Part 10 – Sexy Sendoff

This story is part of a series:

Pranoti was 24 when I first fucked her. She was fair but not very beautiful. She had large eyes and a hypnotic stare. But she had one of the most voluptuous figure of 36-28-38. She looked very sexy and desirable. Never saw her in anything other than T-shirt and jeans. She had voluptuously large DD cup breasts. She was extremely shapely and sexy. She was my senior in my institute.

The farewell party for the seniors was on and there were rock and pop music in the air. Frenzied dancing as if there was no tomorrow. It was the last party for the year and both seniors and we the juniors were enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

I was the unofficial photographer for the event. I had positioned myself at a vantage point from where I could have a good look at everyone. My attention got diverted to a particular group of seniors. Pranoti was in the middle and she was oblivious to what she was doing while dancing. She was uninhibited. May be she was drunk. She was shaking her large breasts to the music and shaking her shapely buttocks. She had worn a tight T-shirt that clung to her sexy body. Her actions aroused me and I had an erection. I followed her movements closely. I focussed on her breasts and her body and finished about 100 odd pictures, just clicking her. I brought out my Handycam and recorded her dance. She was wet with sweat and her T-shirt was clinging to her shapely curves, highlighting her gigantic mammaries and her lovely rounded arse.

The party broke for dinner.

Pranoti left for the loo to freshen up. I followed her. Nobody followed us. She went in. I waited for about 5 minutes. I looked around and then placed the board “No Water” in front of the door. I closed the door behind me and latched it from inside.

I called out to her. She turned and was shocked to find a male inside. I asked her not to shout, as no one would hear.

“I want to show you something.”

I took out my Handycam and rolled back the video and showed her the sexy movements I had shot. She looked fabulously delicious in them. She was dumbstruck as she looked at it. I showed her the Handycam cassette and told her that her erotic dances were recorded in it. She was quiet.

“Don’t you even try to delete them”, I warned her.

Pranoti with a tremble in her voice, asked: “What do you want?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to fuck you once, before you leave the institute. Baby, I have shagged in your name from the day I saw you first in the college. I have always dreamt of how it must be to suckle on these huge tits, having you take me in your mouth and wet cunt. You can’t imagine how many times I have breast fucked you in my dreams and shooting my seeds straight into your mouth.” I said as I began to rub my palms over my hard cock over my pants.

“Enough of your dirty talk. You tell me you want to fuck me and you think I will agree to it?” she shouted at me in what appeared to be mock anger.

“I don’t expect you to agree. But you have no choice do you?” I asked. I was blackmailing her. I couldn’t imagine later that I could do this at all. Where did I get the guts to talk like this? It goes to show how desperate I was to have sex with her. She was quiet for some time as I slowly stepped forward.

“What is your name?” she asked. “Does it matter?” I replied.
“Of course, I need to know who is the fifteenth guy I am having sex with”, she said casually, all the signs of fear vanishing from her face.

Here I was trying to scare her into submission, and she was now gaining the upper hand.

“Gopal,” I replied surprised to find her softening her anger and confession that I was the fifteenth guy. Surely she was whoring herself.

“Look you don’t have to force yourself on me. I am willing to go with it. But can I first have a look at what you are going to use?”

I was puzzled by the turn of events. Here I had come in with the intention of raping this sexy girl and I found her to be a willing partner.

“You mean…”
She said, now gaining the upper hand, “Yes. I mean that. I want you to show me your tool. I can see that it is already straining itself trying to burst out. Look at that tent.”

I looked down and saw that my erection had created an obscenely bulge. I laughed and she joined me.

Pranoti said, “Looks like the little one can’t wait. Release him.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled him out of my underwear. My cock was a good 6 inches.

“That is nice. Can I feel him?”
“Most welcome. That is what I came here for.”

She came to me and staring me in the eyes, grabbed my cock in her fist. I yelped in pain as she tightened her grip and squeezed me.

