Savita Bhabhi – Episode 22 : Shobha’s First Time

Savita had just finished telling Shobha about her first extramarital affair over lunch and both were headed back to Savita’s apartment when suddenly Savita’s cell phone started ringing. It was Mishraji, Savita’s Boss, who was in the mood for some of his best employee’s ‘Special Service’.

“I’m sorry Shobha. I just got a call from work. Mishraji needs me for some urgent work in the office?” lied Savita to Shobha; knowing full well that the urgent work was just an excuse for Mishraji to get Savita alone in the office with him on the weekend.

“So we’ll have to postpone the ‘lesson’!” said Shobha getting disappointed that bhabhi had to leave.

“No. It probably won’t take me too long in the office. I’ll give you the keys to my apartment.” said Savita handing her the keys to her apartment “You can let yourself in and wait for me there.”

Shobha reached Bhabhi’s apartment and seeing that Ashok was not at home as usual; decided to try on some of the clothes and lingerie they had purchased at the mall. She entered bhabhi’s bedroom and began trying on the clothes unaware that she had forgotten to lock the main door behind her.

“Looks like bhabhi has returned home”, thought Varun when he noticed that bhabhi’s apartment door was ajar.

“Hmmm…Ashok uncle never comes home before 8 so maybe I could have some fun with bhabhi if she’s free.” Varun was hoping for a quick fuck session alone with bhabhi while his brother was away watching a movie.

He entered Savita’s apartment thinking about the hot week he and his brother had had with bhabhi while Ashok was away on an office trip. Thinking about all those hot nights and the early morning blowjobs made his cock even harder.

“Looks like bhabhi’s changing in the bedroom. Last time I peeped on her, it ended up pretty well!” thought Varun and smiled to himself as he tiptoed towards bhabhi’s bedroom hoping to surprise her. However he was surprised when he heard someone else’s voice coming from in there.

As he peeked into the room, he was surprised to find Shobha, a girl from his college, trying on some lingerie in bhabhi’s bedroom.

“She doesn’t know that I am in the house. I’d better keep quiet and enjoy the show.”

Varun couldn’t help but get excited as Shobha soon took off her bra revealing a set a creamy white breasts and pink nipples. She was rubbing her breasts and her body and it was obvious that she was turned on.

Shobha was thinking about the story Savita Bhabhi has just told her.

“Mmmm…Hearing bhabhi’s story of her first affair has made me really horny. My nipples are hard and poking through the bra”, thought Shobha as she took off her bra and felt her erect nipples with her fingers. A shiver ran through her body as she felt excited when she touched her sensitive nipples. She moved her other hand to her other sensitive spot and was surprised to see that her pussy was so wet.

“Even my pussy has become wet.” she thought while inserting two fingers inside her now dripping pussy.

“Ahhh…I can’t stop imagining about bhabhi and Aman. Oh, I wish I had a cock like that in my pussy right now!” moaned Shobha as she recalled the sight of Aman, the fitness instructor, fucking Savita Bhabhi’s pussy in the gym last week. Her knees felt weak and she moved onto the bed to be more comfortable while she pleasured herself.

“I can’t believe it she is fingering herself in bhabhi’s room. I never knew she was such a slut!” thought Varun is surprise; as the common notion in college was that Shobha was a shy girl who didn’t even know how to speak to guys. And here she was fingering herself imagining getting fucked by another guys cock!

“Mmmm Aman… I want you to fuck me like you were fucking bhabhi. I want your long hard cock inside my wet pussy.” moaned Shobha loudly while fingering her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other.

“Wow, she’s nothing like I’d imagined! Hmmm, maybe I can turn this situation to my advantage…” thought Varun smiling to himself. A plan was forming in his mind and he decided to act on it.


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