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Hitting Puberty

Welcoming all Readers from Indian Sex Stories dot net. I am new here as an author but been an avid reader of the stories many of you have contributed, thought of taking a shot at writing myself.

What I am about to write, is a slow paced story, an indulgence and my flair with the world of Lust. As you have read “About me” in my profile, and just in case you haven’t, to cut the story short, I am today a 28 years old man, and my life till today has been full of sex adventures which have not just gave me an experience into the Lust behind closed doors. But an understanding of how any Human being, wants to satisfy the crave of Lust in secrecy, and the evidence to this is my experience in Real Life. I am not making up stuff, as I am really not that idle in life to put this into a obsessive hobby of writing stories on the internet. So kindly appreciate my efforts in returning a thank you, if it made you wet in between after reading it.

I am here for long to write this Lustful Autobiography, so do follow my stories to get a grip on how things unfolded, till today in the year 2017.

As the heading says, “Hitting Puberty” well that was more over the time, when we take a keen interest in exploring a lot more than watching FTV at home once everyone slept Way past midnight.
As the physical characteristic change within you and you start noticing the opposite sex in a curious way. That’s exactly what happened.

As I was just above being underage and being the only guy in the house, I was like a “prized possession” to my folks, as they left for work, they always made sure to have a maid around me for my needs at the time of me being around the house alone.

Due to the nature of work, everyone use to leave the house early in the morning at around 8:30 am, and the maid assigned to be at our house the entire day use to come at about 9:00 am, to wake me up for the day, and to assist me with what I would need through the day if at all. As I had my vacations, I use to usually spend my time doing absolutely nothing! You will agree to me, as those days, there use to be no smartphones to waste your time.

So I usually use to end up going on the internet on my computer to chat in the chat room talking to random strangers and watch porno movies bought from the street vendors. I would still love to do this if I get an opportunity, but sadly life is much occupied today.
It was a set routine that my maid would come, and cook lunch and doze off in the kitchen area in the noon and I would retire from playing my computer and watch the porno CDs bought from the market, I never got the chance to masturbate being alone, as I wasn’t of that nature to latch my room and do whatever I wished to through the day.

So I use to watch 10minutes of the movie, Pause the movie, run out of my room tip toed and check if my maid is still asleep, and then again run back to continue watching the adult movies. I didn’t even take my crotch out of my pants as I was scared to be caught, so I use to rub over my loose shorts, but never use to cum, so over the days, with constant rubs to my cock, and then leaving it without a ejaculation, made me a sex addict, and also horny as an animal.
One day I was so horny, that I just forgot my sleeping maid outside in the kitchen, and started pulling my cock vigorously to a scene where Aria Giovanni was twerking her ass while taking a cock the doggy way. Due to the way I use to tease myself when masturbating, I use to jerk till I was on a verge to cum, and then use to stop suddenly to give my cock a relief from cumming out.

But that day, I had just come out of a bath and was lying down on my tower, and masturbating with full glory, and just when I saw a movement from the doorway curtain my maid just badged as there was just a curtain as a partition from what I was doing. Just when she entered, she was stunned like anyone would be, but the much awkward was that in that excitement I starting cumming profusely and couldn’t stop as the pleasure had taken over me. My cock was moving in my hand like a rag doll and was shooting out sperms in every direction.

Upon seeing this, my maid just turned back and shut the curtains, and went back to the kitchen, I was so embarrassed that I had to cook up a story involving that something is wrong with my cock, to avoid the awkward situation, I started acting as if I am having a lower abdomen pain, all this to defend the sight of being caught red handed masturbating.

To which my maid also made it look genuine and asked me whether I want a hot water bag to ease the pain. I agreed to what he remedy was to help me, after which I asked her to come to the washroom, and I told her, “You want to know why my stomach is paining and why was I sleeping naked?”. To which I rolled my pants down, and squeezed my cock, there was a sticky drop of my cum dripping from my moist dickhead and I blamed it on that. I was too dumb to realise that this is the worse story to come up with to cover my act of masturbation. She saw my cock, and quietly agreed to what was the reason and resided back to doing her usual thing, I was so worked up that I had to open up this way to her to avoid any direct confrontation with my parents about this.

