Sex With Aunty In Her Apartment

Hello friends, I’m Raj (name changed), im 25 years old and today I’m going to share with you my sexual experience with an aunty who lived in the same apartment as mine. During my college days i stayed in Mumbai with my cousins in their apartment, I was over joy to stay with them as they were the only family i had left. And in the same building there was an aunty named Sneha (name changed), who lived below our floor.

She was Very sexy and had huge pair of breasts, during that time I was very interested in MILF and older women and used to watch a lot of porn. She was around 42 years old and had a daughter who studied with me in the same college, whenever I used to see her I always go a hard on. And i thought she also noticed me. We had friendly relations and she often invited me to her house to study with her daughter, to help her with her household work and sometimes diner, I felt very happy to be around her and so did my tool down there.

One fine day when I was on my way back home from college, it started raining heavily, my college was about 10 minutes from my house so I hurried back home. When I reached home I realised that the house was locked and there was a note on the door from my sister, it said “We have to leave for some urgent work and will be back in the night, I have already told Sneha aunty to take care of you till then and you stay at her place”.

So I went to Sneha Aunty’s house, she opened the door wearing a beautiful shalwar kameez with no dupatta which she also dint. She invited me in and i asked her where is Roshini (her daughter), she replied saying that she had some work at college so she will be late and her husband was off on a small business tour and will return tomorrow, so practically she was all alone which got me more excited.

As I was fully drenched due to the rain she told me to go change and she gave me a fresh towel and her husband’s clothes to manage, and also said that she would prepare some good coffee for me. I went in her room to change and left the door open, as I wanted her to see me naked and it would all look like I accidently left the door open. Then I started removing my clothes with my back facing the door, cleaned myself and I now stood sideways so that she might see my hard cock, and then finally dressed up.

When I came out she had coffee ready for me and acted very casual, I was not sure whether she saw me naked or not and dint utter a word and silently drank my coffee. After a while she told me that she saw me naked in the room and she knew that I did it on purpose, and also told she always knew the way I looked at her all the time. And said that she will tell this to my relatives, I was shocked, paranoid and dint know what to say

I pleaded her not to tell my relatives otherwise they will kick me out of the house. I pleaded in front of her for about 10 minutes, then she looked at me and with a naughty smile said I’ll leave you on one condition, I was ready to do anything, and I said I agree. She came closer to me and whispered in my ear, “Lick my Pussy”, I was shocked and moved a step back, then she told me that she also had an eye on me and wanted the same from me as I wanted from her.

I was Overjoyed as my dream had finally come true, so she grabbed my hand and took me inside her room and lay on the bed and removed her shalwar exposing her black panties, she told me to remove them, so I did. I was now staring at a bare pussy, it was clean shaven and only had a line of hair above it which made it look sexy. She told me start licking her. Then I slowly started licking her pussy lips, it was wet and very tasty my mouth was filled with her taste within seconds, now

I could hear her moaning slowly and pressing my head against her pussy, my actions became more aggressive and the slow licking was replaced by some hard suck and fingering, this got her really hard and lift my head towards her face and said “I love you” and slowly kissed me with her soft juicy lips, in response I started sucking on her lips slowly and inserted my tongue in her mouth, and we both now enjoyed a series of tongue and lip sucking sessions, then she stared sucking my tongue which made me really hard and start to kiss her even faster, this all happened while I was fingering her pussy, and soon she had an orgasm.

Now she got up and removed her kameez and stood there in a black bra looking like a sex goddess, she unhooked her bra and there they were in front of me uncensored really huge breast with hard nipples, she smiled at me and asked if I wanted to suck them, I said why not and she said suck them slowly and gently which I felt in heaven it was like sucking a mango on a hot afternoon, soon i made her breasts wet, now she removed my shirt and started licking and kissing my chest then she went further down and slowly opened my pant and released my tool out of its prison, she took it in her hand and said ”

Wow its Big, Even bigger than my husband, you are better than what I expected”, and slowly started stroking it, and while doing that I was pressing her boobs and we again kissing each other with passion and make our tongue and lips wet. After about 1 minute she said “I want to suck your dick” and told me to lie down. She started off with licking and sucking the head off my cock. Slowly she started to suck my cock vigorously and  my entire cock was in her mouth while she deep throated it. This went on for a brief period of time. She made sure that I dint come to an orgasm soon and told me to fuck her.

I was a little nervous and told her I don’t have a protection, she smiled at me and said that there are benefits of having sex with an older women and told that she took precautions regularly and lay on her back. I took my cock close to her pussy and started teasing it she caught hold of my cock and started inserting it in slowly her pussy was fairly tight and looked like she had not been fucked since a long time.

Even my cock hurt a little as this was my first time I was fucking someone without a protection, but the mood soon overcame the pain, and now we were in the right position making love as I was slowing thrusting her pussy she let of moans of pain and joy. Slowing I increased my speed and could hear her scream and shout after sometime we were on the verge of an orgasm and i let my hot juices in her pussy as she let hers on my cock. She said this was the best sex ever and she promised she would not tell my relatives if I fucked her twice a week. I Hope You Enjoyed the story. Any Women Married/unmarried, unsatisfied are welcome to contact me on [email protected]

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