My neighbour nurse

There was a mallu aunty stayed opposite to my house. She worked as a nurse in diabetics center. I don’t know her name. Her husband already has another legal wife. Hence, he used to come twice a month.

I have a habit of studying in terrace. After the sunlight used to study by walking in the balcony. One day i saw a beautiful view in the opposite house. She changed her blouse before going to the night shift in the hospital. Her melons were big and if one has a thirsty mouth, it really worth to suck. Somehow, i hide and saw that 2 minutes movie. It was happened on thursday. I remembered the time.

The next day again, before the night she came and changed her blouse. Her bathroom night lamp with slight darkness are really good and i was seeing this glorious seen in the opposite. Again, i got 2-3 minutes live video. Now, i came to know whenever she has night shift, i can enjoy. Whenever she come and removes her blouse and bra before the night shift, i will ejaculate by seeing her.

She has a huge boobs. At the age of 15, tell me if someone sees half naked woman with huge melons, doesn’t turned them on. I was shagging like anything. Every thursday and friday between 7.20 p.m and 7.30 p.m she will change the dress and go to the night shift. Every week, i waited for thursday & friday. Because of this i was attracted to aunties from the age 15.

She has two daughters. One is studying in school and another in college. I took courage and went to see the elder daughter for school annual function tickets. I had a chance to meet big melons aunty and spoke to her also. Her daughter said to come tomorrow to collect money.

Tomorrow, i went to her house. I know their house has 2 rooms with 1 hall. I entered and went inside. Except that aunty no one was there. I talked to that aunty. At that age, if someone close to you talks a single word it would be great for you. After this, i used to go their house and spent time with their daughters and also to my aunty. They were close to me.

After thursday night shift i.e friday afternoon, i didn’t went to school on that day. I went to aunty house to spend time. Aunty prepared lunch for her. My eyes attracted to the huge melons. I was talking to her in the kitchen. Her kitchen is too small. She was standing near the gas and preparing and i also stood near her.

I made slight move, that turned me on again. Yes, my hands touched her butts, she was careless. Again, my hands touched intentionally. I asked to that aunty, how old are you and what is your weight?

She said she 36. I agreed. It’s quite beleivable. But the weight, she said she don’t know. I took courage and put my two hands on the hip and lifted her from the back.

At the same time, i touched her boobs and butts. It turned me on. She asked me to put down. While doing so, the tumler felt down. She made noise and bent down to took the tumler. Again, her butt hit my cock. I filled with mood. I took initiative and put my hand on shoulders and said aunty you are looking damn sexy. She said don’t play with me.

I replied, aunt why should i lie, you are looking sexy at this age. I like to grab you again. I hold the two cheeks and kissed her. She was not in a control. I put my hand down from the cheeks and my left hand caught her butts and right hand touched her pussy. She was not in a control. This 2-3 minutes is really awesome.

After that, i stood near her in the kitchen. She didn’t talked to me. She had lunch in the kitchen by staring at me. I was watching her. While drinking the water she lift the hands and i saw the boobs. I knelt down and put my mouth on the blouse and sucked. She didn’t say anything. Then i kissed continuously and pushed her to bedroom.

On the way to the bedroom, i pressed her boobs and kissed and walked backwards. Then, i closed all the window. Immediately removed her saree. She was in petticoat and blouse. I removed my shirt and pant. I was standing in vip underwear. She was lying in the bed. I licked her boobs for 5 minutes and removed her blouse and bra.

My hands are playing in her pussy. I sucked her boobs. I was not beleiving. 3 months before i saw the same boobs while changing the blouse. Now i am sucking. I went down and removed her petticoat. Her pussy was not shaved and little bit hairy. I kept my face and looked at her. She asked me to suck it. I obeyed her. My hands were pressing her boobs and my tounge sucked her pussy.

At the same time, i was moaning the aunt name and continuously said you are beautiful. Now i reversed and put my cock in her mouth & i licked her pussy lying in the bed like 69 position. It was great. She was sucking my cock and i licked her hairy pussy like anything. I was enjoying. I was in heaven. I bited her huge thights. My head is between two big thighs. She folded her thighs. My head is inside. That was great fucking picture, i remembered.

This intercourse doesn’t last more than 15 minutes. I broke my virginity. My cock gave white juice to her mouth. I didn’t received same from her bcoz she is old and it took time for her. She said its ok. During initial stage, it will be like this and didn’t put me down. I love my nurse aunty.

Whenever, her and my time matches, i will go to her house and had nice time. After 9 years, i have written this. Now, this aunt moved somewhere and i don’t have contact. I also like phone sex a lot. You can send email to [email protected]

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