Sex With My Sweet And Hot Aunt

Hi Friends this my First story on ISS as i do no who and all will read this story and if you have any doubt can contact me in [email protected] and then its my true first sex with my relative And she is my Queen for every

As i am Venkatesh form Bangalore working for an IT company and then i had sex with lot of them in my life as i love sex lot and lot and love to have sex with married woman lot and then as my day are going on and i am single and enjoy every thing

Ok i am having a nice body structure and then my age is 27 and my aunt age is almost 35 and she as 2 kids and there are studying and she also know that i have relation with lot of girls and then i will be speaking in front of her with them

one day i went to her house she was working i always have crush on her and one day i saw her hips and her body structure i was lost and when every i see her my cock will be almost 7 inches with bull like an rod and then from she is getting married i am seeing her and once she was giving milk to her child i saw her boobs and it was very huge almost 38 and i use to love to smell her bra and panties and i was smelling and licking her pantie and i use to take to my cock and masturbate so many time and realise my sperms on her pantie and then i will keep it there and then i was very craze on her

one day i was sitting next to her and watching tv and no one was there as i was seeing her hips as she is little fat and chubby and have nice boobs and body structure and then one day i was see her and told her and i touched her hips she felt some thing her feeling as was some what and she told what u did and i told her no some thing was there and then we were seeing the tv some hugging and kissing ocean was coming and then i put my hands on her shoulder and she saw me and smiled me and then she did not told any thing and then i was moving near her and then she was smiling and then i told her you are very hot and sexy so she told me yes i know that and then

i asked her that how was your first night she told it was good and then i asked her how was that please tell me she told started telling me and then i put my hands on her hips she was feeling some what and she i kissed her lips and she did not lived me to take out from her lips and i slowly stood fro the sofa and took her to the room and she told me do u like me so i told her yes i love u so much she asked me how much u love me so i told her i love u lot then she told me that she as seen me smelling her pantie and she told me she love my sperms and she told me u are hot and then i asked her then why you did not talk about that she told i was afraid and shy as i am your aunt and i told her then i love u my aunt and she told me yes you love me lot

and then i removed her saree and then i was smelling her underarms she was telling me to lick it and i licked her underarms and she was telling me u are making me wet and then i pressed her boobs in her blouse and sucked it from her blouse and then she told me darling remove my blouse and langa please and then i removed it and then i was so tempted not even able to control it was almost 7 inches and then she asked me i want to see your cock and i told her cum and remove my dress she happily removed my dress and she told me in underwear some thing is there see as it moving hear and there and


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