One More Love Story

Hi guys,

My name is Jaan, from Bangalore. 5.11′ in height and medium build(bit leaner side), medium looking I guess.(mail me your feedbacks @ [email protected]). Here I am going to tell a real incident happened to my life. I never had any sexual encounters or anything before this. I joined post graduation in a reputed/prestigious in Bangalore and first day as I entered I saw this beautiful gal Nihal(imaginary name). She was so cute, hot and sexy. Very charming. About 5.8′ in height. Her asset was her cutest smile which I still die for. It happened like this. Everyday in break I would see her with her friends. She was somewhat reserved and would spend her time with her friends most of the times. Never saw her alone. So did not get any chance to propose her. She never noticed me for around 6 months. Then one fine day she saw me near elevator staring at her. Her friends had noticed me before so she got to know abt me. We use to see each other daily. Another six months passed and

Finally I dared to propose her. It was Saturday, she was with her group and I asked her to come.

Me: Hi
Nihal: Yes.
Me: I love you
N: (Shocked) What?
Me: I am madly in love with you.
N: Hey listen I don’t love you. Or I don’t wanna love anyone. (She was scared)
Me: Ok then think for two more days and let me know. She left.

After two days I went to her group but her friend came and said she’s not interested so not to bother her again. I felt bad and hurt so left. I never smoke but I smoked that day and texted her on her fb saying thanks for the opportunity. But luckily she was online at11 the time when I texted and she asked why u love me and all. We chatted till 12.30 regarding the same like why me, what you like me, will see and all. I said ok and finally when we concluded I decided not to text her again or bother her again.

After two month’s I called her on her b’day at sharp 12 midnight and wished(I was the first person). She was surprised and asked how I got her number. I asked her to meet her in the morning in college so that I can wish her personally. She said ok. I had purchased her nice gifts and waited but she did not meet me. I was so furious and I left college and drank like hell and texted her something and all. She was so scared that I would harm myself.

We started texting each other and slowly she became close to me. I was her best friend in the course of 4 months. She knew I was loving her, but she said she need time to decide. One day we went to lal bagh and roamed here and there inside the park, spoke lot. While coming back it started raining heavily(at 8.30pm). So we went to nearby park near her house. I saw her trembling I put my hand around her waist and saw her beautiful face. I saw her beautiful lips and kissed her on her lips. She wasn’t expecting that so she was somewhat scared and furious so she moved away and said will leave. I said sorry and told her I couldn’t control my feeling towards her as I love her lot. She said ok but I was bit depressed and was very silent so she said its fine and we started walking to her home.

But it was such a nice weather and again rain started so we took shelter under a tree and again I kissed her. This time she did not tell anything. I hugged her and kissed again. I came to conscious and said sorry and moved away. We both were very silent. I left her near her home. That night we chatted abt kiss and why I did that and all.

One fine day she said she loves me too but she’s not very sure. I was very happy listening that. I invited her to my place one day when my aunt and uncle( I stay in relatives place) were out of station. As discussed earlier with her I hugged her so tight and kissed her very much. We both were very new and we did not know how to smooch. I made her lie on bed and came on top of her kissed her like there is no tomorrow. I started moving on her as if I am making love to her(we were wearing all our clothes) I was so high that I pulled her tshirt such that I can see her bra and lifted her bra cup within a fraction of second and started sucking her boobs.( I don’t know whether its big or small but I am ok with that because I love her). She resisted but finally gave up. She had to go early so we departed early but before departing we hugged each other again tightly. We spoke so much and I said sorry for sucking her boobs without her permission and I was very depressed for breaking her trust. But she took it sportively and said Nihal: it’s normal between lovers but you should control it. Its not good.

Me: I cant control ok, if any naked girl comes infront of me then also I can but not u.
U are really so cute and desirable.
N: No sweety you should control, Don’t worry I will control you from next time. Muah.
Me: By the way how was our first day ;)
N: Hmmm, I liked it, felt so nice
Me: U liked our smooch and hugs? What u felt?
N: It was very nice, I felt high.

Me: What you felt when I sucked your boobs?
N: I was scared! But I knew you wont harm me, I trust you. But it was weird. Chi how can you suck that?
Me: I like it ok.
N: how it felt when you sucked my breasts?
Me: I felt so good.
N: I was fully sweating, yuck
Me: Oh that’s why it was good, salty, wow.

