Sex With My elder sister friend

Hi, all . This is first time am writing adult story in website, am now 29 year old and staying in bangalore , My first sex experience with My sister friend name called manjula, This was happened when i was first PU and sis and her friend was in degree college . And parents both working in college as a lecturer so we used to have lot of times in house as a free bird. And Manjula was quite pretty and good looking girl in all senses .she used study in our houses up to late evening with my sister . And till that day i didnt had any sexy feeling towards her. That day she was wearing skirt and blouse and looking good. So i just told today what special looking more cute. She just smiled and told me go to your study room . And I went to study room she was looking for my sister but my sister was in bath room and then she come to my room and sit opposite chair against me . I just asked her what the matter . She said nothing started doing some thing her note book, after 2 mints i observe that heat feet is touching my legs , i thought its may accidently and i pulled back my legs . . After some time again she started touching my leg again , i just looked at her but she is looking at note book, but this time am not removed my leg back and acted as i did recognized , So she now started rubbing my slowly and her face becoming red , then for me also got some excitement and just watching her moves . She suddenly raised her leg and kept on lap . I was stunned because her act and i asked what ur problem, she told me that my legs are pain needed some rest ,please dont mind, i said ok, it was heavy . But she still want move further towards my short , then i realized her intention clearly and i started thinking in other way now.But now am afraid of my sister , because she may come inside any time in my room, But she never stooped and finally she reached her destiny and started messing jently, its makes me a hard but i didnt knew how to react and just enjoying my self and now she was half closing her eyes and her hand inside tabe ,may be inside of her skirt .and suddenly my sister called her and coming towards my room and manjula removed her legs and acted as a nothing has happened speaking my system normally . I just watching her ,then she came to near by to me and asked do you have any problem in math and took my note book and she wrote tomorrow after noon be at home and want to speak to you .because she was in degree her class was morning 11 to evening 4 , But mine was morning 8 to 12 sometimes 4 on lab classes . I said nothing to her because my sister was looking at my previous not of chemistry .

Then tomorrow morning i went to college while interval i saw my sister and her coming to my classes and my sister came to and said, today manjula, having very head ache so please drop her near to her house , and she will come after the college. I said yes and asked her to come near parking lot after my class.when i reached parking , she already there and no sign of pain and she was smiling . I asked How are you? She said am ok now because your with me . I just smiled , and started my bike , she was sitting behind with cross legged. Then she puts her my thigh and pressing slowly , some times she was touching or pressing her boobs to back ,its makes make hard . She asked to me to go to my house instead of her house , I asked why ? She told she dont want to tell her parents that she has bunked class because of silly reason ,So we went to our house and taken a lunch together . Then she told me she want rest and without asking me went to my room and sat on bed. Then she asked me to massage her head , So i took some balm and started applying , and she was just infront of me an looking at mt short and thigh, she told me you have full of hair all of your body and she likes such kind of guys, I just smiled and Massaging . Than she took some courage puts her hand on thigh and firmly and pressing . Now am also Getting bold with her . I started massaging her ears slowly and one hand on her lips . Now she got green signal from and she full me towards her and started kissing me and even i started . Then she removed my Te -shirt asking me to remove her ,and i did . Wow…it was firm boob, i was stunned seeing that size, and started squeezing her boobs and licking it , She said slow and moaning with my every act , now she was searching for my tool, She took of my short and shaking that slowly . By this we both are nude and for me its first time so I was little bit confuse and she asked me sit and she came down my leg and taken my tool in her mouth , and started doing , I was in seventh heaven , Just closing her eyes she also enjoying with my tools. She asked me to lick her cunt also and now we are 69 position. It sexy smell was coming from that and white juice already out . So i started kissing her cunt lips and licking slowly , it went foe 5 mins. Now my tool was about eject because of her blow job, i told her am coming she told me to eject . And every my cum came inside her mouth and she started drinking and laughing loudly . After sometimes again she took my tool and started shining and it becomes hard position and she asked to come inside her cunt and she opened her both legs and allow me come inside . It was very tight and she asked me to apply some oils and bring old clothes , so i did. Having difficulty i inserted my tool into her , she was crying with a pain and even i i too. Slowly i started my motion, she was in her mood and telling me to fuck her fast and tear it off. I said ok dear . I started my motion fast and rapidly . We did up to 10 mins and again am about to come and told her , she stopped my motion took my rod and started after some time my come spell on her boob ,lips , everywhere,We are tired and slept for 10 mins without talk, and she asked me to go to bathroom and change the dress and i changed. She also went my sister room took a bath freshened.And she told me the dont tell my sister and my friends , After that we used to have sex in house and my house also , it went to till her marriage ,Some time she calls me tells that she is missing and loves you lot ,now also once in a year we meet outside of house and have sex . Anyway it was my first experince in sex and writing also, please reply me if liked it .mail me; [email protected]

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