Hot Massage On The Beach

This a fantasy which I would like to share with each hot and sexy babe and I am a 38 years old Man with good physique, fair complexion 5 feet 8 inch height and 34 inches waist.

I think I am on the beach with you and you are ready for a good massage. You lie on the beach on a long wooden chair with towel below you wearing panty and bra. You are wearing your sunglasses. I come with a cocktail drink Sex on the Beach for you.

Also I had a scotch – Royal Salute for me. Your white skin is glowing in the sunlight and becoming little red. I take some grape seed oil specially for body massage to massage you. I put the oil on your back near the shoulders and rub it on your back.

I move my hands down on your back on the middle part and press hard so that your body relaxes. You feel good. I ask you how you feel and you say nice and to continue doing.

My hands move slowly on your back pressing my fingers on your shoulder blades and on your spine and move my hands further down your back and reach your bums. Your bums start shining with oil. I press my fingers on your bums and massage them gently.

You feel relaxed and I take my hands little inside your thighs and massage the area and your body starts shaking, you feel good. I keep massaging your inner thighs but do not move my hands on your pussy or anus. There is a blue tattoo on your right thigh which I massage for some time.

Now after a good massage on the inner thighs I take my hands down your fair shining feet. I massage your legs and your feet and your fingers, toes and inside of your fingers. You feel good and relaxed. I ask you if you want a front body massage and you say yes.

I tell you to turn around and have a sip of your drink. You take a sip and eat a strawberry from my lips and kiss my lips deep inside leaving the shell of the strawberry in my mouth. I cover your front body with a towel and tell you to take out your bra and panty from inside.

You take out your Pink bra and yellow and pink panty and your body is covered with a white towel from your breast to your thighs. I put oil and apply on your upper chest and move my hands under the towel to apply oil on your breasts and give a good massage on your breasts without touching your nipples.

I just slide the towel little bit down to see your breast and see that your pink nipples are hard and standing up. You tell me that since nobody is on the beach so I can leave the nipples open as nobody is watching. I leave the towel like that and take some oil and apply on your belly.

I rub the oil and put the towel just to cover your pussy. I take an ice cube from my drink and put it on your stomach. You feel cold but good. I put some drink on your belly and with the ice cube start licking. You feel good start moaning.

I take the ice cube on your navel and you feel aroused. I suck the ice cube from your belly button and lick all the drink from your body. Next I take a lot of oil and run on the area around your pussy. I start rubbing gently your inner thighs and your small pussy hairs and you want me to touch your pussy but my hands only massage the nearby area.

You start massaging your pussy yourself from the fruit table I take a banana and open cover and give it in your hands and you take it and put it inside your pussy. The banana is half ripe and you start moving it in and out. The banana is more than half inside your pussy and you feel good.


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