Ramesh and it seemed that it was not the right time to make a fight between them after we had our lunch Raj and Ramesh decided to leave, it didn’t speak anything and I was upset and I was thinking how Raj managed to touch my navel without my permission,

I still didn’t clean my navel which was partially filled by the gravy while both were out side the house Raj told that he forgot the his cell phone inside the house and asked me to search it on the sofa. I searched for a while and couldn’t find it, then Raj entered the house while Ramesh was standing outside. While I was still searching his cell phone, Raj grabbed my breast from behind and gave a hard pinch in my nipple I stood still because if I moved or made any noise

Ramesh would come to know about his acts and he inserted his index finger and tasted the gravy and then whispered in my ear “Your pair of mangoes are very attractive without bra and I will drink your juice soon” saying this he went out casually Ramesh did not have any idea what happened . After they left I went to the bed room I was lying on the bed and was thinking about what happened that day I was wondering how Raj knew that I didn’t wear bra that day…….
Now let me explain about myself I am lakshmi and I am 30 years old.

I got married to Ramesh seven years before. We had no children for five years then karthick was born, he is now two years old. I was a lean girl before karthik was born with height 5.3′ ft and weight 45 kg. After pregnancy I was 55 kg I had changed completely my breast grown from apple size to a coconut size, my ass turned round became bun shaped it was like a pair of large bun, my skin changed from light brown to more lighter, even my nipples had changed after pregnancy they became more puffy and light pink from light brown.

After that I tried to become normal as before and I reduced my weight to 50. But the size of my breast and ass didn’t change to normal, instead they became more perpendicular to my body. Even though I have large breasts they don’t hang loose instead they are stiff like arrow pointing to enemy, When I walk they bounce. Now I have a lean frame with polished skinned flat tummy with round deep navel super sexy breasts and ass, my husband Ramesh now sometimes calls me as supermodel. When I wear saree I wear it very low below navel, and I wear low cut blouse exposing my waxy bare back and cleavage. But I hide my treasures as much as possible.

Days passed by and Ramesh had a good hand in his business so he decided to give back the 25000 rs that he recently borrowed from Raj. Ramesh called Raj home to give back his money, so Raj came that evening around 6:30 pm and I had completed the cooking for the day. Ramesh and Raj shared few current affairs I decided to give them snacks and coffee but I thought to take revenge on Raj for touching my boobs and navel on the other day without my permission. I decided to tease Raj I lowered my saree just above the pubic hair in the front and just above the ass cleft at the back. I took the tray with snacks and coffee and placed on the table.

Raj’s eyes were scanning me he saw my smooth back, my round breasts, my flat stomach area, my circular navel, my stretched out ass and my other treasures. Raj started to have some uneasiness, he couldn’t control his feelings, I was feeling happy but that didn’t last long Ramesh received a phone call and he told that he had to meet his uncle urgently who is 75 km away from our residence. I got scared if Ramesh leaves me now definitely Raj would start his dirty work and would try to touch my private parts. My heart started to beat heavily as Ramesh started to leave. Ramesh told me that Raj’s money was in the bed room cupboard, he also told me to get back the evidence that he signed while he received the amount from Raj.

Ramesh left and Raj started to talk but I told to wait there and I went to bedroom and took his money and came back. Time was about 7:30 and I for name sake asked whether he would like to have dinner and he quickly accepted it. I cursed myself for asking him to have dinner. He then started his dirty works he told that he liked my saree very much and touched my belly as if he was examining the saree material. I could feel his fingers searching my navel. I don’t know how to handle the situation so I gave him his money and asked the evidence paper that Ramesh had given to him. Raj said that he would give the evidence and the money if I defeat him in rummy (a game with cards).

