The Head Of Village Wife Fucked

Hey friend this is my first real experience which I’m going to share with you. My name is Sadanand from UP as you all know we have a Pradhan system over here, he is considered the head of the village and chose by the elections. This incident happened with me in 2008, when I went to my village after 6 months. The heroine of this story is Seema (fake name) who is 34 years of age with very well built up body and awesome figure and her size is 34 30 36.

She had no child since her marriage which is now 11 years ago, some of my friend says that her husband is having a sexual problem. Now about the incident happened with me, is in the farm of sugarcane. We don’t have toilets in villages so we have to go to the farm fields for toilet. One afternoon when I had a very tight lunch, I was feeling a pain in my stomach so I decided to go for toilet when I just entered in those dense sugarcane farm it was very silent there.

I further selected one place where I can throw my tatty haha after a few second I realized that somebody too entered inside that field, and I tried my level best to remain silent so that he/she couldn’t realize about my presence but now I can clearly see that some lady approaching me, who was in very good designer sari, I don’t know why women’s wear new clothes even while going for toilets but see was looking awesome.

I didn’t know who she was as she had covered her face with sari, as mostly the village bahus do. I never saw her before as I rarely pay visit to the village after sometimes she sat just 8-10 meters away from me. I was feeling the heat by her presence, but could not stand and go out of the field as the pressure in my stomach was also too tight. I decided to stay there only and just after few seconds she started making sounds (in short she was throwing hot air outside)

She was unaware of my presence so she already her activity, I was laughing at her dids after 2 minutes I decided that it’s now getting very tough to control my silence and with a bit of courage I also decided to make some sound. I did it immediately, suddenly she realized it and she stopped for a minute then I thought to just get closer to her, let’s see how she response? I just moved 3-4 metres towards her and by this activity my 7 inch thick cock has already started achieving new heights.

Now I could get a complete glimpse of her body, but for my surprise she was not facing me. Now I was clearly watching her ass from behind and her lota (for caring water) Thanks to the shadow of those dense sugarcane plants that I was not facing the sunshine and was very happy with the situation and wanted some more pleasure. Now after a minute, I again decided to move further and this decided to move at least 2-3 metre close to her.

I know this was a very risky step as she is a wife of Pradhan and I m too from a very reputed family, I have to take every step carefully but I just made up my mind and moved 2-3 meter closer to her, now she was feeling shy for a minutes, she didn’t moved but it was now her time to show some interest, and my god she surprisingly moved towards me. I couldn’t realize that she did this. Now I was tried to get the look at her vagina, man I found that beautiful creation of almighty within seconds.

Now she was smiling looking at me. I also started to smile. She took her sari a bit up because wanted me to see her vagina which I was already looking as I knew that it’s my turn now, I just lift my innerwear a bit so that she could get the view of my dick which was now getting hard rock oohh man, she suddenly stood and approached me and now my heartbeats have gone up.

She came to me asked me Kaa dekh rahe ho I replied bas tumhe hi dekh rahe hai aur kuch nahi. She, hmnn, kuch aur nahi dekha abhi tak,

I – thoda hi dekh paya.

She- aur dekhna hai?

I – tum dikhao to sahi

Ohh, now I stood in front of her with my dick still opened in front of her. She now came even closer to me and started kissing me I too started responding and we both were enjoying but her intention was very clear, that she is not here just for kissing as she had already grabbed my dick. We both were kissing each other very passionately. Now started to lift her sari, and touched her ass but she hadn’t washed her ass after toilet. So I took the water from my lota, and started to wash her ass and also took my track off and washed my ass too.

Now we both lay down in the field only and she took my dick into her mouth and started sucking. Man I was feeling a great pleasure and I started moaning as she was sucking so hard and fast after few a minute I told to go in 69 position to which she agreed and now I had a chance to suck her vagina. It was shaved 5-6 days back, so there were some hairs present. Now I started licking her pussy and we did it for 3-4 minutes.

Now we both were wet and wanted to get the pleasure of sex. I then started to enter my finger inside her pussy, which was a good one not very tight and not very loose. Now she started making sounds like oooohh thoda aur under dalo na maja aa agya to her command I started to enter my finger even further, I have entered my finger to about 3-4 inches to which she started moaning even louder and said ooohh abb to ise faad hi dalona mujhse raha nahi jaa raha hai uhh please mujhe chhuma dedo.

To which I kissed her on her pussy and then started kissing her. Now it was time of the climax and she said that ab mujhse intjaar nahi hota apna lund under ghusaa do mujhe abb maja lene do. I started to ribb my dick against her pussy and she started moaning and said Abb to daalodo bahot maat tadpao mujhe then the time comes when I inserted my dick inside her pussy, man she was now moaning in pleasure.

Not only she but I also started realising the pleasure and pain by entering inside her pussy. I entered half of my dick and started fucking her, but just after 1 minute she said try to enter as much as possible to which I give her a thrust from the front and insert my full cock inside her and it was a bit painful for me but I knew that she is feeling even more pain but she was giving me very naughty and horny expression, and by her face.

I was getting more power to fuck her even harder but after, 4-5 minutes I realized that I’m about to cum and I took my dick out of her vagina and pointed towards her. She already knew what she has to do with that, man she started to suck my dick and she suck all of my semen. I was completely exhausted now, and knew that it’s my capacity but she wanted even more. I knew I had to wait for some time until my dick again gets erect. I started licking her pussy.

She started sucking my dick and within 2-3 minutes my dick again got erected and again after fucking her for 5 minutes I cum again, this she also started cuming with me and but this time I wanted escape from her as soon as possible, but she was also very exhausted by then. We then left from there and after few days I came to know that she is a wife of Pradhan of my village, with whom we don’t have good relations as my cousin stood against him in elections and was defeated by him. Hey friends, do tell me about my story. Do sent your view on [email protected]

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