Squirting My Neighbour’s Wife

Hello ISS readers.This is Shardule. I am new to this site which my friend recommended, but truly friends this site is off the hook! It is an amazing site where people can share their most intimate encounters just like the one i am gona narrate. But firstly let me tell you something about myself, I am good looking 21 years old and a final year IT engineering student from a reputed college in mumbai. I stay in mumbai, i am 6 foot tall have a average build and a long and strong dick.. but in spite of my average build let me tell you i definitely draw a lot of attention not only from girls of my age but even from middle age women.

This incident that i am going to share with you happened with my neighbour aunty Dhavni. People believe me there won’t be anyone in this world as Dhavni aunty. She is 5″7 tall, her measurements would definitely be 36dd-27-38. her boobs were the most favourite of mine. She usually wore sarees and a low cut blouse, she never pinned her pallu so whenever she would bent a little her pallu would fall from her shoulder. WHAT A SIGHT! I would die to see two big boobs like that. I don’t know if she did it on purpose but every man in our building would look at her in a sexy way. No doubt that she can draw any mans attention wherever she goes.

Well now let me come to the incident that happened. Dhavni aunty was from a marvari family, her husband was in textile business so he hardly used to be home. hence dhavni aunty used to stay alone at home (ofcourse she didnt had kids, for that her husband should be home) Apart from being from a traditional family her attire was too hot to handle. One day i knew uncle would be out of town and aunty would be home alone, so i purposely went and rang her door bell. Aunty opened the door and greeted me with a sweet smile, she was very friendly to me, I asked “aunty apke paas aam ka aachar hoga?(Do you have any mango pickle)” to which aunty said “haa jaroor hai beta, andar aao” She turned and started walking towards the kitchen. Aunty was dressed in a green transparent saree and a thin material blouse which had a little thread tied in a knot. watching dhavni aunty walk towards kitchen i couldn’t resist looking at her big round ass swing inside her saree, aunty caught me looking at her i got scared but decided to try on my luck. I went behind her in the kitchen, the pickle jar was placed on the top shelf of the cupboard.

I had already got a little hard on but decided to help her to get the jar down on the floor. While reaching for the jar my arm brushed against dhavni aunty’s right boob but she did not react as she thought it was by mistake (and yes it was by mistake). I placed the jar on the floor and aunty bent to open it,as she bent her pallu feel from her shoulder, i was standing right in front of aunty and watching her boobs which were visible due to her low cut blouse i got an full on erection. I was very embarrassed and tried to cover it with my hand, but aunty saw my erection and gave a naughty smile but didn’t look right in my face. I took courage and stood next to her, so whenever she moved her hand it brushed against my hard dick. It happened two three times, aunty looked up at me and smiled, this was my signal. I moved behind her and cupped her boobs. she was stunned and quickly stood up. I caught her waist from behind, now my full erect dick was placed in between her ass cheeks. Oh my god, i never had a great feeling like this before in my life.

She understood my intention and said “yahaan nahi bedroom mein chalte hai, khidki se koi dekh lega”. We went to her bedroom, as soon we reached i pulled her close and kissed her on her lips. Her lips were so soft i kept on kissing until she parted her lips, now our tongues met for the first time. We french kissed for about 10 minutes then i put her on bed and was on top of her. I started kissing her lips, cheeks, moved down to her neck. she was fully excited and was moaning ummmm…aahh..


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