My Friends Fuck My Wife

I am Waqar a married man of 36 and my wife is Shagufta aged 29. We have got married about 5 yrs ago. My wife has an average looking face and fair complexion but very sexy body. Her figure is 36-27-36. She always use chadar (shawl) when we go outside. We (me and my wife) live in Rawalpindi. We do not have any child yet.

My wife is very much conservative as she is a village girl and is very much shy regarding the sex. Many times she insisted not to getting naked even before me. I am in teaching profession and my wife is a housewife. My sex life is very bore as she never been the active partner during sex. I have seen a lot of blue movies and always dream to have sex in that fashion.

I once tried to show her the blue movie but she refused. My conservative wife has never sucked my dick even I suck her every time as I love sucking pussies. This incident happened five months ago when one of my friend (who settled in UK) comeback Pakistan and visited me at home. His name is Kashif. He stayed at my house for about 5 hours in the evening and we also took dinner together.

My wife herself prepared and served the dinner as we do not have any servant. When we were taking dinner he was trying to talk to my wife also and when ever their eyes meets he smile and my wife turned red. I noticed that but did not give attention to it that why he is trying to get free with my wife. I just assumed that it is a normal thing in the society from where he came (Uk) afterward he visited me few more times and my wife got a little frank with him.

I still did not notice his attentions till the incident happened. One day I was feeling headache in the office so I decided to get short leave from the office and take rest at home when I was going home and was stopped at a signal near to my street, I saw Kashif going somewhere in his car and meanwhile the signal turned green and we both start moving. He could not see me as there were 3 more vehicles between us.

I was surprised when he slowed down and turn into the street to my house. I also slowed down and took a distance to him so that he could not see me. I was wanted to know where he is going. To my surprise he stopped and parks his car near my house. I parked my car away from him and start watching him. He rang the bell and waited till my wife came at the gate. They talk something there and then my wife took him inside after waiting for 5 minutes I also went home.

I opened the gate with my keys and instead of going straight inside the house; I went to the side gallery. There was a window of the drawing room in the side gallery. I searched a place in the window from where I could see inside. Kashif was sitting on the sofa and my wife was at that time just entering the drawing room with cold drinks. She served the drink to him and sat at the side sofa.

They started talking normally about the weather and etc. Then suddenly Kashif dropped some drink at his trouser. I understand that he did that intentionally. My wife hurriedly brings some tissue papers and gave him. Instead of taking the papers himself, he asked her to help him clean as he did not intentionally putted down the glass. My wife hesitantly got near him to dry his trouser.

She was red doing so as he was thrown drink more at his zipper, he asked her to dry him from there first. Soon she touched him at his zipper place I saw his dick started swallowing rapidly. My wife suddenly pulled her hand back but Kashif hold her hand and pressed it on his dick. She tried to stand up but he pulled her on him, hug her tightly and put his lips on her lips soon that she could not speak anything.

I decided to enter the house and beat Kashif but something stopped me doing this. I stayed there and started looking them. My wife tried to escape from the grip of his muscular body but could not succeed. Kashif was lip kissing her, pressing her boobs and was also rubbing her pussy in few minutes Shagufta stopped her resistance and let him do what he was doing when she gave up, he made her lye on the sofa and got over her.

She was red at her face and trying to hide her face under her arms due to embrace. She was avoiding looking him in his eyes. Kashif was now sucking her one nipple from over the shirt, pressing the other breast and was rubbing her pussy with his other hand. Soon shagufta started moaning loudly. Kashif then pulled off her qameez and the bra and started sucking her nipples hard.

Now shagufta was also pulling his hairs and started cooperating him. He then pulled off her shalwar to make her complete nude and view her cute pussy. Then he started playing with her pubic hair. My wife muffled “oh no please release me, don’t do this to me” But we both know that though her mind saying this but actually her body wanted not to be released.

