Sara In Hayatabad Peshawar

I kept listening to her sad and touchy story and suddenly out of nowhere I asked Sara that if we meet than can I kiss you? There was a long pause and then she broken the pause with a whisper saying yes you can kiss me.

Sara is married for 4 years but is facing very tough time at her husband’s house in Hayatabad Peshawar. Her husband is having an affair with one of his colleagues which is dated even before their marriage took place. On her wedding night she was brutally fucked by her husband and she was taken to hospital for treatment. After all at time of marriage she was only 18 years of age. She had to accept the affair of her husband and would arrange meetings for them in their house.

Her husband would bring his colleague home and they would have sex in her bedroom and she had to bear all of it all alone. She was rarely given any importance and her sexual desires were never met by her husband. She was sexually treated once a month and that also for few minutes. I met Sara in a training organized by our university in a local hotel. She visited with her neighbor who was my junior in the department. It was a two days training session and the first day passed with only introduction session of the participants.

We never even saw each other that day. On the next day there was a group session in which she joined our group. She got impress by my talent and came to talk to me during lunch. She told me that I am a very talented boy and she can help me find a job. She gave me her email id and told me to send her my CV. When I reached home I sent her my CV but was not expecting any response. To my surprise she replied and told me that she had told her cousin about me and has given my CV to him.

After that we used to chat with each other rarely when we got time. Once we were chatting and she started chatting on webcam. She was looking very beautiful and her open hairs were adding to her looks which was driving me crazy. I found some courage and told her that she is very beautiful and is looking very lovely. She gave a sigh and made a sad face. When I asked the reason she started to tell me about her married life. I was shocked to know that she is married in such an early age and even worse she is not happy with it…

Gradually we opened up a bit and she started to discuss sex with me. She told me everything that how her husband used to cheat on her and how she than accepted the fact and helped him out. I felt sorry for her all the time but kept praising her for her beauty. Finally I told her to give me her mobile number and we started to chat through mobile. We used to talk till her husband will come back home from his job.

Finally when I could not hold back any more I asked her for a meeting. She said she’ll love to meet but she is scared of her husband. But I encouraged her in to it and she finally agreed for a meeting. She wanted me to visit her house in Hayatabad phase-3. Although I was reluctant to risk being caught but was desperate to meet her and get hold of her beautiful body. So I finally agreed and took the address from her. I normally use bike for my travel but I took a taxi in order to visit her.

It was 9:30 in the morning when she told me that her husband is gone and won’t return till 5 pm. I told her that I am on my way and kept in touch with her on mobile all the way towards her house. I was there in 20 minutes and told her to open the door. She came to open the door and was wearing a very smart dress. Her little assets were looking very appealing and reveling in the dress. She took me upstairs to her lounge and we settled there.

We chatted while she was sitting in front of me on the sofa. She then went to kitchen and brought some juice for me. After serving me with the juice she came and sat beside me in the sofa. She kept staring at me while looking from side. I was confused as it was the very first time for me to be with a girl like this. Although I had a lot of experience in kissing as I had a girlfriend with whom I gained a lot of experience but I had never had such an opportunity to be alone at a house with a girl.

So she put her hand on my pent and praised my dressing. I kept talking to her and looked into her eyes. Suddenly as if we fell for each other very badly, we hugged tightly. She was in my arms and I was hugging her and trying to believe that finally this beautiful girl is in my arms. I started kissing her hair and ears. She started to moan and whenever I kissed her ear she gave a sigh and her embrace got tighter. She grabbed my back and started rubbing it slowly. I started kissing her on her face now.

Starting from the forehead I came down to her nose and cheeks and eyes. That deliberately skipping the lips I slipped towards her chin and neck. She help me tight from my back and I finally placed my lips over hers for the first time. My first kiss was very gentle and I only touched her lips. Her eyes were closed and her lips started to give way to me for entry into her mouth. But I again kissed her on her lips, this time covering more space and pressing harder. In the third go I got hold of her lower lip and started to suck on it.

That was enough for her. She help me from my neck and her head started to go backwards. Gradually we sank into the sofa and I found that I am lying on top of her in the sofa and sucking her lower lip. Then I inserted my tongue into her mouth and we started to play with each others tongues. The sensation was out of this world and the feeling of her warm body beneath mine was driving me crazy. For the first time my hand reached out to touch her boobs. I still remember the sudden excitement that ran in our bodies at that time.

We kept kissing each other and I kept pressing her boobs. The perfect size which completely fitted into my hands was making me wild and this was something she felt in my kisses. Suddenly she broke the kiss and looked at me with a naughty smile on her face…. She said “Hmmm seems we have an expert kisser here”. I just smiled and said I am still learning the art. Now my hand was desperate to get into the clothes and remove all the barriers. I started to remove her shirt and saw her beautiful white belly.

God I was mad at seeing the view of her belly. I started kissing her belly and licking her belly button. She was enjoying the show while moving her hands in my hair. I slowly went up and reached her bra. When I removed the bra the view was awesome and I directly went down and started sucking on her boobs, her tits were rock hard by then and the pink color of her hard nipples was giving a perfect match with her white milky complexion. After sucking on them for a while I felt that my dick can no more hold the pressure.

I thought that if I’ll keep it inside for another minute it’ll tear off the underwear and break out. So I sat and started to kiss her legs. She was still in her trousers and I was fully dressed. She said wait let us go inside to the bed. When she wanted to get up I stopped her and took her in my arms like that and lifted her. She felt really happy and started kissing me on my neck. I took her to the bed and we lay down beside each other. I removed my shirt and she kissed me all over my chest. She loved the feel of my chest hair on her face.

She rubbed her chest with mine and then she said I need you. I started to remove her trousers and while removing the trousers I constantly kissed her legs. I sucked on her feet and she giggled whenever I kissed her feet. Her pussy was in front of me now and I touched it for the first time. The soft touch of a beautiful shaved pussy was very pleasurable. I rubbed it for a while and as soon as I inserted my finger into it she reached her first climax which made her body become stiff and hard. I had heard of such a situation but I never encountered one. Seeing her shiver like this made me worried initially but then I realized it and directly removed my pent.

Finally I removed the underwear and came over her. I started rubbing my dick with her pussy walls which were all wet due to her discharges. Without even lubrication as it was not needed I inserted my dick head into her pussy. She stopped breathing as my rod drove into her pussy and went deeper and deeper. When I was fully into her she opened her eyes and hugged me tightly. She held me tight and her legs came over my hips and she started to move her body. I also joined her moves and we got carried away with the movements.

I kept pushing inside and she kept pushing upward with my thrusts. She was getting wild and started rubbing her nails on my back. The sensation was great and the feeling of first fuck of my life was awesome. As I pushed further she again reached her climax and this time my dick felt the huge pressure that build up in her pussy. I nearly came inside her but I managed to pull my dick out of her pussy and there it was. I sprayed all my cum over her belly. The discharge was so powerful that she received a major portion of my cum on her breasts and her face. I fell over her and we kissed again for a while.

Gradually I slid aside her and she placed her hand over my chest while kissing me over my neck and shoulder and gradually placed her leg over mine. Soon I was again having a hard on so I asked her to do it once again. She smiled and said “you never know when it gets hard”. She got up and sat over me, held my dick in her hand and slowly glided it into her once again. And here we started again….It was tough for me to decide upon sharing my experience but I finally found the heart to let it out for others. I will be glad to receive comments for betterment so that I can share my experiences in an improved manner. My id is [email protected]

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