Life Of Slutty Shabana

Hi, this is Hrishi again. I live in Guwahati. I am an executive in an IT company and obviously, it involves a lot of traveling across North East India and the occasional visit to Kolkata. Though I am from NE region, as an Indian I am average with a height of 5ft 8 ½ inch and 32 years old and living alone. I will appreciate all of your feedbacks. I was a regular reader of ISS and after reading and jerking for about 7-8 years, I thought to pen down my sex stories and till now I have written four stories and all were published and I am glad indian sex stories dot net readers likes my stories. Before that also I had my fuck buddies but almost all are known for a long time, though I was fucking new babes time to time but it was hard to find.

Now thanks to indian sex stories dot net and my readers, I have met so many new ladies and bhabhis who are contacting after reading my stories, now I have lot fuck buddies, whom I regularly meet, talk to them, fuck each other and do lot of sexting, but hey, of course there is still lot of room for new pussies. You Girls, Aunties, Bhabhis can always ping me at [email protected] and to another reader who is afraid to contact, at least give a thumbs up after reading my story. Also to those gold diggers who contact me to ask for my fuck buddies contact number, email ids, please be informed I do not share any contacts but I would always love to see your feedback in my mailbox. Now let’s start the story.

Last night I was fully drunk after having a good fucking session with one of my fuck buddies. She came during daytime; she normally comes to fuck me when her hubby is out of the town, I never dissatisfied her. Her butts are eye-catching round shaped and firm. I love to fuck her from behind while pressing her even firm boobs. She is also really good at sucking a dick. She can make cum instantly, that is what happened to me when I had first sex with her. She loves to control and fuck for a long time. From noon to evening 5 we had two round of good fucking session and she left to her home. Since it was Saturday I had no work, I went to a bar along with a couple of my male friends and got totally drunk.

When I woke up this morning, I got a good morning message, it was from Shabana. She is a slutty bitch. I have not met her yet but she contacted after my last story
( was published in ISS and since then we are sharing our sex experiences with each other. She is working divorcee from Mumbai who works for a software company and travels a lot.

Shabana sent me a complimentary email after reading my story but I could not reply her since I was on tour and had not have time, but in evening while returning by train, I replied with a thanks message. She immediately replied and we continued with casual chat. I proposed her to chat in hangout since reading, reply message takes time which she acknowledged and we started. She sent me a pic of her while she is at work. She looked normal girl, she is not fair but you cannot say she is a dark either but little short in height but have an awesome looking figure, I guessed 32-28-36 and asked for confirmation but she is 34 28-36, a perfect maal. Shabana has a very cute smile which will make you fall for her, she told me that she loves to wear teasing and half revealing dress at work, and sometimes she even doesn’t wear a panty. She loves to tease her colleagues by reveling bra straps and leaning in front of them to give access to see her firm boobs and sometimes she rubs her soft boobs to male colleagues while giving an instruction which was once a bad idea because she was gang banged very roughly by two Sarders and a Jat in car parking. So I wanted to know what happened actually that day, she explained the story to me.

In her version “On demand of my profile, I have to travel a lot and meet business clients. So one day when I was in Gurgaon, I had a meeting with a client. From our company, I was the lone representative and from the there side, they sent three male representatives. When I entered to the conference hall, I saw 2 huge sizes Punjabi and one Jat hunk was already waiting for me. Hrishi, tell you the truth, after realizing their presence, I had a tinkling sensation in my pussy and my steps were becoming tangling. That day I was in my usual executive dress, short skirt and an of white top with push up bra inside and down a thin lacy lingerie, I needed this business meet to be success, so when I prepared my dress I wanted to look sexy and hot so decided to put a spectacle as well, to be honest, I was looking like an office whore.

Finally, I controlled myself and greeted each other. In the meeting I had to give a presentation and make them understand about our product while giving a presentation, I noticed they were more interested in my big boobs then the presentation, so I thought to tease them and unbuttoned my top two buttons of my shirt. They all were sitting separately and I went to each of them to describe in their laptop and while doing so, I leaned to each guy so that the other guy sitting in front can see my revealing boobs and let them feel my firm booms in their soldier with my hot breath in their neck and cheek. I was enjoying a lot and becoming wet; till the meeting is over I felt my pussy juice was dripping out of my pant, which I least bothered to wipe.

