Sex With Sex Goddess

Last Tuesday is one of best enjoyable and remember able day in my life. This day remains a special for me in my entire life. Tons of my hidden passion and dreams of so many years came together and showered me. I met. Yes I met. Really I met the SEX GODDESS. It’s true. She is my sister in law. We both loved each other in our teenage. But we never reveal our love in the past to each other. Looks and smiles only. 10 years back she married. 5 years back I married.

We both have 2 children each other. But fortunately we talked to each other on mobile from last 1 year. At last she came now for me. How beautiful she is! How attractive she is! How much power she has! I have no words to praise her participation. As I complete the Tiffin (kisses and hugs) earlier, today I again started with hugging. Then kissed her beautiful lips tightly and long lastingly. We both feel how we both missed ourselves.

I asked her “even I am slow, why you not take the 1st step to propose our love in the past?”. She looks deeply into my eyes and hugged me tightly. I am surprised to know my chest feels wet. She was crying. Oh God! I am shocked to know her love towards me. I am sorry dear; I too miss you so much. After some time I slowly started the foreplay. She unbind her hair clip to free flow her hair. I slowly made her completely nude. We both lay on the bed. I ask her to turn back and started to squeeze her butts. Round, big and much closed butts. They looked super. I smell those, kissed those, lick those and bite those beautiful butts.

Then I undressed myself. Now I concentrate on her beautiful, round, firm boobs. I kiss those hardly. I lick those deeply. I never saw that much of round, tight and erected nipples. Oh! Those are awesome. She started moaning loudly. In the mean time I put my hand on her shaved pussy. I slowly rubbed those rosy lips. She was moaning loudly and says Baava…(means Brother in law), I can’t tolerate. Then I covered my penis with condom and put in front of her pussy. My rod was moving up and down to touch her vaginal lips. She enjoys the touch of my hard dick and again pleaded that she can’t tolerate.

Then I slowly inserted my tool into her. Aaaah! She moaned deeply. I surprised again. How tight her hole! I ask her, how you remain your hole this much tight even you have two children. She smiles proudly. I solely remove my penis from her. Again she moans Aaaahh! I saw into her eyes. They are half opened. I put my penis very fast and hardly in deep; she shouted Baavaaa! I asked, is it hurting? No it is feeling super, she replies. Again I slowly remove and put it speedly. What happened? She again shouted Baaavaa! Now I started to move it fast and fast. She loudly moans. Not aaah, ohh, just Baaavaa, Baavaa!

Every time my dick goes deep into her pussy, she moans. All you know how husky she moans. I never drank. But I am sure; nothing can give more kick than her husky voice In that time. I become mad with her shouts. Fucking. Fucking. Fucking. At last we both come close. I too was moaning. She holds my two butts tightly towards her pussy for some time. I too take a long breath. Ooh! Awesome. Awesome.

I remain my penis inside her for some more time nearly half an hour. She asks, hey baava, are not take it out, mmm?. No, I don’t want it to come out. I reply. She smiles and kissed me on my cheeks. I ask her to kiss my lips. Baava I don’t kiss lip to lip to anyone. Even I don’t accept my husband to kiss my lips. But this is the first time I kisses on lips and you are the first person to take my kiss. She kissed me . I found the honesty in her voice. She kissed me. Again I asked, is this small kiss all you gave to me? She kissed deeply now. Our tongues talk for some time.

But current passed from my mouth towards my penis. It becoming hard again. It is not stop. The power of her kiss passes from my mouth to penis and from there to her pussy again. Then I took off my rod and stand on the floor. I ask her to stand before me facing he back towards me. So she turns back and bends slightly on bed. I split on her ass hole and fingering it. Then I tried to insert my penis. But that beautiful ass hole is so tight. I can’t insert my tool. So again I put my dick in her pussy from that possession itself.

As I told earlier, her two buttocks are very close to each other and big in size. So fucking pussy from between those big butts made me crazy. I fucked fast this time rather than first time. Oh! Oh! Ohh! I reached heaven again. Time is going on. We started from 12pm. Now time is 3pm. We have no hungry. Our stomachs want no food. My penis wants to fuck her pussy. Her pussy wants to take my penis deep into her. That’s all.

I don’t know how I have that much power. I never think that I can do that much. The game starts again. We again start the play. From time to time we become bold and enjoy a lot. Unfortunately, every joy has a limit. Like that we stopped our play at 4pm and dressed ourselves.

She ready to go back to her city. Whatever may be, its true. Her big butts, round erected nipples, tight pussy…., Ohh! Awesome. Yes she was the sex goddess for me. She gave me the enjoyment that I never saw before. I always thanks to god for gave this opportunity and waiting for another golden time which joint both us again. I pray god to give that as quickly as possible. I hope all you enjoy my experience and like this story. Send me your feed back at [email protected]

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