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Hi to all ISS readers. I’m Nikhil a cool, well placed middle-aged guy working for an mnc based in Bangalore.I travel to all the main metros on work regularly.Please mail me at [email protected] with your comments after reading my story.

I stay in a multistoried apartment block on the 14th floor with my family. We have our neighbours the ahujas living across in the next flat. They have a real cute and sexy daughter Dipti who was in class x but she was 18. Now let me describe Dipti – fair, long straight waist length hair, big eyes, cute nose with a real sexy figure of 32.26.34.Most of the time she wore short skirts showing off her fair shapely teen legs and tank tops through which one could make out her budding cute tits. I used to run into her at the common floor areas and in the lift, she used to give me a smile and wish me. Once or twice I caught her looking at my crotch which I ignored as something all teens go through at a certain age. Little did I know that this cute little devil had something planned for me.

Once when my family was away to Delhi my food Mrs.Ahuja offered to send my dinner over everyday as my cook also had taken a few days leave at the same time. Dipti used to bring over my dinner at 8.30 pm everyday. The first couple of days she came over and sat with me while I used to have the food sent over by her mother. We used to talk about her school, friends and my school days etc. Then one day post my dinner we were sitting at the dining table and talking when she asked me about my girlfriends in school and about my college love life etc. After the first couple of innocent questions, she slowly steered the topic towards sex and asked and if I have had sex before my marriage. Guess I got carried away looking at this sexy young big eyed girl asking me such questions and started getting graphic about my past experiences. She then got up and came over to my side of the table and sat on my lap and tried to smooch me. That’s the time when I snapped back to reality and told her that she’s too young and this is not right. What she did next shocked me completely. She pulled out her cell and played pack the recording of our conversation and told me that if I did not do whatever she will tell her parents that I was trying to seduce her or worse still that she would start screaming right then that I tried to molest her.

I asked her what exactly she wanted me to do….She then asked me to take off my jeans and t-shirt and stand in front of her. At first, I refused but then when she threatened me again I had no options but to do as told…by now I thought to myself that might as well relax and enjoy since I was not left with much choice in the matter. I got up, first took off my t-shirt and then slowly opened the top button of my jeans and stood in front of her. Dipti was sitting on the chair and breathing heavily with excitement…she then caught my zipper and pulled the same down. My 8” long cock was rock hard and straining against my black briefs. She then pulled down my jeans and there I was standing in front of the teen diva in just my jocks and a massive hard on making a tent. She was wearing a short t-shirt and a pair of real sexy shorts which she got up and got out of in no time. I nearly went weak in my knees seeing her sexy body just clad in a skimpy black bra and g-string panties…guess she had come fully prepared to seduce me. I then slowly took her in my arms and started smooching her with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and sucking each other’s lips. The feel of her hot young body against mine was just heavenly. I then kissed her on her forehead, her cute nose, neck and then started sucking and nibbling her ear lobes. By then she was moaning real hard…iisss aaahhhhmmmm mummieee…aaahhh..Kiss me more mmmmm….

I unhooked her bra, pulled down her panties and then slowly took her soft budding pink nipples in my mouth and started gently sucking and biting them. The feel of her tits in my mouth was simply incredible and by then I was sucking and biting them like crazy while I was rubbing her small clit and totally wet pussy with my fingertips. She was moaning and literally hanging on to me…aahhhh mmmmm…her fresh smelling cum had fully coated my fingers. I took my fingers to my mouth and licked up her sweet musky cum. I carried her to my bed, put her down and then slowly licked my way down to her navel, thighs, knees and finally took her toes in my mouth and started sucking them. Dipti had caught me by my hair and was trying to push my face into her sweet virgin pussy. I was deliberately teasing her by just licking and biting her inner thighs while she was moaning…please lick me there..Aaah please Nikhil I’m dying…mmmmaaahh. Her pussy was real cute with pink lips and soft, black pubic hair which made her look a greek goddess….

Then I slowly licked her outer lips and started pushing my tongue into her vagina just like as though I was smooching her..The taste of fresh cum was incredible and she was literally squirting gallons of it into my mouth. After about ten minutes of tongue fucking in which she came like 3 times, I licked my way up and started smooching her again. She was biting my tongue and moaning with ecstasy…aaaaammmm iisssss aaaahhh. By now my 8” tool was dying to be encased by her tight virgin pussy. I was on top of her and while smooching her slowly started rubbing my cock head against her small love hole…then gently gave a slight push and managed to get about 3 inches of my hard boner into her. She screamed…mummieee…aaaaaooouuch and held my hips and started pushing me more inside her. I felt my cock tear through her hymen and go in another couple of inches.

Then I started a slow rocking motion and went deeper inside her with every little push till my cock was completely buried inside her love hole. We were smooching and sucking each other lips like crazy and I started increasing the tempo till my cock was pistoning in and out real fast. Her moans…aaaaaammmmm iiisss maaaa…was driving me crazy and made me fuck her like hell till the time we came together and collapsed in a heap. We lay like that with me inside her and she in my arms for quite some time giving each other small kisses and murmuring sweet nothings. My bedspread was stained with her virgin blood and our cum. We then got up and went to the bathroom together where she confessed that it was her fantasy that I should lie down and that she would then sit on my face and make me drink her pee.

Since I was her personal sex slave for the day I lay down and made her sit on my face while I sucked and fucked her pussy again with my tongue…as she was sitting facing my cock she held my hard cock with her dainty fingers, bent down and gave me the best bj of my life till the time both of us came into each others mouth. She then spread her legs and let go a hot stream of sexy smelling pee into my mouth which I drank like a thirsty man in a desert…after we had a both together and great sex again under the shower…we dressed up each other and I saw her to the door. Before going she thanked me for the wonderful experience and smooched me…I will tell you’ll in my next installment of the story the wild sex we had later on…calling all girls and women who have liked this story of mine to send in your comments to me at [email protected] I expect and assure full confidentiality…love you all….Yours, truly Nikhil.

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