At the end of the meeting, I asked them how did they feel, did they like the presentation? They seemed to be happy, though I requested them, “Gentlemen hope u liked my presentation and product, so request you to please make this deal happen, for that if I need to do something more, please let me know” by hearing that, they looked each other, meanwhile I left for washroom. When I returned two guys had already left but one Punjabi guy was still there waiting for me and asked if I need a lift. It was already around 8.30 so I happily accepted the offer. Least I knew was a tough day was waiting for me.
When we reached the parking lot, I saw the other two guys were waiting for us near an SUV and both smiled at me, I smiled back. The light was deemed and no one was there apart from us four. The Jat came forward and said “Shabana madam, you said you wanted to do something to make the deal happen, you make our evening and we will make sure this deal happen” The way he was talking to me I got little furious, still said, “yes off course, please tell me what can I do for you.” Without saying a word the guy who was accompanying me till parking lot, hugged me from behind and started pressing my boos, I was shocked and tried to remove myself while shouting, “Mr. what is this? Leave me you bastard” They were surprised to see my reaction, but the other guy came forward and hold my face on his hand and said “Bhenchod, you said you will make our evening for the deal, now why are you shouting” I was speechless, it’s not like I didn’t want to fuck these guys this evening, but not like this, not a gang bang, I would be happy if I get any one of these hot hunks.

By not getting any response or reply, the first guy came and again started pressing my boobs from behind, he was so rough. One guy holds my face and started kissing my lips and with utter hesitation, I kissed him back, I was getting wet by those acts. Then they took me to the back seat of SUV, one guy was already inside, he was stroking his big dick, once I was inside, he holds my face and put his dick inside my mouth and started fucking my face. The Jat was so excited he torn my top and put his mouth on my bouncy boobs and started sucking them and the third guy reached my panty and pulled down and straightaway inserted his finger inside my pussy, he was very happy to know I was wet down there. He declared the same in front of his friends, “Bhenchod, see how wet is this rendi, Bhosdike tonight we will have great fun” by saying this he unzipped his pant and drilled his huge dick inside my pussy from behind and started ramming me from behind, I released my mouth and pleaded, “not like this, please put a condom at least, don’t you have condoms you mother fuckers???” in reply he said “we have packets of condom, but who will wait to put them and waste time to fuck a slut like you” they all fucked me in that position and released on my boobs, belly, and mouth.

Once they are done, they drove the car while I was still in the back seat sitting half-naked, and those bastards were still pressing molding my boobs. Somewhere they stopped, opened the door and pulled me out, I was not able to walk properly and hesitant to walk in half-naked, One guy laughed at me and said, “Shabana madam, this is the beginning only, the night is still young, we will show you the Jannat tonight” Luckily no one was there and they took the elevator to 5th floor. I think we were in one of those mother fucker’s apartment, Once we were inside they threw me to the sofa and jumped on me, one guy totally torn my dress and I was fully naked, Bhenchod, rendi, badi garmi thi ha… boobbe woobbe laga rahi thi bohot, see what will do you tonight” I was so furious that these guys are not done yet and I am in their den. But I had to submit myself. Immediately they all in their birth suit and in the broad light I have seen their huge dicks for the first time. One guy set on the sofa and invited me to sit on his dick, which I accepted and set on his dick facing him, he immediately put his mouth on my boobs and started sucking me and make me jump on his dick while he was also pressing my bouncing boobs.

I was enjoying and making moans, I think they loved the seen when one of the guy said, “Look at her gand, how juicy, I can’t wait” they were laughing and within seconds he was behind me and the guy was fucking me, stopped when that guy placed his dick on my ass crack, I was soo furious and pleaded, “guys please, please don’t do this, I will let you have my pussy whole night and suck you till cum, but please not this one“ I think my pleading made them happy but who listened me, the guy already inside my pussy hugged me tight when the guy from behind applied some saliva on my ass and placed his cock on the path, I was crying pleading them when he pushed his dick and in one go fully inside me, I was shouting like anything in the closed door when the third guy put his dick in my mouth, but unknowingly I bite his dick to get relief from pain, he shouted at me and slapped on my face, tears were rolling from my eyes due to pain and slap. They all changed their position one by one and fucked me all night and as far as I remember they ejaculated at least 3 times each. Next day early morning they dropped me at my hotel, I had to wear a t-shirt of them since it was early morning nobody noticed my situation in the hotel. I slept that day till 3 PM and returned by first flight after canceling my rest of the trip. Hrishi I really regret teasing those bastard mother fuckers”