So I kept on telling her that, please don’t tell anyone about what happened, and she smiled and said,”Okay but you need to show this to your parents and get yourself operated”. I was very confused when she said I had to get operated. And asked her as to why is she saying that I need to get a surgery done. She said to ask the doctor, he will explain it better.

To which I got a shock of my life, I was so restless that every day I kept asking her, as to why would I need to get a surgery done, but she never replied and asked me to see a doctor. I got so upset over the days, that I stopped masturbating, and also stopped thinking about “Sex”, I was too worried about my cock and the surgery which I need to take for the same. I didn’t eat my lunch for days as being alone with her used to freak me out about what might be wrong with me.
My maid at that time was in her 40s, she had kids of my same age(another reason I was worried about being caught masturbating), who I was friends with as we use to play sports on the ground in the evening together. She use to wear a blouse and saree, her style of draping her saree use to keep her waist open to lusty eyes and her breast poking out from her blouse due to erect thick nipples and being without a bra, but as she was someone working over the years with my family, any sexual urge toward her was immediately withdrawn from my thoughts.

But time alone with her through the day, brought us on talking terms, even after being caught prior masturbating. Life went back to the daily routine, but behind my mind, I always had the thought of how I was caught red handed masturbating.

After few weeks, I started venturing back to the old style of watching porn without being caught, but I was more alert and use to make sure that I am completely sure about my maid’s whereabouts. Always keeping an eye on her, I use to end up checking her out, her breast, he swaying buttocks, and her craving love handles.

But like any other friend of mine, I was interested in only Euro Porn, as I wasn’t sure of Desi porn at that time. Blonde long legged tight ass girls were what I use to dig, and so was my genre of porn movies I watched. But the excess of watching these blondes and Burnettes, I needed some spice in my life, so I explored the internet more, and hit upon this term “MILF”, which was an instant hit for me, big butts, fleshy waist was something becoming a hit for me and my throbbing cock, and heavy women was fast becoming my liking. This sudden grip of liking milfs and cougars, made me want to check out Indian women too and that time I realised that there was no one better than our maid for that.

Instead of surfing the net, I started finding ways to take a peek at her, and I was taken aback to the fact that she was more of attractive milf than anything I saw in any xxx movies.

I started new demands, of handing me a towel while I am showering, and also use to ask her to sleep in my room on my bed in the afternoons. She said, “what if anyone finds out that I am sleeping on your bed and not the mattress on the kitchen floor?”

I replied, ” I don’t see a reason if I don’t have a problem you sleeping on it, and no one would get to know till one of us opens about it to others”

She said, “That’s right, but I hope that it wouldn’t give rise to any misunderstanding or problems later”. To which I replied saying, “I am nowadays sleeping in the afternoons, and I don’t want to do that, so rather you sleep, and let me play my computer games the same time”.
To which she agreed, and started sleeping on my single bed. For her comfort, I use to switch the AC of the room and draw the curtains to make the room dark enough for a deep sleep.

The first day, she slept, for an hour and sometimes noticed as to what I was doing on the computer, she wasn’t yet comfortable to sleep on my bed in spite of me insisting. But after 2 days, I had caught her in deep sleep drooling. The sight of her saliva dripping from her half open mouth use to make me imagine as if I have given her a cum shot. This imagination use to drive me crazy! But I avoided any mischief and just resorted to silently rub over my cock with my back towards her, and them taking intervals to see her breast and waist from a distant.

This is just the start to the never ending romp I had with her in the time to come, but as time can’t permit, I shall put down the interesting details in the next part.

If you think this story did interest you, do write back to me on [email protected] – it should give me some motivation to continue with my narration. Open to feedbacks!

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