Lust Of Mom And Son

Hi Friends this is the Real Story which I am going to tell. There is nothing folk like others. This is the true incident which happens this week between me and My Mom.

I m 28 year old dark tall guy and my cock size 7 inch and fat cock. I also have huge muscles so I am heavy also. My mom she is of 46. Yeah she is my step mom thats why only 18 year elder to me. She is white skin women I always loved her skin which glow at dark. She have plumy figure 36 38 44. In family dad mom me and my younger brother is there.

Let’s come to incident how all it happened. Just one month before dad got invitation from village of marriage ceremony of my cousin sister in village. So dad booked his ticket with my younger brother. He knows that I have my own business so I can’t go. So I and my mom were going too alone for a week but that doesn’t mean that I was looking for incest relation there was no such issue.

So just one week before my dad and my bro went for village as I came from my office my mom cocked nice dinner for me I was surprised. Then we had dinner together Seriously its was true that I was virgin I never ever fucked any girl and my mom was not happy in her sex life because my dad is of 58 now he do only once in week and other day he do fingerings this all mom told me after that night.

So both of us were on high Lust but we can’t ask each other because we are mom and son. After dinner we both went to separate bedroom that was 10 pm. After 1 hr I started masturbating but whole house was silent so I was doing slowly but suddenly I heard the sound of opening door so I started the act of sleeping.

Mom waked me and said to check her room AC that is not cooling the room. So I went to her room there was problem that’s why the AC was not working. Mom Room was Completely Pack so there was lot of Suffocation. So mom decides to sleep in my room so I was moving to hall for sleep.

Mom; beta kaha ja rhe ho
Me; mummy bhar hall mein Sone

Mom; arey beta yahi so jao waha sone mein tumhe problem hogi waise bhi ye double bed aram se so jao ge.

Then we went to sleep but I was only where lower upper part was nude and my mom was wearing night gown. As soon we went on bed after 15 min current was off so I waked up and opened the door and window of my balcony so that fresh air can come in but there was humidity in climate and moon light was coming from window direct on my mom body her body was glowing and that raised my cock. My lust came out I never fucked any lady and I was of 28 year that’s very long time since I was having control on my self but then also I controlled my self and slept after few min I realized that I am very near to my mom.

My and my mom body was wet due to humidity I was not knowing my mom is awake and making act of sleeping so seen she came little more close to me so I also sifted little close to her continuing the act of sleeping. Again she came little more close to me so I also sifted little close to her once more we did same she came little more close to me so I also sifted little close to her. Now our body was touching each other I placed my hand on her waist after a min she placed her hand on my waist back now I was knowing she is not my girl friend or any other lady she is mom so its our first time we are so close to each other so definitely there is no chance of kissing or pressing because that may make late and that can cancel the sex so I decided that I should have only one target of insert my cock in her pussy as I will release my cum she will be my forever than I can do whatever I like. So I holed her night gown and slowly started picking up as like I m sleeping soon I realized I am feeling easy to remove the night gown then I notice my mom waist was lifted up by her so that I can easily pull up so not doing late I pulled up night gown and my mom rested her waist on bed. Now she hold my lower to pull down.

So I did same as my mom did I lifted my waist up and she pulled my lower down. There was no underwear and nor my mom was wearing panty. My cock came out and was touching my mom pussy. My cock was hard like rock but we both where making act of sleeping so I can wait long I know its my first time so placed my cock on my pussy but I was not in right position to push in. Then my mom made the way placed at exact position to apply force as soon she set I applied the force and my cock got completely inside my mom pussy and my mom gone down and I came up on her and I started stroking her. I started fucking her hard. After some time I realized my cum is coming so increased my speed so my mom also understand my cum is going to come. She slowly said in my ear.

Mom; beta andar mat gira na.

That time I dint replied but I took out my cock and ejaculated on her belly that was lot of cum. Now I watched to my mom she also opened her eyes we where seeing each other within a min my cock became hard and I inserted again inside her pussy she was surprised.

Mom; abhi to nikala phir se
Me; haan
Mom;kya baat hai.

I started fucking her again and we where watching each other eyes. My Sperm was between our belly and I was increasing speed after 15 min I ejaculated again on her belly and we both where lying I was on my mom the moon light was on our body the sperm was between our belly again we both where sweat after 5 min I came down and rested on bed some amount of sperm was on my belly too.

Rest of story I will tell you soon in another part.

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