Pranoti whispered angrily, “Don’t you even dare of raping any girl in your life.”
“Never. Now release me please.” I pleaded, in pain now that she was twisting my cock.

She released me and I sat down holding my cock.
“ Now… you still want to fuck me?” she asked with her arms folded across her chest.

I looked at her. She was smiling.
I nodded.

“You do have guts man. Even after this, you want to have sex with me. Do you want to do it now?”

“Yes. Now”
“Where?” she asked looking around.
“Do you know of a place where we can do it peacefully?” I asked still recovering from the pain.

She thought for a while.
She then indicated with her finger, “Follow me a good 30 steps behind. Okay?”

I nodded and waited for her to walk out of the washroom.

I was a bit surprised but also suspicious. She was not nervous and had agreed immediately. Probably she had done it before. Fair enough. Such a sexy chick couldn’t have stayed a virgin for long. And she seemed a pro at fucking. I was the 15th cock in her pussy!

She led me into the library. It was desolate and dark. But surprisingly the door to the lib was open. She led me to the back. The music was still heard from the terrace above. It obviously gave us some secrecy. She looked around at the bookshelves and asked me.

“Is this place okay for a fuck?” she asked satisfying herself.
“Yep. No doubt about it.” I offered not wanting to delay this opportunity anymore.

I kept the bag aside and came close to her. I gave her a hug and thrust my erection against her cunt. She felt me and let out a sigh. I held her soft buttocks and drew her closer to me thrusting my erection against her further. I could feel her soft boobs pressing against my chest. They seemed to melt into me.

I held her face and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes as I moved my palms to feel her breasts. I pressed them. My erection grew harder. This was so exciting. She opened her mouth to receive my tongue and our oral juices mixed. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and explored the inner reaches of my mouth. She held my head and gave me a good tongue lashing.

I lifted her by her hips and carried her to the nearest table. She sat with her legs coiled around my waist. I pressed her breasts and squeezed them. I unhooked her bra from outside her T-shirt and released her massive mammaries from its shackles. I reached my hand under her T-shirt and moved it up towards them. All the while fondling her body, waist up. I could feel her getting hot.

I took her boobs in my hands and their warmth and size hardened my penis further. She took off her T-shirt and bra at one go and dropped it aside. I bent down and kissing her face, neck and chest took her breast into my mouth. I teased her nipple and licked it. I mouthed it and sucked it hard. I wished I could take the whole lump of flesh into my mouth. I kissed her hard and vigorously sucked her breasts. Pulling the nipples with my teeth and kneading the globes of flesh with my palms.

She moaned and groaned.

“Yes, Gopal. Suck me and crush them. They need to be loved and sucked. Oof…maa..”

I continued to suckle her tits as if there was no tomorrow. I would not be able to get her again. This was my last chance and I wanted to make full use of this. A full five minutes of devoted worship of her breasts and I could feel her pussy getting wet against my own groin.

She moved up and undid my shirt and banian. She kissed my lips and earlobes. She bent down to suck on my nipples. I moved back and allowed her to remove my pants and underwear. With great difficulty, she took out my large dark appendage.

We exchanged places as I stood with my elbows resting on the table, and she kneeling in front of me.

“It is so beautiful. Perfectly made.”
I smiled as she looked up at me.

I asked her cautiously, “Do you suck cock?”
She nodded and raised her brows as if I had asked her a very stupid question. Stupid it was since no sooner had I asked this question that she had started to coat the entire length of my shaft with a copious amount of her saliva. She placed the head on her tongue and lovingly kissed it and sucked it. When she took it out, she slurped like she would with a lollipop or an ice cream candy.

“Do you like it?”
“You kidding. Of course. I did not come prepared to get sucked today of course.”
“Of course.”

And she resumed her licks and sucks.
“You need to be careful. I don’t have a fully withdrawable foreskin.”

“You do. I will do it without hurting you.”