I was reading her text while replying, in short, like wow, how could they, did it hurt etc. but she finished her story and wrote me “forget those bitch, do I really look hot?”, I reply ‘yes’ but said “I have not seen your assets yet”, in a teasing way. So she sent me another pic while she was sitting in pink top and tight jeans. I complimented her dress and told her butts are appealing to slap and ram from behind. Shabana asked me what my friends will think about her by looking her pic I said nothing special because it’s a normal picture, girls sitting in a pub like this are quite normal. So she sent another photo, damn it was too hot, even in the AC compartment, I got an instant hard-on. She was wearing a tight track pant and a top which was barely covering her upper body. Her boobies were half revealing and belly was fully exposed. Her puffy pussy can be outlined through her pant, if she was in front of me, I would hold that swollen pussy and kissed her juicy pink lips and press those round big boobs. So I expressed my desire, she told me “You can do everything when we meet you dirty dog” I asked her “Hey Shabana, what kind of sex you like” “Passionate with lot of swearing, I like to hear all the bad words a man can say to a woman by uttering my name”

She again asked me “Do you think software girls are horny and need to be fucked and how would you relate me to your girl of the story?” I said, “She was also a short girl who works as a software developer, her boobs are also big and your butts are also similar, round and big” Shabana asked me again “By looking my pic, what came to your mind” “I would love to hug you tight and take you from behind” “Can you elaborate how from behind?”

We were gradually moving towards core sexting and I loved it I told her “I imagine you are sitting in front of your dressing table when I enter the room, your hairs were loose, you are wearing a transparent short night gown and did not bother to wear a bra” “hmmm please go ahead you dog, it’s giving me a tickling sensation in my pussy” So I continued “I would hug tightly from behind, while giving soft kisses in your neck, give little bites in your ear lobes and cares your belly” “Oh Hrishi please do this, it makes me horny when guys cares my belly” she wrote me, I did not stop and kept writing my imagination to do sex session with her “While kissing and caressing your belly I will touch your boobs and press softly” “You mother fucker, press them hard” She replied my text. “Hmmm I will press them hard and kiss your lips and slowly lower down my hand to touch your pussy, Shabana, babe you are wet there, shall I put my finger inside your pussy?” She replied “Yes you mother fucker, what are you waiting for your dog” “Fuck it bitch, I need to eat your pussy, I cannot let go such a wet pussy without eating” “Yes do it mother fucker” “Shabana, tell me what are you really doing now?” “LoL you ass hole, I am touching my pussy and fingering myself” she replied, I texted “Wish I were really there and put my cock inside you and give you the pleasure you never had before”
But to my bad luck, I did not receive the reply since my mobile phone network was gone, I waited for a moment and later went to the bathroom and jerked off and slept.
Next day morning that is yesterday we did little chat and she wanted to know if I will show her photos to my friends. In reply, I strictly said that I won’t since I never share my reader’s personal information to any of my friends but she insisted to show it to my friends and asked me to share whatever the bad words they used after looking at her photos, we both laughed.

Later I have to stop texting her as my friend (Whom I mentioned earlier in this story) was to come so I had to make preparation and she was also to go for her friend’s wedding function. My friend came we fucked and in between Shabana asked me naughtily, how things are going on, in reply I only sent an emoji with a wink. She wrote “You bastard fucking a bitch leaving this horny slut” I didn’t reply specifically but asked how things are going on in the function and did she pick someone to fuck for the evening. In return she sent me her picture in the function where she was looking really astonishing, she was in brown lehenga choli, half of her stomach was open, and boobs were pushed up so easily visible.

Her butts were looking sooo big; I praised her dress and told she is looking so gorgeous that I would kiss her instantly. She asked me if I have noticed something, I replied negatively. To my utter surprise, she wrote “You motherfucker can’t you see I am not wearing a bra, your eyes are bad or color blind” Fuck, how did I miss that, yeah she wasn’t wearing a bra inside and her nipples can be easily outlined.
After sometime she texts me “Hrishi, you know, my Ex-hubby is here and calling me to the upper floor, maybe he wants to fuck me” “What do you want, fuck him?” I asked she simply replied with “LoL” “You slutty bitch lol” then we stopped and I resumed my fucking session with my friend. When we finished I went to drop her and visited a bar with my friends.

