Sex in farm

Hi I am Giree from Karnataka. I’m 18. When I came to know about ISSi thought to share my real story to all of u. It is a very true story. Right now i study 12th. Last year in vacations after my 11th, i visited my native place. Two of my uncles stay there. Both in the same house. A joint family. They both are farmers. We have 21 acres of farm. My smaller uncle had two children. One was small any and the another one was of my age. The other uncle had 4 children. All of them are married. A kilometer far from my house we have a farm where we planted a lot of trees of all types. I and my cousin brother used to go there daily and sit under the trees watching for people stealing our fruits and some people were coming there for toilet as they did not have toilets in their homes . There were some houses nearby. In one of those houses there was a girl of about my age. She was so sexy that i cannot explain it. She had big beautiful boobs and her figure was mind blowing. She always used to come in our farm for toilet purpose. My brother always used to send her back. This went on for some days. I had a very strong feeling of fucking her. But i did not get the chance. One day my uncle told me to go to the farm alone as my brother was going to another farm with him. I went alone. I sat under the tree. I started to talk with my friend on the phone. While i was talking to him the same girl came there for toilet. She had a bucket of water in her hands.

I thought that this was a very good opportunity. I did not want to miss it. I cut the phone and switched it off. I hid behind a heap of grass. Them she searched for he any one is there looking at her. As there was no one she sat down and started doing toilet. As she lifted her gown i saw her beautiful ass. I could not control. My dick was up hardened. I came out from behind the grass and walked near her. I kept some distance away from her and them called her. She got up with a sudden shock. I told her not to worry. I will not shout at her. I told her to continue.she calmed down and asked about me as she was seeing me there newly there from some days. I told her about myself and asked about her. She told me her name and pointed her house which was a little far away from the farm. As we continued to talk i remembered that she did not wash her ass after the toilet. I told her to do so. She smiled and without any hesistation she washed her ass in front of me!. My dick was up more. She got up and saw that my dick was up and laughed. I went near her and touched her pussy from the gown. She too was ready for the sex. She closed her eyes. I kissed her lips and started pressing her boobs from outside. She was feeling the pleasure. She suddenly made of stop and took me to a nearby broken house where no one used to live. Ample amount of light was coming in from the broken windows. There i made her to sleep on a clean portion of the floor and them lifted up her gown. She was not wearing panty. Her pussy was so beautiful that i could not control my dick. I moved the gown up and saw the heavenly milk white boobs. I started pressing them. They were so so soft. Then i started licking her pussy. She started moaning. I took out my dick. She looked at it and was surprised. She took it in her hands and them in mouth.

When she started kicking it a heavenly feeling went all over my body and without wasting any time i entered it in her pussy. She moaned. Them i started fucking her hardly she started shouting . But soon she controlled it. I fucked her for at least 15 mins. Then stopped to take some rest. But she did not want that . She told of fuck her harder. I got up and started untill her cum came out. As her cum was coming out she started shouting. I put my hands on her mouth and increased the speed. The cum started coming out of her pussy and she was getting a great pleasure from that. I stopped. Some blood was coming out from her pussy. But she did not mind she sat fingering while her cum was coming . She hugged me after the cum was over and told me that she never had such a feeling. But i did not stop. I fucked her more untill my cum came out and put my dick in her mouth. She enjoyed it. Soon she got up . Put her clothes and then arranged her hair and then hugged me saying i love u. I too said her that. We both decided to get married when the time comes. Then i have her a french kiss and left with a great feeling. To my luck again next day my brother did not come with me. I net her again and asked her if her parents shouted at her yesterday for being late. She said that on one shouted at her as there was on one at her home. All had good to farm. She is alone at home daily as her parents and elder brother in to work in the farm. I cannot in to her house as if some one sees that they will tell her parents. So that day we did not do sex. We started talking about each other. We really started loving each other very much. Even today i am loving her and in there and meet her every two months. I also contact her on the phone sometimes. We both decided to marry each other now. She is very beautiful. I love her.

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