I have played with ramesh and with my relatives but would win most of the matches, I liked his deal and I asked what if I lose. He said if I lose the game I should hand over my saree to him. I couldn’t respond quickly I couldn’t pick my choice. I finally accepted his deal. Game started I got few good chards I looked Raj he looked dead on seeing his card, game moved on and I was about to finish the game with ease while he was struggling a lot made his moves slowly. When I was hoping to finish the game Raj suddenly finished the game he won the game. I couldn’t believe this I wanted a rematch but Raj denied so I asked him what he needs to bet on the second match

I was confident that I would win the second match. He didn’t accept he asked my saree now my heartbeat began to rise I started to sweat when I stood up to go to my bed room to change the dress he told me to strip off the saree in front of him. I started to shiver he caught one end of the saree and pulled off from me now he could easily see my two coconut shaped breasts my long cleavage my whole flat abdomen, my curvy waists and my deep navel. My sweat added the heat and I looked very hot and shining that I could see his erection. Now I asked the evidence after few minutes of thinking he said slowly he would agree for a rematch and I suddenly asked what he needs this time to bet.

This time he asked my blouse and my inners and I was stunned by his demand but I was confident the I can win him so I raised the demand from my side also I asked his golden rings and the money he looked sad but accepted it after deep thinking. Game started this time I had no luck I looked him he had an evil grin at his face he started to ask filthy questions. He asked whether anyone other than Ramesh has tasted my nipple I was in losing side and I couldn’t face him. He finished the game and he won it, now he kept his hand on my blouse and tore it into pieces I stopped him and I striped off myself.

He was fully aroused on seeing my perfectly round non hanging boobs, he touched my nipple and stated to rub it with his thumb and index finger, for few minutes he was doing this to me, I didn’t oppose it as I didn’t recover from losing the Game, I was wet down. He tried to touch my lower private area but I stopped him from that, instead I started masturbating. He took out his massive cock it was huge with more veins here and there and its head was very big and shining. He told to give him blowjob but I refused he then convinced me that a blowjob don’t count as cheating your husband.

So I took his cock in my mouth it was hard as stone his precum was thick and tasted bad but I liked it I enjoyed his cock for half an hour and then came a fountain from it my mouth was filled with his fluid he took it out and then he came on my boobs his fluid fell hard and thick, it was everywhere on my boobs and face. I swallowed his fluid. He took a cigarette and started to smoke I rubbed his fluid all over my body. He then asked to show my pussy but I denied it. He gave the evidence paper to me, I was still nude in my upper half. He tried to touch my pussy but I stopped him, he said that he would soon rip my asshole with his dick, saying this he left.

Few days later my son Rohan fell sick he was 2 years old he had frequent indigestion problem so I took Rohan to Hospital. When I entered his room I saw a old doctor greeting us. He checked Rohan and told to do some lab tests. Then he enquired about me my name and location he slowly moved his view from my face to my slightly exposed cleavage and my waist and then told to meet him once the reports are ready. The lab tests took lot of time we arrived hospital at 6:00 pm and the final results came only at 9:00 pm. Now we were the last one to meet the doctor, doctor checked the results and said he was normal and told that he needs to check me

I also agreed by that time Ramesh called me informed that he cannot come to house that night. The doctor started his checkup. He kept his stethoscope exactly over my nipple it felt very cold he then looked at me and told to take deep breaths then he pressed the stethoscope on my nipple very hard my 36 d sized round breast was completely squeezed by him, he then told me to turn back now he placed the icy cold stethoscope on my bare back his fingers felt the smoothness of my skin. From behind he then placed the cold stethoscope on my navel as I took a deep breath his hands were rubbing my flat tummy. He then told me to lie on a bed over a long table. I was lying on my back with my body facing up.

He removed my heels and started to feel my foot they were milky white smooth shining and had no cracks my golden anklets made them look sexier. He then put his hand inside my saree and touched my thigh I suddenly asked him what was he doing he told that it was a part of whole body checkup. He squeezed my thighs and felt its softness, now I could see clearly his erection. All I now wanted was to finish the checkup quickly. He took his hand out and kept on my lower belly and pressed my lower stomach softly and then he put his index finger inside my navel, it was a very sensitive part for me so I pleaded to stop checking my navel but he smiled and inserted his finger more deeper and started to shake his finger I couldn’t control the tickling sensation and my whole body was shaking.