Now let’s start from when I started in the morning, I replied her good morning message and asked about her previous day’s experience. She said it was horrible; I wanted to know what happened actually. She told me “First tell me, will you write a story of me mentioning the experience of yesterday?” ahhh fuck actually I kept this day to write a story of one of my fantastic sex experience with two cute nurse when I was in Mumbai and admitted alone in a hospital due to fever.

But I didn’t deny, so she started. “You Know Hrishi, after I told you my ex-hubby is calling me to up stair, I went to meet him, but that bastard immediately took me to washroom and started hugging and kissing me by telling, “You rendi, bitch showing your big butt to everybody, how did I miss that butt, I will show you what you are missing after divorcing me” and he started pressing my boobs madly and said “You Bitch, you are making hard of all male’s dick in this house” and pulled up my lehebga and drilled his cock into my dry pussy (I was not wearing a panty also), I was screaming and abusing him but he made me bend over like a horse and drilling me from behind, he was making all mess to my designed dress and he finally came in in my round ass. After that, we moved out from washroom but I was barely able to walk and that bastard was laughing at me, I abused him “You mother fucker leave me alone” and took a sit, he returned with a glass of scotch and which I gleefully accepted and started sipping.

I don’t know how many pegs I had taken, but I was enjoying the company of my ex-hubby, I don’t know how. At some point he whispered something in my ear and started moving towards car parking, I didn’t hear properly, but followed him. Once we reached we took the back seat of his car and laughed a lot without any reason and when he moved towards me and leaned to kiss my lips which I excitedly accepted and started smooshing, this time he was little passionate and removed my choli and started sucking my boobs while fingering my pussy, I was enjoying and gave my head to suck his cock, my back side was towards the door and it was open, my ex-hubby was pressing my head to force for a deep throat, I was searching for breath but then I realized someone from behind had to hold my waist and drilled his cock mercilessly into my pussy, I was jumped off but my ex-hubby did not release me and forcefully hold my head to suck his cock, he was laughing and telling “Come on buddy, fuck this slut, she is my ex-wife, she loves to fuck and exhibiting her big ass and hard nipples, let’s give her a lesson and fuck her together” his friend was laughing and pumping my pussy very roughly, tears were dripping from my eyes but these two mother fuckers were never in mood to release, My ex-hubby loosen the grip of my head and I looked behind to see it was his business assistant who was fucking me from behind, I think he was not satisfied with fucking my pussy so he pulled out and drilled into my ass, I like fucking my ass but not like this, it was hurting like hell, my ex-hubby hold my neck and slapped my cheek and said, “You bitch shut up and let us fuck, we will finish soon, his friend gave a pause and my ex-hubby slept on the seat of the car facing upwards, he makes me sit on his cock and put inside my pussy while his friends dick was still inside, they both were pressing my boobs roughly and started pounding me.

I don’t know whether I was enjoying or not but I was not shouting or asking for rescue. Meanwhile, both mother fuckers was fucking me hard in my pussy and ass hole, when both were about to cum, both stopped and started jerking in front of my mouth. I don’t know why I opened my mouth and both ejaculated. My ex-hubby holds my mouth and make me swallow their cum and after that, I had to clean them with my mouth, I was fucking exhausted and fall on the back seat, then both get dressed. Ex-hubby’s friend left the place and came back with drinks for all, I was so thirsty so hurriedly took a glass but bastard ex-hubby stopped me and took the glass, he opened the zipper of his pant peed in my glass and make me drink the entire glass of drink.”

Hrishi, you wanted to know how my day was, I don’t know how it was, but now I am not able to walk properly, my entire back is paining. In between she sent me a photo of her when she was at work, she was in light pink top which was quite transparent and her innerwear can be easily seen. But I wasn’t looking at her assets; I was lost in her beauty. She was looking damn gorgeous, I swear to god, she is that beautiful, and one will automatically fall in love. But was wondering how a slutty bitch she is in behind that beautiful face and universe winning smile.

Friends this is her story, she is really curious to know how you people think about her and this story. She also wants to experience a threesome involving two girls and a boy, if you want to experience such threesome (Only ladies, she says she has a lot of guys to fuck her, she needs a girl to have this new experience), contact me. We two are already waiting for you.

Also as I mentioned earlier, I am staying alone, so all girls, aunties, and bhabhis are welcomed to have little fun. If you want, I am ready to travel across the nation to meet you. I can assure you that I will take care of full privacy and make sure you are never disappointed.

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