Multiple Orgasm With Massage

Hi this is Prakash as you might not have ever come across any stories of mine since this is the first post I want this story of mine to be deicated to all the Ladies, Aunties Old girls & Smart, Bold & beautiful Matures, specially all of these categories who fall in Hyderabad. Im actually a Designer by profession, I do Interiors for many show rooms in & out side the city, i also desing Small restuarants, Coffee Shops etc, but since I have traveled around the world & the most favourite pas time for me is getting massaged, really even when all my co workers used to visit prostitutes I never had the inclination towards fucking a Whore ( not because I am a miser but I love women a lot hence I alsways love to spend quality time with them rather than you know how things are with a professional, they only count the time and want to attend another customer soon, I do not blame those but still I never like those kind of things well coming to ISS,

I don’t think there is single story which I might have left unread and I also know many of them are really fake one’s but any way not my cupp of coffee. here I want to give my lovely readers the value for thier money though this might not be a strong hard core sex story but surely will ignite the passion it did for me, this is a true story about me and couple of womens around me. As I told that I love to pass my time by visiting massage parlours around the world when ever I get time and when I came to India , I really wondered there were many ads running in local newspapers about the massage right in Hyderabad from females reading them made me a bit horny & I tried calloing up few parlours and even tried them out since I had too much of time with me, and I have even visited parlours where the young dudes work as massuers.

During these passing days once I went to a parlour situated somewhere near to Old city and when I saw they had many muslims girls with them who provide the completel service, so I went and paid the manager and he called many girls out of them I liked one and told her that I want to have service from her, she was much obliged to render the same. We both came into a small room which was on a floor above the Manager’s office and she asked me to remove my dress and wear disposable undie, I checked it so I said ok and in 5 min, she was back.

Before she was there I had worn those disposable things it was a bit loose , as she entered the room I told her that this is a bit bigger in size for which she replied that normally the parlour is visited by mostly mature people who are mostly above 45-50 yrs, & here I suppose I was the probably first of the younger lots who visit in here any ways I loved the size of the Undie , as im a well planner i will tell you why. As soon as I liad over there facing my back to he ceiling she poured some oil & massaged me with a smooth oil, I loved it as always, though she was not rough enough as normally they do it in Swedish massage, well I know most of the massage myslef since I learnt by visitn these people & today Im pround to tell that I cannot even be compared to these professional, I do it so much better, I will tell how I became a professional in soon.

Well as she massaged my well I had a huge boner, which was making me very comfortable in that situation, so I had to adjust my dick so I put it straight facing down and spread my legs on the side, which was actually suggested by this girl and she never told me anything but secretly was enjoying my dick upside down, as I told the undie was quite loose and even i did not noticed it as I adjusted my dick it actually came out & was looking straight to her by the look of my dich this girl went bonkers Iam not joking seriously once any body looks at my dick they will fall for it not because I have a great size , its only 5.5 Inches but it looks really really cute.

As I kep myself very clean and I also keep it healthy my dick looks pink in colour when it is hard, so this girl was really going bonker’s as I said & was trying desparate to touch it so she asked me if i mind massagin my under thighs, well How can I say no, so there she was sprading my legs & focussing completely on my dick she massaged me well under thigh but many times touching my dick , well this is also a Business tacics guys, and my enormous dick was getting red.

later she asked me to trun facing the celing so I somehow adjusted my undie which was almost not doing its job of holding my dick in it , it was so loose that my dick was standing straight lifitng the thin materiial of those Disposables. She and me we both started laughing at it, then she said what is the point of giving me an ndie, so I said better i remove it & I stripped it off me & was stark naked in front of her which she was liking and started doing the massage and observing the beats of my dick from the corner of her eyes, since my dick was beating like a drummer, up & down.

After around 45 min of that horrible hard on can you imagine how it might be this is what I like to experience always I like to get prolonged in my sex activites this is the reason i never like any prostitutes. Can we get such a erection over there, no way, hence i love to visit these parlours, later she said she has finished the massage I told her what about the massage to my dick she said massages are not for dick, i told what do you mean by Full Body massage , then I could see her face which was unable to guld even her own saliva I guess & she started touching my dick which was full in red colour & she was really wanted to feel the heat she told me it was really Hot, and told someone might come, well I said no worries no now will come just few more minutes.

She started pumping my dick & I asked to pour some oil into my uncircumcised Dick which is really an advantage since it can hold few extra drops of Oil and moreover since she was Muslim girl, she was quite inqusitive to see my dick which had a safety cover to my cute gentle Pink head which normally looses its shine with constant touch with the garments we wear, so the main purpose of the skin is lost hence i feel what ever the God has made has a pupose , nothing is waste .

She asked me if I can shagg my dick since it was getting late & Im not cumming, I said please then she started with full furore after around 20 mintutes my dick still at the same way shining with the glossy oil & her hands looked so cute holding my dick, she was unable to hold it much longer & started complaining that her hands need a massage now since they are paining her more, I asked her to suck it she said she won’t but she said I love to dig my tongue under your balls, I was surpirsed how many people have thier own fatasies, i said I love it then she started licking my balls & then she started (believe it or not) started rimming my arse hole which was way too much for me , Yes ! She licked insidemy ass hole with her tongue which was ultimate I have even experienced, she was too much for this act & I started ejecting the sperms with full force which to be honest went up to the ceiling fan and she was like became mad seeing them dripping from top, later she asked me how do I hold it for so many minutes.

I said I do meditation and Yoga and also practice the slow release of the sperms, hence i could hold it for so long she said this is the first person in her life that she has met who could hold it for almost 40 plus minutes, (apart from the massage). Well freinds somehow we managed to have a relation for many months almost every month I used to visit her or twice in a month & had many more erotic sessions which were not only sex, but many other things where we even got invovled in Golden Showers etc, i will tell them all in my next parts & freinds my dear Aunties, Uncles I will also tell in my coming stories how I became a Masseuer myself and presently a good professional who is willing to give massage to Aunties free of cost ( oils etc, will be yours), I am great right now.

My age is 35 yrs with great looks & a shining Mustache, with great smile I perform my sessions with some soulful Music brought from Russia, you got to listen to them trust me you will surely feel as if you have lost around 3- 5 Kg s in one session of mine which I normally charge ( nominal fee) but if you are ISS readers from Hyderabad, do let me know abo7ut this story & get a complimentary 100% professional massage ( No I won’t just go fucking anybody, I have a great knowledge of my Art) so Please take an appointment before habd mail me to [email protected] & let me know about my big sensula Story.

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