Troubles Of Lakshmi

Hi readers I am lakshmi age 30 this is my true encounter.I am married to Ramesh.I live in Chennai with my mother in law, my baby Rohan and my husband Ramesh. One day my husband Ramesh invited Raj to our home, he was a wealthy person with lot of political contacts. Since Ramesh has borrowed money from Raj for his business purposes we had to treat Raj in a polite manner but Raj was a awfully bad man he had a lot of illegal contacts with many married woman, though many of our locals knew this they were afraid to question him.

One evening Raj came to our house, I was wearing saree like lot of Indian girls wore it while they are in their house Ramesh and Raj were chatting about the current affairs and I brought coffee for them .I was holding the tray with two coffee cups and I approached near Raj , I could sense that Raj was scanning me from head to toe. When I tried to give the coffee to Raj unfortunately my saree pallu moved a little bit and now he could see my hip and my navel clearly (I use to wear saree very low below navel but I use to hide my treasures

Raj was looking at my waist area and I could sense he wanted to grab my hip and to squeeze it . I was so angry at Raj but I controlled it, but Ramesh didn’t noticed this. After drinking the coffee Raj said that he liked the coffee very much and would come to visit us frequently to have coffee, I was not happy with that. He left that day very lately he tried to see my uncovered body parts but I hid them as much I can.

Days passed quickly and suddenly Ramesh had money problems, he needed 25,000 rs urgently to keep his business running. So he contacted Raj and Raj promised him that he would to pay it to me at the house. So next day Raj came to the house to handover the money to me. Ramesh went o the office and I was alone in the house along with my sick old Mother-in-law and my two year old baby my Mother in law never comes out of her room. I received the money from Raj .While handing over the money he held my hands and felt the softness of my skin, I took of my hands along with the money.

Now Raj told me that Ramesh would come here to sign an evidence for the money lending process and he took the news paper and sat on the sofa. I went to kitchen to continue the cooking. Raj came to the kitchen and started to speak but I did not respond to him but pretended as if I was listening to him. while in the kitchen he never missed to see my exposed back ,my coconut shaped breast ,my round ass, my deep navel and waist. Suddenly I noticed that I forgot to wear the bra (I rarely won’t wear innerwear’s while I am at home) I felt an uneasy situation and I could see Raj looking at my boobs

Raj slowly moved near me and my heart beat increased I was cautious not to let Raj touch me you are sweating too much” saying this he tried to rub my exposed back my heart started to beat heavily. To my relief the door bell rang and Ramesh entered the house. Ramesh and Raj chatted for a while and I resumed cooking. we all sat for lunch while I was serving Raj I was standing close to Raj I know he would do some dirty woks to feel my body, despite my awareness he suddenly inserted his index finger and filled my navel with sambar gravy.

I was shocked by his act I was holding the food in my hand so I couldn’t react soon and saw Ramesh but Ramesh was speaking in his cell phone and he was unaware of what is happening , my round deep navel was partially filled with gravy. I moved quickly and I acted as if nothing happened because Raj had given money to Ramesh and it seemed that it was not the right time to make a fight between them after we had our lunch Raj and Ramesh decided to leave, it didn’t speak anything and I was upset and I was thinking how Raj managed to touch my navel without my permission,


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