One More Love Story

Hi guys,

My name is Jaan, from Bangalore. 5.11′ in height and medium build(bit leaner side), medium looking I guess.(mail me your feedbacks @ [email protected]). Here I am going to tell a real incident happened to my life. I never had any sexual encounters or anything before this. I joined post graduation in a reputed/prestigious in Bangalore and first day as I entered I saw this beautiful gal Nihal(imaginary name). She was so cute, hot and sexy. Very charming. About 5.8′ in height. Her asset was her cutest smile which I still die for. It happened like this. Everyday in break I would see her with her friends. She was somewhat reserved and would spend her time with her friends most of the times. Never saw her alone. So did not get any chance to propose her. She never noticed me for around 6 months. Then one fine day she saw me near elevator staring at her. Her friends had noticed me before so she got to know abt me. We use to see each other daily. Another six months passed and

Finally I dared to propose her. It was Saturday, she was with her group and I asked her to come.

Me: Ok then think for two more days and let me know. She left.

After two days I went to her group but her friend came and said she’s not interested so not to bother her again. I felt bad and hurt so left. I never smoke but I smoked that day and texted her on her fb saying thanks for the opportunity. But luckily she was online at11 the time when I texted and she asked why u love me and all. We chatted till 12.30 regarding the same like why me, what you like me, will see and all. I said ok and finally when we concluded I decided not to text her again or bother her again.

After two month’s I called her on her b’day at sharp 12 midnight and wished(I was the first person). She was surprised and asked how I got her number. I asked her to meet her in the morning in college so that I can wish her personally. She said ok. I had purchased her nice gifts and waited but she did not meet me. I was so furious and I left college and drank like hell and texted her something and all. She was so scared that I would harm myself.

We started texting each other and slowly she became close to me. I was her best friend in the course of 4 months. She knew I was loving her, but she said she need time to decide. One day we went to lal bagh and roamed here and there inside the park, spoke lot. While coming back it started raining heavily(at 8.30pm). So we went to nearby park near her house. I saw her trembling I put my hand around her waist and saw her beautiful face. I saw her beautiful lips and kissed her on her lips. She wasn’t expecting that so she was somewhat scared and furious so she moved away and said will leave. I said sorry and told her I couldn’t control my feeling towards her as I love her lot. She said ok but I was bit depressed and was very silent so she said its fine and we started walking to her home.

But it was such a nice weather and again rain started so we took shelter under a tree and again I kissed her. This time she did not tell anything. I hugged her and kissed again. I came to conscious and said sorry and moved away. We both were very silent. I left her near her home. That night we chatted abt kiss and why I did that and all.

One fine day she said she loves me too but she’s not very sure. I was very happy listening that. I invited her to my place one day when my aunt and uncle( I stay in relatives place) were out of station. As discussed earlier with her I hugged her so tight and kissed her very much. We both were very new and we did not know how to smooch. I made her lie on bed and came on top of her kissed her like there is no tomorrow. I started moving on her as if I am making love to her(we were wearing all our clothes) I was so high that I pulled her tshirt such that I can see her bra and lifted her bra cup within a fraction of second and started sucking her boobs.( I don’t know whether its big or small but I am ok with that because I love her). She resisted but finally gave up. She had to go early so we departed early but before departing we hugged each other again tightly. We spoke so much and I said sorry for sucking her boobs without her permission and I was very depressed for breaking her trust. But she took it sportively and said Nihal: it’s normal between lovers but you should control it. Its not good.


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