He then took his finger out and told to lie down facing the bed and I did. He then unhooked my blouse and bra from behind. He then took an oily lotion and applied on my milky smooth back it made my skin shining while applying the lotion his hands also felt the smoothness of my side boobs. He then put his hand inside the saree and applied the lotion to my thighs and on my ball shaped ass, he squeezed my ass so hard that I made a noise, and then he caught my panty and pulled it out, he said that it is a part of the checkup process. He then dipped his index finger in the lotion and inserted it forcefully inside my anal hole I couldn’t bear the pain and made a small scream.

I closed my eyes in pain and he was putting his finger in and out of my butt hole I was totally wet down. He then made me to stand on the floor and I was holding my blouse and I didn’t expose my boobs to him he then removed the saree from me. I was now left with opened bra and blouse and petticoat, he continued applying lotion to my legs and thighs, now he said to spread my legs as wide as possible as my petticoat didn’t allow that he told to remove it as I removed it I notice my ass was red in colour as he had squeezed them harder. Now I was left with my opened blouse and bra that I was using to hide my boobs he then told to lift my both the hands upwards as I did so and my blouse and bra fell down exposing my round curvy stretched out boobs with pink nipples to him he admired my breasts and took some lotion on his hand

I started squeezing my coconut sized boobs my boobs turned red, he pinched and pulled my nipples many times and hit my boobs several time to bounce. He then took out his cock out it was much longer than Ramesh he made me to bend and inserted his cock head inside my anal opening and I closed my eyes in pain he then caught my hips tightly from behind and pushed forcefully his whole dick inside my anal hole tears came in my eyes and I closed my mouth with my hands in pain. He then butt fucked me for twenty minutes squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples from behind. He finally unloaded loads and loads of his thick semen inside my anal. Then I dressed up and the time was 10:30 he asked whether I enjoyed the sex, I replied that he was the only person to do that to me other than my husband Ramesh. He smiled and gave me a chocolate box. He told me to bring back my son if my son didn’t recover in three days and also told that I can come any time if I had unfulfilled sex desire. I smiled and left home. At home when I opened the box it was full of money counting nearly fifty thousand rupees and the doctor’s phone no.

I gave Ramesh 75000 that I got by selling Raj’s ring and the doctor’s money and made Ramesh believe that one of my father’s friend who once barrowed the money from my father had returned the amount. I told Ramesh to buy me a gold chain or any gold ornament to me. Ramesh and I went to a jewelry shop to my shock I saw Raj chatting with the shop owner, on seeing us he came towards us and Ramesh said that he needs a chain for 75 thousand rupees,Raj told us that he was a close friend of the owner of that shop on chain section there was very few collection for our budget but that shop was the biggest and had more designs in our district, I was disappointed and decided to return home at that time Raj gave an idea to check out the new waist chain section

Ramesh hesitated but Raj convinced him and we all went to waist chain section the salesmen who was standing there was an old man at his early 60’s he took a tape and told that he need to measure my body before displaying the gold, Ramesh hesitated but Raj convinced him and the old man started his measurement he moved my saree aside in my midrib area exposing my sexy flat abdomen and my coin sized circular sexy deep navel. I wear saree well below the navel just above the public hair even I sometimes wonders about my sexy abdomen. My light brown smooth shining skin and my sexy navel turned on the heat, Both Raj and the salesman were admiring my marvelous body while Ramesh stood uncomfortably embarrassed.

He took the measurement both above the navel and at my lower hip above my ass it was 26 and 38 respectively. Now I adjusted the saree and the old man showed three models for my size, till then Ramesh and I were not interested in buying waist chain but on seeing them we were amazed by its design. But all the models costs nearly 80 thousand. I was once again disappointed but now all of a sudden Raj said that he would pay the balance amount, I felt a sudden joy and selected the model which was a sequence of continuous Small Square shaped boxes. Ramesh and Raj paid the amount and me and Ramesh went home.