He then put his mouth at the pussy and my wife took a jump. He started licking and tong fucking her. Now she was totally out of control. I also felt a hard on in my pant. Oh damn I was amusing the situation after few minutes he got up and quickly pulled off his cloths. His rock hard dick was soon out of his cave. His dick was longer than mine and also thicker at the hairy base.

My wife’s eyes were still closed and she was not watching him. He took right hand of my wife and put that on the tip of his huge dick. Initially my wife just held his dick tip but when she gradually moved her hand toward the root of his dick she just opened her eyes and her mouth become wide open in surprise when she saw his huge and thick dick. She exclaimed in fear “oh my god; I will not be able to take this.

Then Kashif moves over my wife and started to mall her boobs vigorously. Simultaneously Kashif also started licking my wife’s armpits. My wife started screaming and moaning. He spread her legs, took his tool in his hand and put the tip of his dick on her pussy. He looked on her face, smiled and suddenly he gave a big push and half of his big dick went into my wife’s pussy.

He just kept quiet and continued to suck my wife’s lips after 1 minute he gave another push and whole of his dick disappear in her pussy. My wife screamed loudly “Ui, Mai mar jaungi, please no, please pull it out, uhhh. He started pumping my wife’s pussy in normal speed. Sometime later I saw my wife started moaning. She was now enjoying all this.

He gradually increased his speed of pumping and I saw that my wife’s body was twisting and twitching heavily. Suddenly she screamed “Ui mai margayee” and reached a huge orgasm with severe vibration of her body. Then he stated giving big and quick thrusts in my wife’s love hole. In each and every thrust my wife was screaming in low voice.

Suddenly he gave a big thrust to embed his entire cock length in my wife’s pussy and I saw he was shivering with eyes closed. I know that now he is shooting his cum right inside of my wife’s unprotected pussy after about a minute he moved himself up over my wife’s body. She hurriedly stand up and took her cloths and rushed out of the room. Kashif dressed himself up and in the mean while shagufta also dressed herself.

Kashif then called my wife but she did not came after a while he again called. She came in the drawing room. Her face was red for what was happened just a few minutes before. Kishif stepped forward and hug her tight. He kissed her and said you are very sexy. He took her in his arms and sat on the sofa. He sat her beside him. His one arm was around her waist and other was between her thighs.

He kissed her and said how did you feel all this. She did not say anything and he kissed her again on her cheeks and lips and asked her again. She answered that it was strange. She told him that I never did this to any other person accept my husband. He then took her hand and put it at dick from over the trouser. He pushed and rubbed her hand over her again growing dick and said now this is your new friend.

Then he asked her how your new friend is. Is it better than your husband’s? She nodded yes. He then pulled his zipper and took out his dick and asked her meet with your new friend”. She blushed and smiled. He then made her sat on the floor between his legs. His dick was rock hard again. It was standing in front of shagufta’s face. She was just watching that monster. Kashif then told her some rules.

Look now this (he signalled towards his dick) is your friend not me Ok! She said noting. He told her that whenever he will meet her and she will talk to his friend not to him. She will always ask question and answer to his dick looking at his dick. He told her that he will answer to her questions in place of his dick but she will always talk to his dick and will pretend as his dick is answering her question.

I was now aroused too much by hearing this entire situation that my conservative wife is now going to make friendship with a dick. Kashif then told her that her friend want her to play with him. She looked in the eyes of kashif and smiled. Then she started playing with the dick. She said you are very big and cute my friend. I was surprised to hear that as this was the first time she herself said something.

Now her shyness was over and she was also amusing the situation. Kashif said I want to kiss you and she closed her face to his dick and kashif touched her cheeks and all the face with his dick. Kashif said why don’t you kiss me”. She kissed his dick from the side. He said not this way, kiss me at my head. She blushed but clean the pre cum oozing from the tip of his dick and kissed the dick at the tip.

He said I want deep French kiss”. She said I can’t do so and I never did it with even my husband. He said why. She told him that she don’t like that. Kashif surprisingly asked her you never suck your husband. She said no and do your husband suck your pussy. She told him yes. Kashif was surprised and understood that my wife is not a good sex partner.

