My fuck wit tusion teacher

Hi every1 reading my story, this is Nikil 22 male from Banglore, working as an engineer in MNC, this story is the wonderful days of my life which will never come back again, I would love to share my unforgettable experience with you,

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I don wnt to bore u ppl, here I go,

This incident happened occurred on Feb. 23 2004, at the age of 18, now I m 22,

When I was in my 10th I used to go for home tuition, near my house, I was the only 10th STD student all others were 7th, 6th such type of kids,

Her name is Anjum, the worst part is, his husband was Dubai returned he had 5 wives (lucky man), as he was Muslims, he used to visit her once or twice in a week, as he had to look after others also….

She had 2 children, and the younger 1 was newly born baby, my tuition teacher looked like the Tabu, she is the sexiest women in my life, with fair white skin, and her boobs were 34, she had a flat tummy, and her ass was 36….

Everything was normal to me I had not seen her in the sexy till tat day, but one day while she was teaching, she was wearing a black Colour nighty, her baby was crying in bedroom, she got up bending 2wards me, I felt something passed in front of my eyes, some whitish Colour soft thing, I then ignored it,

The first wonder which I saw was here, tat day she was wearing yellow Colour chudihar, she not used to wear dupata in home, as all of them where kids, so she didn’t mind it,

We all were sitting on the matt on the floor, 2nd std boy was sitting beside me, and she was exactly opposite to me, as the boy was poor, he was not able to read some poem, she was screaming at her “read loudly” but he couldn’t, so she called him little front and she leaned front around 60 degree, with her hands support, keeping right hand on her jaws and her left on the book, and she was teaching him, then I for a second I felt I saw some thing, and on the second view, I was totally shocked, I was seeing her milky, whitish cleavage clearly through her yellow chudidhar, she was wearing v shaped black Colour bra, she was jus 1 meter away from me, I felt shivering , my heart was pumping heavily, my cock was really rock hard, it was trying to tear my underwear and come out, it had exited upto 6 inches………She remained in tat position for about 5 min, tat was the first day in my life, I saw live boobs wit such a close distance, tat day as soon as I went home, I went to toilet, when I opened my underwear, I was astonished I had an pre cum in my underwear without masturbating…., tat whole day I masturbated nearly 4 times thinking of her scene….

From that day I don wanted to miss her any scene, I kept watch on her every move so tat I can have a glance of her wonderful treasure…

The day came when I met wit my luck…. It was about a week to go for my preparatory exam and I had got my study holidays.., , as my mom used to keep on scolding me in front of her, tat I wont study in home…., so she told me to come in day time also for tuition, I was also happy by her words, she had to told me to be there at 11 as she ll finish all her house hold works, I went sharply at 11.., she told me to keep on studying, I ll ask u the question after studying, I was doing tat,,, her baby’s wheel chair was in front of me I was sitting on the floor, she suddenly came from the room and was changing the babies napkin by bending in front of me, ohhhhhhhh, what a scene it was she wearing pink color bra, her deep cleavage was clearly visible again, now my manhood started growing, I it became very stiff inside my track pant…., I was trying to hide it from her bye keeping by book nd hands on my dick.., I was really fighting wit it, to make it calm……,

She observed my act, I was quit ashamed, then she took the baby inside and after sometime, she gave voice from room, “come here only Nikil, I ll ask here only” I went inside and sat on bed… by this time she had feeded the baby and it had gone into sleep.., my dick I tried to change my dick position, but I was not succeeded, I went inside like tat only…,

I handed over the book to her, she saw something tensed on face and asked “what happen”, are u alright, I said “yes Mam” in low voice… now she saw my pant and asked in shocking manner “what is tat Nikil, wat were u doing”, oh god, I was caught, I was ashamed & said “ I m sorry mam, I was not able to control”,,, she said, ok don’t worry its common to all the boys & gals of your age, and ordered me to show me, I was astonished by her words,, I kept quite., turning my head down, she came close to me and kept her hand on my dick, “I was feeling like current is passing into my dick”, I moaned little, then she opened my track pant and was astonished to see my 6’ dick,, she said

“You are a grown up kid”, then she took my hand and place on her booboos, oh god, I was in heaven, I felt like I was touching some “butter ball” I pressed it slowly, she closed her eyes and started moaning “ahhhh, ahhh, hmmmmmn, ah,ah….. Come on press it hard”, her words gave me courage, I made her sleep on her bed, and went on her, pressing her boobs hard, and kissing her lips one by one…….., I was chewing her lips like anything, she kept on moaning, I sucked it for about 10 min and opened her chudiahar top, oh god I was not able to believe myself I was fucking my dream gal, she was wearing the light Colour pink bra, I was kissing like a mad, kissing all over her lips, face, and, neck, my hands was playing with her sexy boobs…., she was also enjoying it lot, by saying.., “ do it Nikil……. Ahhaaa, ahhh, do it…”

I opened her chudidhar pant and completely, there I found her blue color wet panty, even she had a leakage, I became nude completely and fucked her…

After tat we had she told the words, “if my husband can have 5 wives, why can’t I also enjoy the same” so only she had fucked me it seems…

She was the last fuck in my life, after few months they vacated their house and went for some other place,

Well friends this was my story, pls send your feed back,

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