My darling Jijaji 2

I felt as though I was being torn apart although I was thrilled with the feeling of a real male penis inside my fuck canal for the first time. I screamed “noooooooooo oooooo oooo ooo it hurts stoppppppppppppppppp please” I screamed as I felt a sheer pain in my hips “Oh my god, stop,” I pleaded. He did as I asked for a bit, but then slipped in still another inch. My vaginal lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate him. Slowly, inch by inch, he slipped his huge cock into me until he had just over half of it in. My body was racking in pain and my eyes watered. For now, he was content to have accomplished that much. But he wanted more. Without any warning he slammed his hips and the last 4 inches of his penis slammed into me deep without any mercy. I felt I had been split. “aaaaaaa eeeeeee mmmmmmaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeee” I screamed in pain. He hugged me tight, my breasts squeezed against his chest, his huge penis buried into my cunt and our pubic hair intermingling. He lay like that for about three minutes as we kissed each other hungrily, our copulating organs locked into each other. After a while he pulled back out until the rim of the head emerged, then pushed back in slowly and commenced fucking.

As the pain slowly began to subside, the pleasure increased; I became aware of his cock now sliding slowly up my vagina. His cock was so big that it was actually sliding against my clit, generating an incredibly pleasurable sensation as his penis head massaged my g-spot. Bracing my heavy breasts with one hand and placing the other on Jijaji’s tummy to discourage him from getting too eager too quickly, I closed my eyes and felt my orgasms gradually build from that place deep inside my hips. They eventually it overtook me in a series of waves. By now his penis was almost half in. Without any warning, he grabbed my hips and slammed his huge hard meat deep into my cunt. ‘Aaaaaaawwwwwwww weeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee’ I moaned in pain. My cunt was stretched beyond its limit and was paining. But the pleasure of the thick hard mushroom head inside my stretched cunt and the shaft of his penis stroking my clit wanted it more than the pain I felt. Impelled with natural lust he started thrusting his penis in me. ‘No Jijaji no…stop… let me get used to the size’ I said. By now Jijaji was lying on top of me, his full manhood embedded in my cunt. Instinctively I threw my legs around his hips and clenched them hard. My cunt was aching by being stretched so wide.

After about a minute Jijaji started fucking me. But by now Jijaji was like a possessed man. Without heading to my pleadings, impelled by nature he was now fucking me earnestly. In and out he thrust his penis. ‘ no, no slowww its paining ‘ I cried although I was immensely enjoying it. He did not care for my pleadings but started pummeling his shaft powerfully into my cunt like a piston rod. His hands were mercilessly squeezing my breasts. It was a wonderful feeling of the pleasure of being fucked by the huge monstrous cock and the splitting pain in my breasts and vaginal muscles. ‘Oooh , it feels so good!’ I groaned. I couldn’t get a word out as Jijaji fucked me harder than any man I’d ever had or ever dreamed of. I started to scream with wanton lust and my body bucked and bucked! His hands left my breasts and grabbed my hips and he started to push and pull me on and off his rod. I grabbed his shoulders and held on as he pummeled his monster deeper and deeper into my stretched pussy! The pain made tears stream down my eyes I let go of him and clutched the bed tighter and tighter like I was holding on for dear life! This was the most amazing fuck I’d ever had! My entire body tingled and with spasms. I looked down over my rocking breasts and saw this Adonis thrusting his huge cock in and out of my small frame.

“Fuck me fuck me aaaaaaaa harder faster yesssssssssssss” I screamed, tears in my eyes. By now jijaji was fucking me earnestly and I could feel his thick long penis rubbing my clit. “yeah baby go on don’t stop harder, harder cum in meeeeeeee” I was screaming. “I may cum any time now” and he suddenly pulled out his penis. “nooo put your penis in my cunt fuck me I want to experience the cum filling my vagina” I pleaded. He thrust his penis back in my cunt and started fucking me like a mad man. Suddenly his penis slipped past my cervix into my uterus. An immense orgasm ripped through my hips as jijaji stiffened and moaned ‘aaaaaaaaa agg gg ggggghhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh’ and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my uterus. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my uterus, vagina running down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes wow what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me his huge penis buried deep in my cunt and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping.. His cum continued to pump into my vagina.

