My wife share bed with my friend

Dear Reader, I am a Manager in Private company. I gave some loan around 2 lacks to my friend, who need it for his sister marriage. He assured me to return it back within 3 months with interest. But, he didn’t pay it even after 3 years. Meantime, I have to pay Donation to get seat at a college for my Daughter. I have shortage of 3 lacks. If my friend returned the amount, I will be released. But he shows no sign of it. I requested him, ordered him, begged him, and even threatened him to kill, but he didn’t care to return money. There is only one week time to pay the arrears amount to the college otherwise I will lose the seat allocation. I discussed it with my wife that if my friend gave the money I will be free from the tension. My wife told me that she will ask him tomorrow. But I didn’t agree for that. I warned her that he is a bad guy in sex and he may invite her to bed also, so please avoid talks with him. My wife told me that we must take risk to recover our money, and she assured me that she will be very carefully in her talks with him. For extra precaution she asked me to wait in our bedroom for emergency help. Next day My wife called my friend and asked him to come to our home for some personal talks. My friend immediately agreed, thinking that its a good chance to try my wife. At around 11 am he come to our home. I hide in our bedroom. My wife bring him to the hall. After serving him coffee, and some mutual family enquirers, my wife come to the point. My wife asked the money back. He said some excuses and reasons and said it will take some more time to return it.

My wife said we wanted it within two days, please arrange it, if he arrange it , she will be very much obliged to him. After lot of talks, he said, there is only one way to get the money, but you should agree to it. My wife asked which way? He said nothing for some minutes. Then he said that if she satisfy him. My wife shouted at him for inviting his best friend wife who helped him for his sister marriage. But he said, he has no money now, he must get loan from some other financier. For the risk, he expects the sex from my wife. He also said that, he has long and fat cock , and he will satisfy her for hour and give her full satisfaction which he assured she wont get from me in life. He didn’t stop with that, he suddenly took out his cock in his hands and showed it to my wife. He stroked it seeing my wife, his cock grows like snake to 10″ or more. My wife closed her face with her hands, but I could see her looks through the gap of fingers. My wife asked him to go now and she will call him to tell her reply. He went way. I come to hall, with lot of angry saying that my wife should not got down to this low, to get back money. But my wife told my that, there is no other way to get money back. She want me to decide, money or culture. I didn’t say anything. My wife called him to come at 11am with money.

Next day, silently waited outside of my bedroom. I arranged the windows are unlocked. I could see the hall and bedroom very clearly from my stand. At sharp 11 am my friend entered into my home in his car. My wife who is in Light blue transparent saree, which gave her the beauty look of Angel, welcomed him and guided him to the hall. At the hall my friend tried to touch my wife. But she pushed his hands. ” first give me the cash”. My friend gave her some bundles of money, and my wife started to count it. After satisfied the money is ok, she locked the money in locker, and returned to the hall. My friend said’ I fulfilled my promise, you must fulfill my wishes’ My wife said, ‘Sure, I will keep my words also.” Please come to the bedroom.” He followed her to the bedroom. In bedroom, My wife sat on the bed and removed her blouse and saree. Now my wife was in bra and petticoat. My friend said.’ My god, You got the all the beauty in the world. I am very lucky to fuck a lady like you’. My wife said,’ Don’t was time by talking. This is not friendly lovemaking. Now, I am a whore to get money from you. Don’t expect above that. Please satisfy your lust with me’

Saying my wife lay on her back. My friend told her that she will forgive him, once he starts his works on her. He took out his long, fat cock in his hands and showed it to my wife. ‘See, compare it with your husband’s small size penis. Mine is like donkeys. You will get full satisfaction with it’ My wife said nothing, but brought her petticoat to her waist showing her white legs and spread her legs apart to my friend inviting him to fuck her. He mounted on my wife. I could see my wife smooth body was crushed under his heavy weight. My friend slowly started to push his cock into my wife. MY wife closed her eyes and bit her lips without able to bear the pain of his large cock entry. My friend started to fuck my wife with great speed. Suddenly, my wife knowing that I am watching through the open windows, ordered my friend to close it. He closed it. So, I couldn’t see anymore activities of their lovemaking. I could hear only the creaks of the cot, and my wife’s moaning sounds, like oh, amma, ohh, ssss, please, slow, its very paining, ssss, amma, appa, do it slowly, rascal, you are the real fucker, ssss, mmma, yes yes, ssssssss, mmmmmm, mma mma, mma, mmma, mma. The sounds didn’t stop for 20 minutes. After some time my wife screamed in high volume, and I could understand that my wife got her climax. After some time, I could hear some water sound in my bathroom, indicating that they are cleaning their parts. Within next 10 minutes again the same lovemaking sound. This time I couldn’t control myself, I masturbate myself. When my friend went away I went inside the room. My wife was laying in the bed half naked. My friend semen was coming out of her vagina. My wife asked me if she did any wrong. I didn’t say anything. What to say? I lost my wife to my friend to get my money back.

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