Traffic Police Woman

Hai people this is my first sex experience..i would like to share it with u all…

Im sunil 18 yrs of age with good body and very handsome..

I hav 8.5″ of dick(lund).

Once in afternoon i was going home from my college.i was very fresh and was in full sex mood..

As my gf was out of station for 1 month i was fully bored..

I was on my way to home there i a police woman caught me to show all tat time i didn’t all my documents i was trying to bribe her for low cost..but she was little strict..

I was in white shirt and blue jeans and she was in uniform last she agreed to get bribed for 300rs while i was taking out my wallet bymistake a packet of condoms fell near her she took tat in her hands and kept with her..i asked her to return it but she insisted and refused..i couldn’t understand what was going in her mind.. at tat instant her junior came she told something to her and then came told me that she would forgive me if i drop her to home..i agreed

She came in my car sat in back seat..she was loosening her buttons god! She had the hugest boobs ever…

Let me tell about her her name is reena she was around 39yrs with 36″ boobs. She was the hottest woman i had ever seen..she had biggest buttocks ..she had longest hair..which could cover her buttocks ..

Back to the story..

When she was loosening her buttons she was seeing me from rear mirror and i was seeing tat time she saw me and smiled i told her that you have beautiful body..she told me to look forward and drive..

Atlast we reached her home..she invited me and had some cool drinks…

She went to room to change dress. at tat time i was seeing some magazines on table while i was looking at that my eyes caught a porn magazine i was shocked…i was busy seeing tat magazine suddenly reena came and saw me with tat book..she sat next to me..she was in red and black saree

I could see her clevage i told tat i was tired she told of to lie on her lap..i gave the weirdest smile ..i lied on her laps i could inhale her sweet fragrance i was playing lightly with her tighs she told me to open my shirt and show my body i did it she was too erected and she started to play with with my nipples and bittin it.. I opened her hairs and started kissing her lips..she started opening my pant zip and my dick was out she held and started playing with it..

I opened her saree and bit her nipples along with blouse i tasted her sweat and them opened her blouse along with bra i could see two basketballs fully erect..i pressed it madly squeezed so hard that milk started coming out from it..i drank all milk and then lowered her peticoat she did not hat underwear i could see a black forest i inhaled the fragrance and started sucking her pussy ..playing with her hairs i slowly inserted one finger in her pussy it was sooo hot i slowly did in and out she was shoutin ah ah ah ah..tat made me more erect and i increased the speed with 3 fingers she was dying with pain…then slowly she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop ..she took the condom out and put in my dick ..

i slowly inserted my dick in her pussy i slowly did in and and out then increased the speed she was blasting with pain..i then sucked her pussy again and then inserted in the asshole it was sooo hard i lubricated it with her saliva then again put in i fucked her badly

then again i was fucking her in her pussy hole i fucked so badly that her sperm started coming out i drank all her sperm she was out of control.she pulled out the condom and mastrubated for me till my sperms were out she put my sperms in her mouth and again mastrubated for tat sperms were put on her boobs we both slept on bed naked whole night she was playing with my day morning i had to in home and then we both promised to have sex alternate days..we had a good time from then..after 3 months she was pregnant but she got abortion and we had sex alternate days..

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