We embraced each other and lay still, both of us enjoying the post fucking bliss that engulfed us. It was heavenly to have my vagina stretched and filled with cum after such a long time. I was sure that the force and volume of his ejaculation had made his cum shoot in my fallopian tube and ovaries were bathed with the very large volume of his semen. I was ovulating and I was very sure that one of his virile seed had impregnated my seed. We were entwined into each other with our sex organs locked into each other. After about being clasped together I murmured into his ears “oohhhh Jiajaji I love you, you are very nice, I love you” I said. “I love you too “ he said. “No jijaji, its not that, as you know, my husband cannot impregnate me, he cant father a child, I cannot be a mother with him and I am desperate to experience mother hood, will you help me to become pregnant, to me becoming a mother, father my child pleaseeeeee” I begged to my Jiju. “ Please dont disappoint me after all a saali is aadhi gharwali please impregnate me, be the father of my child please” I started begging.

“Of course, any thing for you saali sahibaan” he said and tenderly kissed me. Delighted, I grabbed his head and kissed him. “ooooooooh Jijaji, you are a real darling not to disappoint your saali” I felt his penis throb in my cunt. Working on it I urged him “Fuck me again, fuck me Jiaji, Please, fuck me with your seed, impregnate me, fertilize my egg, yesss don’t stop” I said as I started thrusting myself up at him. “Oh, God, ooooohhhhh” Jijaji gasped, and started pistoning his penis in and out the drenched channel of my cunt. Without pausing, Jijaji began to hammer his cock into my cunt as if his very life depended on it. In and out, in and ! Out like a madman, faster and faster until his hips were a blur. “Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Fuck,” he blathered out as he drove himself into my cunt brutally. I took the entire length of his monstrous organ down into the deep depths of my drenched cunt every time. As he drove himself into my, he could feel me thrust myself up at him hungrily. I wanted all he could give every time he slammed his cock into my. Clenching his pistoning ass cheeks in my hands, I dug my long nails into him urging him to fuck me faster and faster.

As we wildly fucked, I obscenely lifted my lovely, long legs up into the air and wrapped my thighs around his waist. Squeezing him tightly between my strong, smooth thighs, I dug my heels into his ass, coaxing him to drive his huge cock into my burning womanhood deeper and deeper. Like two battling degenerate beasts, we tore at each other. Our bodies clashed together again and again as if we seemed bent on destroying each other. We hurled ourselves together time after time in age old copulation combat. Growls and animal sounds escaped from us as we fucked and fucked. I couldn’t get enough of my brother-in-law’s gigantic cock fucking my soft woman hood. I never had my husband fill my so full and stretch me almost beyond my capacity, but still I had to have more of him. I had never dreamed that his cock was so long, so thick, so huge. He was almost to large for me. Despite his size, I needed all of him inside my soft burning, aching cunt as I grunted and strained to pull him deeper and deeper into me with each savage thrust. Never had I even dreamed of making love to my brother-in-law and now I couldn’t imagine not doing it. I couldn’t ever remember being fucked so hard and passionately. Thrusting myself up at him every time he slammed his cock into my burning, aching cunt, I tried to absorb him through my stinging pussy.

“Oh, Fuck, Baby, Oh, Fuck, Baby, I, Need, It, I Need, it, fertilize my egg, make me a mother” I blabbered out as Jijaji continued to ream my sopping, scalding cunt with his giant prick. Jijaji had never felt such power and control in his whole life and now he was in me fucking my brains out and I was loving it. How could he be plunging his man thing down into my most hallowed sanctity and have my wanting more? I was giving him the only thing that a sister-in-law should never share with my brother-in-law, never ever, but I was willingly giving it up to him. The feeling of complete dominance was such ecstasy, he never wanted to stop. He wanted to fuck me forever and ever. Suddenly, Jijaji abruptly stopped driving his cock into my drenched cunt. “Whatthhmmmmmpppfffffff,” I started to say before my mouth was covered by Jijaji’s as he kissed my deep and wetly. Driving his tongue deep into my mouth, he explored my mouth before sucking my hot, probing tongue into his mouth. Kissing and sucking on each other, we groveled in ecstasy. Keeping his thick, hard cock shoved down into my hot cunt, he could feel the pouting, meaty lips of my painfully swollen cunt pulsing tightly around his hardness. As we passionately devoured each other, I gently milked his swollen manhood with my strong, flexible cunt muscles. Finally, Jijaji had to break for air. Gasping for breath, he tore his mouth from mine and dove down onto my huge, rolling breasts.