N: Ok chi.
Me: Next time also will suck your boobs.
N: Will see

So we got few more chances where we advanced step by step and one fine day we both were naked(She gave me a blow job the same day and I wanted to give her the same but she never allowed to see her pussy). I asked her about our marriage and she wasn’t sure about me so she couldn’t decide so I gave her time again and again.

I told her we will meet this time and discuss about our future. And this time you should come prepared with your answer whether you wanna marry me or not(She’s still studying in final year and I am working now) and I would really respect your decision. She said ok

She came to my place and lost control again instead of discussing we started romancing so much. I kissed her and started smooching her so much. I was sucking all her saliva and she was doing the same. We were literally fighting with our tongues. I took her to bed and lied her down and removed my shirt. I kissed her again on her lips which turned into a smooch. I moved my tongue from her lips to her neck and started smooching her neck which turned her on. I removed her top and she was in her black bra(I like black innerwear). I kissed her boobs above her bra and started squeezing it.

She was turned on and this was adding much more spice. I moved my tongue from her upper part till her waist literally licking as she was an ice cream(she likes it). Tickled her naval with much licking and I removed her jeans and started licking her thighs. She was moaning like hmmm ahhh ahhh ahhh, ah muuu (I am crazy for her moans) I made her milky white thighs to turn red with my suck. She came on top of me now and started kissing all over my face. She teased me so much like you see in murder movie(Emraan hashmi does that to mallika where he takes his lips near hers and doesn’t kiss finally mallika kisses same here). She kissed my ear lobes then neck and then chest. She pinched my nipples and started sucking it. Wow I licked the way she was playing with my nipples.

She further moved down and started playing with my thing. She held it and said it will never fit in her tiny love hole. She then kissed my thing from tip to bottom and played with it and finally started giving me a blow job. I was feeling so nice. It went for around 10 min and she complained me about my dick size which gave her pain in her mouth. She couldn’t suck more so I asked her to come up as it was fine for me, we were hugging each other so tightly and this time I moved down as I wanted to return the favor (She never let me lick her r even let me see her pussy) So I started trying to lick her inner thighs(she knew what I was upto so she was resisting) but finally pushed her panty aside and put my mouth on her pussy(It was my first time too) I somewhat tried to suck but she was so uncomfortable,She hasn’t removed her hair so wasn’t happy about it) I sucked her only for a min as she was so uncomfortable and yelling that she’s not clean(because of hair) so I had to stop.

I sucked her boobs after removing her bra for such a long time. Wow I still can feel the taste of her boobs in my mouth and can hear her scream in my ears. she woke up from bed to check her mobile. I went behind her and pinned her to wall and started kissing her wildly. I don’t know when I removed her panty and we were not in this world.Both were completely nude and my thing was touching her pussy. I was so wild that I pushed my thing into her pussy without knowing(a bit). She sat down of shock and started crying. Nihal: why u did that?(crying)

Me: Hey sorry I did not realize
N: It almost went inside
Me: Hey sorry I did not mean that.
Nihal: What happens to you sometime?
Me: I don’t know.
N: Ok ok sorry even I was carried away.

I hugged her tight and we were froze for 15 mins. But I started smooching her again. I made her lie on her stomach and took my thing put on her bum(not bum hole) and started fucking her. After five min I came on her bum. Her bum was full of my cum and she was ok with that. We both got up and got ready after getting fresh. And we hugged again and again( I love hugging her and touching her small waist). Finally we left home. I asked her about her decision. She said she cant as she has some problems. I said ok and we left. She wanted me as her friend and but I didn’t wanna continue our relationship so left her.

I am single now. Its very difficult for me to forget her. I don’t think we did sexual acts. It was love making as we never had actual sex even after being in relationship for 4 years. I respected her lot and Now I am desperate to have sex with anyone. So girls and aunties if you are not satisfied in sex, can contact me. And I mean no trouble to anyone. Mail me at [email protected] and will keep everything confidential. And if anyone wants to suggest me anything feel free to mail me. If any one wants genuine friendship can also contact me. Thank you for reading my story. I might not satisfied you but I shared my real story without any masala. Sorry for that.

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