Nice Time With My Ex-Boyfriend

HI ISS reader, this is Jayashree again with real incident happen 3 months back. Let me describe myself am jayashree from Chennai with age of 24 recently married . I have learn body and am regular reader of ISS.

I was in love with karthik in my college days. Due to some misunderstanding we got broke up but we had sex while we are in love. My parents arrange marriage with my cousin Dinesh who is 30 now. He is well build body. Our engagement period was really good with outing and I have been understand Dinesh well. We had marriage , in the 1st night some shocking things happen. As usual, they send me inside the room , Dinesh started kissing me and removed my dress one by one. When we both became nude his ejaculation is completed. Later he told we will continue tomorrow.

Later stage of the days also he was not able to complete the foreplay also. Then I have enquire about this issue with him then I came to know that he having drinks habit which made him like this stage.

We have went to doctor & got tablets and done a good time of sex with him . Days passed he was again started his drinks . I was very much worried because he will be fall in road due to hang over. No sex life was there after them.

On my birthday I have told him to come soon to house since it is my birthday please not to take drinks. He also agreed to that. I was waiting for him to have a romantic night but he was not reaches home till 9.30. Then I ring his mobile no response , I have understood that he was drank.

At 11 o clock , a car was entering into my compound it is a independent house in Chennai. I just open the door & went near to the car it was really shocking it is karthik my college lover with my husband who was in full handover.

I have no words to talk. He help me to take my husband inside the house. While taking inside he vomited on me & some drops with karthik. Then we put him in the room. I have said karthik to wash in the bathroom .

Karthik really cool guy with hard cock which we usually enjoyed in the college days.
I provide towel for him to wet then I was started crying with karthik
Karthik : Hey what happen ….. Please don’t cry
Me : Sorry da !!! I cheated you see how bad partner I had
Karthi : That’s ok . Did you went to check with doctor to make him normal
Me : Ya but he is not co operating
Karthik : Ok !!! Happy birthday jai … God send me as ur gift
Me : Thanks da …. Have you had anything???
Karthik : Not yet….. First you please wash it and come
Me : Ok please wait da

When I was taking bath , only one word is running in my mind is “God send me as your gift”.

Had a nice warm bath and wear a transparent nighty nothing inside (bra & panty). Then we both went to have dinner. Then we talked a lot about our college stories. Now time is 12.15 night , I told him to stay for the night , and I can make up my husband tomorrow morning. After along thinking he agree to stay in the house. I was really surprise and showed him the bed room . He was lying in bed and asked

Karthik : Jai !!!! “You are not wearing anything inside right??”””
ME : No you are wrong karthik
Karthik : I saw your nipple in the nighty
Me : So what????
A death silent between us !!!
Me : Karthik!!!! I am not satisfied by my husband
Karthik : So what ???
A silent was occur between us!!!

Then I removed my nighty and told him shall we do whatever in the college days
Karthik : No jai!!!!!!!!
Me : Sorry da
Karthik : Even we can fuck which is not done in the college dayswith the cute smile


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