He asked her whether she watched any porn movie. She said no. he then asked her “would you like to watch one” She said yes (keep in mind that all this conversation was taking place between my wife and her friend i.e. kiashif’s dick). He then asked her where the computer is. She told her that it is in their bedroom. He asked her to bring him there. I too hurriedly rushed towards the window of my bedroom which was opened in the gallery and found a place there to see what they will do there.

Shagufta brought him in the bedroom and switched on the computer. Kashif took out a flash memory stick from his pocked and fix it in the USB port of the computer. Then he browsed his memory stick. There were a lot of blue xxx clips in that. He selected one and played it an English girl was sucking a big cock in the movie. Kashif sat on the chair and make Shagufta sit in his lap.

Shagufta was watching the movie and was holding her friend (dick) too. I understand that kashif now want my wife to learn how to suck on the cock. The boy in the movie jerks off over the face of the English girl. Then Kashif selected another clip and played it again there was a girl sucking on the cock. He asked shagufta that how cool is this scene. She said it’s amazing after watching few clips.

He asked her that your friend want you to deep French kiss him. Shagufta smilled and look at the dick. She then sat down on the floor between kashif’s legs while he was sitting on the chair. She hold her friend in both of her hands, come close to it. First she cleans the pre-cum oozing from the tip and then slowly put her lips at the tip of his dick and kissed it.

Kashif now smiled at this and put his hand over her head and pushed the tip of his dick little in her mouth. He also lifted his hips and pushed the dick in her mouth. Her lips parted and half of the tip of his dick disappeared in her mouth. He waited for a while so that my wife could taste the warmth of his dick and then he pushed a little more. Shagufta opened her mouth and the full tip of the dick was now in the mouth of her.

She was tasting and feeling the warm dick in her mouth. I think she was feeling good. Kashif then pushed a little more about 2 ½ of his 8 inch dick was now in the mouth of her. She enjoyed the warm dick in her mouth for 2 min and then pulled it out. Kashif was caressing her hairs. He said (from his dick side) thank you for the French, how am I taste. She said it’s very good and again took it in her mouth. Now she was trying to take more of it.

I was surprised that she took more than 3 inches of his cock in her mouth. Now she was enjoying and sucking that cock in the same manner she learnt in the movie clip. Now she was becoming a real slut. Now Kashif stand up, hold her head and started fucking her mouth with each thrust he was pushing more and more of his dick in her mouth.

He took her hands off his dick and continued fucking her mouth. She placed her hands on the thighs of Kashif when he push his dick more in her mouth Shagufta pulled her dead back as she was unable to take more of his dick. About 4 inches of his dick was already in her mouth. Kashif then took her to the bed but make her sit on the floor and rested her dead at the bed side and again put his dick in her mouth.

I understand that kashif want to push more of his dick in her mouth without letting her to pull her head back to avoid more dick. I understand that he want to push whole of his dick in her mouth deep in her throat. Kashif again showed his dick in her mouth and stared fucking her mouth deep. She was even unable to speak. He then pushed about 6 inches of his dick in her mouth and stayed there for a while.

Shagufta body was twisted and she very difficultly pulled his dick out of her mouth. Tears were about to ooze from her eyes. Kashif asked her to be relax, it’s ok and as shagufta opened her mouth to say something he pushed his dick again in her mouth. This time it was about 4 inches after a few strokes she was relaxed again and started enjoying mouth fuck. Kashif again pushed about 6 inches in her mouth and hold her there.

Then he pulled his dick a little back so that she could breath but he did not pulled his dick completely from her mouth after sometime he again pushed it up to 6 inches and pulled back to 4 inches after a while. He repeated this for few more times and now shagufta was become easy to take 6 inches in her mouth deep in throat. She learnt how to take dick in throat. Kashif fucked her mouth for about 15 min and every time he was pushing more n more of his dick.

