Seducing My Lovers Wife

I have been seeing a married man for 4 months, he is 54 years old but very fit, we meet twice a week he takes me shopping and buys me little things and we have dinner and the day usually ends with me sucking his large cock in the car in a secluded car park where he verbally abuses me

I suck on his cock, calling me a whore bitch cunt etc. it never gets physical, and once he cum he is back to the kind man I first met once a month he takes a hotel room where it’s me that get pampered, he takes care of me, he sucks my pussy

And clit and keeps me on the edge of the most wonderful orgasm, for what seems like an eternity, before finally letting me cum, we have dinner and then he does whatever I want more oral or he fucks me how I want and with the help of a cock ring as long as I want.

It is balanced against all this that I have my dilemma, he has asked me to seduce his wife, and to let him watch when I make love to her, she is an attractive 37 year old with a very hot body natural red head, but she is extremely sexually repressed

My lover told me he only gets to make love to her once a month with the lights off, he never gets to see her naked. I wear red lace panties under my short skirt, my lover has given me his wife’s routine and I decide to target her at the library.

I see her enter the library and I cross the road and enter too. She goes straight to the romantic fiction section, this sexually repressed woman is getting her sexual fix reading bodice ripping stories.

She is wearing a plain skirt, jacket and a blouse tan tights and flat shoes, the skirt just below the knee, she blended into the background. But today she would shine, I would see to that, my lover had arranged a suite in a hotel, and if when I was successful

I was to call him and he would get to the hotel and set up a video camera in the wardrobe leave a suitcase with my clothing and settle into the room next door with a recorder and screen to watch.

I move next to her, I sigh loudly she looks at me and smiles, I start a conversation, telling her about a lover abandoning me, I sob and her maternal instinct leads her to offering me a shoulder to cry on. I introduce myself and she replies ‘Shauna’ and invites me for coffee in the small café in the library.

I accept but only if I buy the coffee, ok she replies. I tell her I’m a travelling rep for a pharmaceutical company and how my job and my lovers is the main reason for him leaving me.

I start working on her, I go for more coffee and while I’m at the counter two buttons open on my top revealing my red lace bra which is filled to over flowing with the my milk white boobs, always a good idea to have one bra a up size too small.

I came back with the coffee’s and sat down crossing my long nylon encased legs and letting Shauna see my tiny red lace panties covering my bald mound under my short skirt, I make a big fuss of pulling my short skirt down.

I ask about her life she tells me all about her marriage and how her husband is never interested in sex, a clear case of non communication I think, either that or I’m the one being set up.

We are both chatting like we have known each other for years, I run my fingers up and down my chest occasionally slipping my finger into my mouth, as I chat, like I’m oblivious to it. By now we are on our 4th coffee and my bladder is screaming for release, so I have now arrived at the crunch time and say I need to go to the bathroom.


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