Grabbing the soft, pliable flesh of my breasts in his hands, he squeezed and kneaded both of my beautiful breasts while he sucked on first one nipple and then the other great swollen nipple. He had never felt anything as soft and warm and wonderful as my big, beautiful breasts. He wanted to rub his face in our wonderful softness forever and never stop. But even after a few moments, he felt my impatience as I began to move against him, urging him to make love to my again. Reluctantly releasing my great mammary, he quickly began to fuck my dripping, burning cunt again. “Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Baby, Oh, Yes, My, Baby, Do it to me, impregnate me” I gurgled, thrusting myself up against him once again, taking him to the limit every time. Like a madman, he slammed his slid his gigantic maleness in and out of my deep wetness so fast his hips became a blur. In and out, his giant cock slashed, slinging my spewing juices flying all over the bed.

As he fucked my, he could smell my musky, pungency as the room filled with the erotic odor of my sex. “oh, god, baby, yes, yes, yes, oh fucckkkkkkkk, seed my egg, impregnate me.” I groaned as my whole body began to shake and quiver uncontrollably. “ohfuckimcummmmnnnnnnn,” I screamed out at him. Jijaji couldn’t believe it. In his mind, he would always be my sister’s husband, yet now he could make his sister-in-law cum. And cumming I was. The sudden feeling of omnipotence that washed over him was too much and I felt his cock give a mighty throb inside my spasming pussy. Suddenly, a spout of his warm semen spurted out into my sucking, clenching cunt. “oh my god,” I screamed again, as I felt the white warm geyser of his thick, hot baby making -cream spewing out onto the bruised and raw lining of my vagina, shooting in my cervix, up the fallopian tube bathing my egg with his potent virile baby making seeds. “ohhhaaaarrr fffuuucckkkkk!” Jijaji bellowed out as he rammed his cock into my hot, absorbing womanhood and let it spew out its baby making love load inside my uterus. “oh yes My Baby Fill me Up With Your Wonderful Cream, make me pregnant fertilize my egg” I blurted out as I felt his cock jerk again and squirt another gigantic gusher of his baby making seed in my uterus. “Oh, Fuck,,” Jijaji convulsed uncontrollably as he felt his cock jerk and jerk, spewing out eruption after eruption of his thick, gooey cum into my hot quivering vagina.

At last my cunt could hold no more and it came oozing out around his cock. Again and again, his mighty weapon bucked and throbbed pulsing his virile seed deep inside of my overflowing uterus. I couldn’t believe how much baby making juice my brother-in-law’s gargantuan penis was spewing into my uterus as I felt it begin to leak out of my cunt and trickle down the crack of my ass. God, I thought, I had never seen such virility in a man. Was it ever going to stop erupting inside of my? “OH, God, ,” Jijaji cried out, afraid that he had broken something inside of his cock because it wouldn’t stop spurting. He had shot out so much of his thick, spunky cum, his balls were now covered with his own cum. “It’s okay, Baby, fill me full,” I cooed to him trying to comfort him. Then suddenly, with one last mighty heave, his cock abruptly stopped ejaculating and with a groan, Jijaji collapsed on me. I had never experienced such unbridled passion before. It had left my exhausted, both mentally and physically. My uterus was full of his cum, my ovaries and uterus filled with his virile seed. I was absolutely sure that my egg had been impregnated. Strangely, Jijaji seemed to weigh nothing and I hardly felt him pressing down on my at all. This was discomforting because I knew that he had to weigh at least eighty kilos.

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