Nimmi Aunty, My First Fuck

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My mother Parvati’s best friend Nirmala lives in a huge farmhouse adjoining ours. I am Mahesh, 18 years old student and my mother Parvati is a 39 year old widow. Mom is very sexy. Her tits are big but firm, her legs are long and thighs are nice, her ass is round and firm. It is a pity mom has lost the much needed supply of dad’s cock. I know my mother is a healthy lady. There is garden with high hedge around our farmhouse which gives us all a valuable privacy where just we three people lived. Nirmala became my sexual obssession when I read a book by Mast Ram in which the author wrote the explicit sex story between a mature aunt and a young nephew. I masturbated with an image of Nimmi aunty’s naked body. I was in the Tubewell room at our farm where no one comes. My 9 inch cock in my fist as I jacked off violently. The thick white cream squirted from my cock as I gasped and moaned, eyes closed while my eyes imagined my naked Nimmi aunty under me begging me to fuck her,”chodo Mahesh beta, apni Nimmi aunty ko chod dalo, beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Mahesh, my son, fuck your Nimmi aunty!!!!!!!!!!!!)”

Nimmi aunty took off her jeans and Tshirt, watchful if she was being observed. I was well hidden as I watched my almost naked aunty from the hole in the wall.The sky was bright blue; perfect for watching the object of my perverted desires. Nimmi stood in her small panty and bra of black silk. My cock saluted that mature sex goddess. She looked around, hesitated but then removed her undergarments, Bra was the first to go as brown globes jumped out of the tight confines of silk. My God, aunty had niples the size of my thumbs!!!! I almost died at the sight of those suckable beauties. Then her hands pulled her panties down her shapely thighs. Ohhhh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nimmi had a shaven puffy pussy!!!!!!!!!! If even my mother had a pussy like hers, I doubt if I could stop myself from fucking it. Thanks to dear Mast Ram for bringing real raw lust in me by his book.I was in heaven as I saw this sex goddess walk naked under the water gushing frm the pipe of the tubewell. My cock had gone wild and I fisted it as my fingers squeezed its girth. My hips were moving as I gripped my naked cock. “Ohhhh Nimmi, come on fuck me…fuck me…ohhhh god, fuck my cock, aunty!!!!!”

I was uttering starnge obscenities. My cock was hard as rock and my balls were sending cream up to my cock. I was in an ecstasy, my breathing was noisy. Just then the supply of electricity got cut off and the water stopped all of a sudden and my moans could be heard in the sudden silence. Nirmala aunty’s head turned to the source of the sexual moans and she noticed my contorted face through the hole in the wall. Her voice showed disbelief and horror. She said, “Mahesh? What the hell …? You bastard, you are watching me bathe!!!! I am your mother’s best friend!!! By god, you can’t be spying on me!!!!”

“So you thought you’d hide here and peep on an old lady taking a bath?”

“Old bag? I think you are the sexiest lady on earth!!! If I could, I would woo you…..announce my love to the world…make you my love and marry you…!!!”

Nimmi smiled at me,”Dont tell me all that rubbish. But I wont tell your mom. “Thanks, aunty…but what I said was true….I love you,” I said. She wrapped the towel around her naked body. “I bet you are flattering this old woman … I hope you don’t spy on me in future….” I blushed, feeling my face grow hot. “Oh, no,” I began, stammering on. “I did not flatter you aunty. You … uh … you look very sexy ..sexier than college girls to me.” Nimmi did look voluptuous and fuckable, curved and rounded in all the right places.

Desire for this goddes surged through me and, reckless with lust I stumbled on uncaring. “I’d give anything to have a girlfriend like you.” She must have thought I’d gone crazy. She eyed me, looking me up and down. “But I’m so old, almost mother to you….. Could you be seen with a 35 year old? What would people say? What would your mother say?” I blurted, “I wouldn’t care. I’d be happy to be with you. Will you be happy with me?” I asked


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