Pranoti nodded. My cock was in her mouth and she was moving her hands over my belly and chest. The other hand was cupping my balls and fondling them. I moved my hands in her hair that was by now completely disheveled. Not that she had long hair but it reached her shoulders down up to the blade.

“Can you deep throat me? I would love to feel the back of your throat.”

Pranoti dug in and in an instant, I was about to cum as I hit the back of her throat. I looked down to see her nose buried in my pubic hair. She slowly pulled me out after a few seconds of lock-in. Strands of her saliva mixed with my precum connected her mouth to my cock. She rubbed the wetness all along the shaft and spitting a bit on the head began to smear my cock with her oral juices.

“You seem very heavy in your balls. Don’t you dare cum in my mouth? I want all of your sperms in my vagina.”
“Okay sexy Pranoti. Don’t you waste time talking? Do your job.”

She began to bob her head on my penis and soon I realized that she was sending me into a quick climax. I held her head and pulled her away. But I was a bit late as I could not hold back one hard spurt into her throat. But I held back and pulled out soon. I grasped my penis hard and waited with heavy breaths as the cock withered in my grasp.

“You jerk. I told you not to cum in my mouth.”
“I couldn’t hold back after what you did to my penis.”

She got up and kissed me with my cum in her mouth. It was salty as usual and I asked her to swallow it fast. She did and began to lovingly kiss my face and neck. Descending on my nipples she began to arouse me with her kisses, licks and gentle bites.

I held her breasts and pressed them. I wanted to suck them and I pulled her up. I leaned down and holding one in my palms began to lap at her half an inch long nipples

I knelt in front of her and peeled off her jeans from her legs and quickly removed her red panty, which was already wet.

I embraced her naked body and she reciprocated. I kissed her all over, head to toe. She did likewise. My erection was stiff and hard. I turned her around and pressed it against her nether cheeks, and positioned it in the deep cleavage.

She bent forward and leaned against the table. She showed her white pear-shaped bums to me. I bent and kissed them. I took my penis in my hand and searched for her cunt from the rear. She took it in her hand and slowly guided me into her cunt. I slipped into her wetness and immediately took over. I started jacking in and out of her cunt. She adjusted herself to accommodate my stiffness. I bent over her and held her swaying bosom in my hands. Squeezing them hard, but gently.

She moaned in ecstasy as we both gradually proceeded to climax simultaneously. I sent in a load of hot cum into her and withdrew to dab the remains on her buttocks and back. As I climaxed, I squeezed her boobs hard and she came along with me, with a scream.

I made her stand up erect. She could barely hold herself. She held onto my arms. My cum flowed out from her cunt between her legs. She took a tissue and wiped the white fluid mix. She held my face and kissed me. She rubbed her soft breasts and pinched her nipples to relax the tremendous stress they were subjected to when I was squeezing them. She allowed me to suck her breasts one more time. She held my head and guided me like a child to its mother’s teats. I sucked to my heart’s content knowing well that it was perhaps the last time I would be with her. I hugged and kissed her.

“Do we meet again?”
“I don’t think so and I hope not. “

“Thanks for today. I won’t forget it in a long time.”
“You are welcome.”

“One question. Why did you not resist me?” I said as I pulled up my underwear.
Pranoti replied, “Did I have any options? When you have none, it is better to sit back and enjoy. And it was not the first time sex for me. I realized that you fantasized me and wanted to have sex with me and suck my breasts. I had no issues with that.”

I caressed her cheeks, kissed her lips and nipples again. Took one photograph of her naked and another one with me sucking her breast on a timer mode.

I asked her to dress up and leave. She dressed up and so did I. I wanted to hand over the cassette to her.

“I do not need them. Keep them and enjoy. I am glad that there is one more person who fantasizes me. I trust you to keep them for private pleasures only.” She said as she slapped my cheek gently.

She put on her makeup, freshened up in the lib loo and picked up her purse and walked out of the library. The whole exercise had taken not more than twenty minutes.

I smiled at my luck.

I have since lost track of her whereabouts. Even FB technology has not been of much help.

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