Once I reached home I took the chain and fastened it around my waist, now I looked extremely hot and sexy, I was in complete ecstasy. That night Raj came to our house, Ramesh had a severe headache and he was on the bed he couldn’t open his eyes because of the pain. I greeted Raj and escorted him to Ramesh and I sat near Ramesh on the bed. Raj too sat on the bed near me his eyes were on my body. Ramesh asked whether Raj had his dinner, he said no so Ramesh told me to serve food to Raj. I went to kitchen while I was taking the food I felt something pressing on my ass cleft, it was Raj’s dick he whispered in my ears that if I make noise he would tell what happened on the other day he forced me to do blow job to him) to my neighbor’s and to Ramesh.

He told to me to sit on the sofa he sat on the floor he removed my slippers from my foot, he started to taste every fingers in my feet I got wet hot juices came out of my pussy. He then lifted the saree to my knees and stared sucking my legs, I had no hairs in my legs they were lean below the knees and had a smooth shiny light brown skin. Then he caught my panty and removed it. He then opened his mouth and sucked my whole pussy, He drank my juices he ate my pussy for nearly twenty minutes. He then got up and squeezed my boobs hard many times then he opened my blouse and bra my boobs were red. He then made me nude completely.

I was standing nude only with my wedding chain, waist chain and anklets. He took some saliva from me and placed it on my nipples and the he sucked them hard my whole nipple area was inside his mouth and was paining because of his force. He then placed some of his saliva in my ass opening and rubbed it. Then suddenly he pushed his monster dick in my anal hole. I made a small scream Ramesh gave a sound and asked what happened I said that I felt as if a cockroach scrolled over my body, Ramesh became silent. But continued his stroke and he continued it for nearly ten minutes while I enjoyed the fuck to my fullest. Then he came inside my anal.

After I dressed myself he gave a passionate kiss in my lips and left. Anand aged just about 25 was my brother in law he was Ramesh’s younger brother working as a car mechanic in Maruthi at Bangalore, he got few days vacation so he came to Chennai to our house. On the day he arrived he went out to meet his old friends and came at 10:30 at night he was drunk, by that time Ramesh went to bed and I served him food he didn’t talk much, usually he never comes to stay in our house during his vacation times, instead he prefer his uncles house which is nearly 70 km from our residence. He never respects me or Ramesh but Ramesh likes him very much he ate and then went to sleep.

Next day he woke up at 10:30 am by that time Ramesh had gone for his automobile spares store. I on seeing him handed his coffee I finished cooking by 11 am and Ramesh would return for lunch at 2 pm. He was watching TV and I decided to take bath and I was standing near him and watching TV while applying oil to my hair. He was watching my slightly shagging ass. I got a wicked feeling to tease him to death. I slightly exposed my midriff, my cute circular navel along with my golden waist chain made his dick erect. I moved even closer to him, he pretended as an innocent boy and I acted as if I was exposing my assets accidentally. He kept his hands over his dick to hide his erection.

Then I moved to the bathroom to bath. I removed all my cloths and I usually don’t lock the bathroom door because there will no males to peep into the room before Anand arrived. On the bathing mood I completely forgot Anand. Anand tried his best to have a look at my body through a small gap in the door. While I was bathing I heard the phone ringing and I quickly covered my body in a towel and came out to attend the phone. I picked up the phone at the same time Anand also came there. It was Ramesh on the phone Anand on seeing my wet skin he was shocked to his core, my sexy thighs and my uncovered curvy cleavage were a feast to his eyes.

He was checking my every parts and he was storing everything in his brain. Ramesh informed me that he will be coming to house only in the evening. I looked at Anand, he was acting childishly and I dropped my towel for a second and pretended as it fell accidently. I flashed my wet Round Boobs, pink nipples, lean flat tummy, circular deep navel, public hair and my pussy to him, and then I took the towel and wrapped it around my body and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom I masturbated, I was extremely happy that I teased Anand to his core. He for the whole day didn’t look at my face.
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