I was surprised to see his stamina of holding ejaculation after 15 min shagufta was able to take full length (8 inches) of his dick in her mouth. His dick was also thick at the base so when he push full dick in her mouth, her mouth wide open and her lips become tight at the base of his dick as it was thick. Her nose was touching his pubic hairs.

Then Kashif took out his dick from her mouth and make her lye on the bed on her back. He sat down on her face and then bends forward to lick her pussy in the way that his dick was in her mouth. They were in 69 positions. Kashif was licking her pussy and also pushing his dick in her mouth. She was eagerly tacking his dick in her mouth. I was surprised that how quickly she accepted and learnt cock sucking while sucking her pussy Kashif pushed his finger in her ass hole.

She moaned and asked him what you are doing. He did not replied and continue sucking her and pushing his finger in her ass. Kashif then pushed his two fingers in her ass. She cried with pain and asked him not to do so because it hurts her. I saw a smile at Kashif’s face. I understood that Kashif has come to know that she is virgin at her ass. Kashif then got up and turned around.

He sat in between her legs, took his tool in his hand, places it at her love hole and pushed it in as her pussy was very wet, it gulp whole of the dick at once. She muffled and closed her eyes. She was enjoying this second fuck after fucking her in this position, Kashif changed his position. He made her in doggy style and inserted her from the back while fucking her from back he pushed his finger in her ass.

Shagufta was moaning loudly. He then pushed two fingers and then three fingers. It pains her and she asked him not to do this. Kashif asked her that doesn’t you get your husband’s dick in here. She said she never fucked in ass. Kashif said and I want to fuck you there. She replied “it will pain. Kashif told her that it will not pain at all rather you will enjoy it very much. Saying this he asked her about some cream or oil.

She told him that oil is at dressing table. He pulled out his dick from her pussy and took oil bottle and then again pushed his dick in her pussy. Then he dropped some oil on her ass hole and pushed it in with his finger. In this way he pushed a lot of oil in her ass while he continued fucking her pussy in slow motion. Her ass hole was very much lubricated now.

He then pulled out his dick from her pussy and also applied some oil on his dick. Then he placed the tip of his dick at her ass hole and then pushed a little as her ass hole and his dick were lubricated too much, the tip of his dick vanished in her ass hole. She moaned but did not felt pain. Then he pushed again and half of his dick was inserted in her ass at this she felt some pain but she was enjoying more than pain.

I was watching all this with real surprise that how he turned my conservative wife into a slut and agreed her to do what she never did with me in his first meeting with her alone. He pushed his full dick in the ass hole of my wife and she was enjoying it a lot. She was also humping her hips to match the rhythm of his fuck thrusts. Kashif was passionately fucking her ass and after fucking her for 15 min he ejaculated his sperms deep in her ass.

They both then slowly lay down with his dick deep in her ass. He was lying over my wife. He was kissing her cheeks and creasing her hairs after 10 min they got up, go to bathroom and clean them. He asked her did you enjoy all this. She said, yes, I enjoyed it very much. He then asked should I come tomorrow. She said yes, but come at the same time. It was about 2:00 pm, he said I should leave now.

They exchanged their cell phone numbers, but she asked him not to call her especially in evening or night as her husband (me) will be at home. He told her that he will send her message to know whether Waqar is at home or not. He then got up to leave and asked her will you not goodbye your friend. She smiled and sat down on her knees.

She hugged him at his hips, pressed her cheeks at his dick and then kissed his dick. Then she said to his dick don’t forget to come tomorrow. I also left my house after him. I spend the time till evening in a park and then returned home when my wife faced me at home, she turned red. It was because of her feeling that she has deceived me and has had sex with some person.

I ignored her blushed face as I did not noticed anything but since then I started to check the mobile phone of my wife regularly while she is in bathroom or cooking in kitchen. Please give me response whether you like the incident or not and I will tell you the further encounters of my wife with two and three persons as my friend was planning to bring his friend to fuck my wife so she could enjoy being sandwich. I will tell you how she enjoyed more dicks. For feedback please mail me at [email protected]

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