My Sex Fantasy Came True

Friends, i am a normal guy in my mid twenties. I am working in Delhi. Though i am not deprived of sex and often have sex with number of girls both friends and call girls but still there is a fantasy left regarding sex. I have always have a fantasy of a place where i am the only guy and about 20 – 30 girls of different kind. All of them are naked and ready for sex of any kind 24 x 7. No one is there to question or stop you from having sex with any girl. But this is only a fantasy which i also believe that it can not come true.

Now i had a chance to go to Dubai for some official work. I had to stay there for almost a month and there would be a local associate who would accompany me in Dubai. I landed in Dubai and it was a great city. I checked in the hotel and in the evening my local associate came to see me. We talked about the work during our dinner. My associate was also of my age and we got along well.

After a week when i got a little close to my associate i asked him that i am feeling quite bored and before i could say anything he asked me what kind kind of girl would you like. I smiled and said any decent girl. He told me that tomorrow is holiday i will arrange for a girl for tonight. He left me at 7.00 and i was quite excited. I was waiting for him and at about 09.00 pm my room's door bell ringed and when i opened the door i saw a girl standing there. She was very pretty. My friend was standing behind her.

He introduced me to her. Her name was arifa. She was from Dubai and works for a construction company. She sometimes goes out on paid sex. He sat with us for a while and then he left us alone. Now me and arifa was alone. She was very fair in color and was about 5'5" tall and was average body. I didnt know how to start. She then close to me and took my hand in her hand. She asked me if i am having sex for the first time. I told her that in India i have 3 – 4 gfs and i often have sex with them. She smiled and said ooh then you are experienced.

She then touched my dick which has become quite hard by them. She kissed me on my cheek and then on my lips. She put her tongue into my mouth and i also rubbed my tongue against her tongue. It was an amazing feeling. We kept kissing each other for 10 minutes. I then hugged her very tight. She has got a tight body not very slim but quite decent. I pull off her kurti and she was in her bra. Her white boobs were looking lovely in black bra. I then also removed her bra and she was now with bare boobs. Her white boobs with pink tits were astonishing. I rubbed her nipples and she started to moan.

While she was moaning ;i entered one hand in her salwar and panty. Her pussy was hairy and very wet. I rubbed her pussy hard and she started to mourn louder. I kept rubbing her clit and she was mourning louder. After a while she discharged some water form her pussy and my hand was wet. I undress her totally and now she was naked. She then bent down on her knees and unzipped me to took out my hard cock. She rubbed the top of my cock and then took it in her mouth.

While the cock was in her mouth she was using her tongue to please me. She then started to suck it inside out. I also released in her mouth which she swallowed. I took her to bed and we both were naked fully. She took out a condom from her;purse and used it on my cock. Now we were ready for the fuck. She was beneath me and i pulled her both legs and her lovely lower lips were looking amazing. Her pussy was quite dry so i licked it two three times.


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