Sex with brother in law’s wife

Hi my name is mahesh (name changed) living in chennai, married, aged 30. I wanted to share the beautiful experience i had with my brother in law’s (bil) wife deepa (name changed) , aged 26.believe me this is true one and happened only two weeks back. She got married to my bil 2 years back and since that day on i had a lust to fuck her hard and deep. My bil is a drunkard and is not capable of giving a nice fuck to any girl. This made my job easier as deepa was a lustful lady and she was craving for sex. Now let me tell u how i ended up realizing my dream.

As a close relative of hers she used to share all her secrets with me. I also used to tell her about my sexual escapades and show her the videos and photos i took during my sexual encounters. She used to get hot but used to avoid me knowing that if i got the chance i would fuck her silly. One day when nobody was at home i started to tell her about my fantasy of fucking her as to how i would kiss her, how i would nibble at her nipples, the way i would lick her pussy and ass and give her a mind blowing orgasms. I told her about the different ways in which i wanted to fuck her. She could not listen to it completely as she was getting too hot and her husband was of no use as his dick would not get erect at all.

After about a week when my wife had gone out shopping she came to my house and said “ what do you think of yourself “, i didn’t understand and asked her what happened she said you always come and make me hot and craving for sex and just leave away without doing anything. I took her in my arms and said darling don’t worry i’m always here to satisfy all your needs and started kissing on her lips. I slowly brought my hand down and started squeezing her nice round and shapely ass. Slowly and sensually i started to kiss on her earlobes and neck. All the while she had started to breathe heavily. Slowly i began undressing her inch by inch. As her body uncovered i started to kiss the part sensuously. Slowly she started getting hot and started moaning. I nibbled on one of her nipples and started to roll the other one and continued doing this for 15 mins. Till now i hadn’t touched her pussy and she was getting impatient and wanted me to ravage her pussy. She started blabbering all the things in tamil. “ vaanga en koodhiya open pannitu adha nalla olunga” (come open my pussy and start fucking it hard). I removed her pants (she was not wearing panties inside). Her pussy was full hairy (the way i love it) and was dripping with her love juices. I started licking her and she got mad and started screaming and moaning. I was afraid that the neighbors might hear it. She came so hard on my face that my face was drenched completely and she crushed my face with her two slender thighs. When she came to her senses after the orgasm she undressed me completely and took my rock hard throbbing dick into her mouth and went on to give me one of the best blow jobs of my life. When i was just about to cum i told her and she just kept on staring right into my eyes and continued with her expert mouthing. I came with a loud moan inside her warm mouth. We rested for 10 mins and started to play with each others body again.

She took my dick again in her mouth and made me erect again so that i could hump her pussy hard and deep. We went to 69 position and i was also licking her pussy. Then i stood up lifted her and place her on my dick and started to fuck her slowly, but she wanted a strong fuck and she was not ready for sensual fuck as it had been a long time since she had sex. And she went to the doggie position and ordered me to come and fuck her hard. She said “ vaanga ippo nalla en koodhiya olunga, en koodhiya kilichidunga, enna oru thevadiya pola olunga, en koodhiku arudhal kudunga and so on(come now fuck me hard, tear my pussy, fuck me like a cheap whore, extinguish the fire inside my pussy). I started to fuck her hard and i lasted for about 20 mins and within this time she came about 4 times. Once we had finished she had a satisfied glow on her face.

We had several fuckathons that day and she was not able to walk even properly. Now she has promised me her virgin ass as a new year gift. Any unsatisfied ladies in and around chennai want to contact me can mail me at [email protected] Satisfaction and privacy guaranteed.

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