Savita Bhabhi Episode 57

Barcelona: Savita, Ashok, Sasurji and the rest of the family arrived in Barcelona for a family vacation. This was Sasurji’s way of thanking his family especially his two daughter in laws for the wonderful way they take care of his sons.

Ashok was still jet-lagged and had a headache and just wanted to rest. Sasurji too wanted to rest before heading out but the brothers wanted to go out and mingle with the local people and on the beach.

In his room Sasurji unpacked his bag but kept thinking of what a wonderful time he had with Savita and was eager to his sexy daughter in law in a bathing suit. The images of their sex encounter clouded his thoughts and made him extremely horny.

Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. To his delight it was Savita.

“What are you doing here bahu” he asked. “Everyone else is either asleep or away, so I thought I would come and thank you for bringing us on this trip” said Savita.

Exited Sasurji grabbed his bahu and hugged her from behind: “ Time to inspect my gift” and he dropped Savita;s sexy dress of her shoulders. Her magnificent boobs popped out. They were the best breasts Sasurji had ever seen.

“We have 3hours until lunch so you can inspect your Bahu’s body all you want” Savita said giving him a tight hug

No completely topless Savita hugged Sasurji and felt his hard cock rub against her” hmmm doesn’t your hard cock feel trapped inside”

Soon her lips were around Sasurji’s big cock and she felt it throbbing inside her mouth as she sucked it harder and harder.

“You like this don’t you? Watching my mouth filled with your cock and hearing the vulgar sounds as I suck you off… mmmm” she moaned as she sucked Sasurji harder and harder.

Sasurji also began to thrust his hips back and forth and started fucking her mouth. Savita was delighted to finally have her lips and tongue around Sasurji’s big cock.

When suddenly there was a knock on the door. Quickly they both got dressed and opened the door.

It was Puja. She was upset and crying. “I just saw Ayush flirting with the blonde in the lounge. How can he do that when he has such a beautiful wife”

She cried into Sasurji’s arms. She was so upset that she did not notice Savita’s slutty dress. Consoling her Sasurji assured her that he would talk some sense into Ayush. But Savita had different plans.

She walked Puja out of the room “ Do not worry Puja, I got a plan that will make your husband never look at another woman”

As the 2 ladies walked out the room Sasurji could not help but be disappointed that Savita had not finished her blowjob and wondered if he would get another opportunity again.

In her room Savita hands Puja the tiniest and sexiest of bikinis. Puja is shocked and is unsure about how her family and husband would react to her wearing something like this, Savita Assures her that if she did Ayush would never see another woman again and remember how hot a wife he had. She also assured her the Sasurji would not mind it as she would take care of him.

Puja goes to change and comes out a different woman. Sexy curvaceous, her bosom screaming out sexy form within the tiny bikini. It was as if her body was screaming and begging to come out of her saree.

Savita gets lose to her and while straightening her strap assures her that she will be the talk of the town and Ahyush will be hers for good.

Reluctantly she follows Savita to the beach. Savita too is now dressed in the skimpiest of bikinis and as the 2 ladies walk on to the beach the boys are shocked. Especially Ashok and Ayush’s brother who is immediately turned on looking at his Bhabhi.

As they walk and the people stare Puja gets turned on by each passing look. Savita quickly hugged Ashok and asked him “ how do you like by new swim suit dear”

“I like it a lot but is it not a bit revealing and what will uncleji say” checked Ashok.  As they walked over to Sasurji. Ayush whispered into Puja’s ear “You look so hot, do you think you and I can go for a long walk on the beach” Puja was happy that Savita’s plan was working.

At that moment, Sasurji in an angry tone screamed at Savita for her dress and told Ashok that he will take her back to the hotel and talk some sense into her. As they walked off. Savita knew that her old dirty minded horny Sasurji put on this show only to get her alone. Little did they know that Ayush too felt sad that his dad was upset and asked Puja to go with them to change? Again Sasurji’s dreams of having Savita alone and exploring every hole of her body was interrupted.

In the room in the hotel Sasurji screamed at his 2 bahus“ I am ashamed of you both.Showing of your bodies like that to strangers”

Savita was wondering why Sasurji was acting strange. But Puja did not know about the hidden agenda so apologised immediately.

“Sorry is not going to be enough. I am going to punish you both. Take of your shirts, anyway you like showing your body off he screamed “

Puja was shocked. “ DO it puja a good bahu listens to her Sasurji” Explained Savita. Still shocked at the request Puja and Savita slowly took of their tops.

Sasurji sat down in from of Savita and started playing with her soft breasts. Savita submitted her slef to him to show him how good a bahu she was. Sasurji turned his attention to puja”How big are those tits” he asked “ 34 D” she said shyly.

“Hmm now get up. Time for your punishment and since it was your Idea Savita. I will start with you. Saying that he squeeze her nipple tightly till she let out a scream. He also began to slap her breasts and watched them jiggle in the air.  Soon savitas bikini top was out and her magnificent breast exposed and as he squeezed her nipples tighter she moaned louder and louder “ Yes Sasurji I have been a bad bahu punish me more yes more” she kept screaming.

“No your turn puja” said Sasurji as he hugged her from behind and liked the back of her neck. Being the dirty horny man he was Sasurji’s hands found their way to those magnificent 34 D breasts “ Isthis ok Sasurji. I am you bahu” checked Puja. “ I am just showing you what effect your body has on other men” said Sasurji and started pinching her nipples.

“Why are your nipples getting so hard bahu, I have to teach your body to resist its dirty urges” said Sasurji with a nasty smile. Puja still innocent pondered the confusion of controlling her urges and also enjoying Sasurji’s touch.

By now his hands squeezed Puja’s breasts like melons and she screamed in pain and joy. Sasurji was now pinching and twisting Savita’s nipples with one hand and Puja’s with another.  Both the girls moaned loudly. Savita wondered how good he was with his nipple foreplay when suddenly Sasurji had his mouth across one if her breast and one of Pujas.

“A Sasurji I can’t bare it” Savita screamed. “Too bad Savita and now for your punishment take of all your clothes. A shy Savita asked” What will you do with me”

“It all depends on Choti Bahu if she can bare my teasing for another 5 minutes then you both are free” claimed Sasurji as he turned his attention to Puja. He made her sit on his lap and squeezed her breasts harder and harder. Her breathing got heavier and faster. Puja tried her level best not to enjoy but could not succeed. Especially when Sasurji’s hands and fingers massaged her drenched pussy. She could not understand why she was so turned on but she was and was enjoying his touch all over her body.

“Both of you have failed your test. Now I will show you how slutty Bahu’s should be treated” eclaimed Sasurji as he dropped his pants to reveal his massive hard on.

Savita thought to herself  “ Time for a family blow job” while Puja could not believe how hard her sasurji’s dick was. Sasurji pulled the ladies to him and asked them to take care of his massive hard on which they had caused. Savita began to get the naughty twinkle in her eye but Puaj was still unsure of what to do.

What will happen next? Will Puja give in to Sasurji’s demands and become a bad babu? Will she follow Savita’s footsteps?

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