Hooked Up With Married Lady In Cochin

Hey guys.

Amal (name changed) here, back with my 4th real sex story happened in my hometown cochin. I got many responses from readers for my previous story, especially many from the female readers to know the second part of my previous story ‘weekend hookup with young mallu divorcee’. Thus had a keyboard-keyboard session with almost all of my female readers. So definitely one of the readers is the heroine of this story.

As usual, I was going through my mail and was replying to the responses I got for my stories and was replying to previous chats that I left in halfway last day. There were a couple of responses from female readers and most was from north India. And then opened a chat where the lady replied me with how much she liked the story, its intensity and praising the way I detailed it and all. As usual, I started replying her with a thank you and which part she liked most, so and so. Almost after an hour I got a notification on hangouts and saw she has replied. We started chatting, got to know each other’s likes and dislikes, turn on’s and turn off’s. And she revealed that she’s also from Cochin. But both of us had an agreement in between that no personal details to be revealed till we get into a comfortable position. Thus we started sexting, sexting and got promoted to hangout calls.

And it continued for almost 3 weeks and she got convinced and started to reveal our identities one by one. What we only knew each other was our age, sizes, complexion and body type till then. We both revealed our names first. Let’s call her Soumya for time being. She was and married. Her sizes were 36-32-36. She was working on a reputed institute in Cochin. She’s actually from another district. Thus she was staying on a working women’s hostel. She was married, bt was not in good terms with husband. Thus was waiting for her divorce. So we exchanged our numbers and upgraded our chats to WhatsApp. It again went for a week with exchanging pics and some short clips without revealing faces. So we were almost set for a session and she shared the fantasies she would like to do with me. Hearing that I was shocked. Still, I agreed on the thrill to experience it for the first time.

We planned to meet the coming weekend and spend a night together. I booked a room for unmarried couples via Oyo rooms and waited for the weekend. Finally, the day arrived. Our plan was to meet on Saturday eve 5 pm at central mall parking lot (popular mall in Cochin). By the time, I bought a gift for her and dotted condoms and got myself a good haircut. At 4, I pinged her and she said, she also has almost reached and she is just a walkable distance away. I gave her my car number and the parking lot number.

Even though we both have seen each other through photos, we both were bit nervous which we both could understand from our talks we had through our phone. And yes! Here she is! Damn son! She is hot as fuck. Proper flesh and curves. Not bright as I’ve seen on pic. Still sexy as fuck. She was wearing a black sleeveless top with a net overcoat and black jeans. She found my car and gave me a nervous smile. The moment she got in, the whole fragrance inside car changed and it was her fragrance who took the lead. We greeted each other and proceeded further to our hotel. The evening traffic was so irritating. On the way, I got a call from my parents that they’re urgently going to Chennai as one of our close relatives expired in an accident. I said okay. She asked me, then shall we change plan and move to my apartment if I’m fine? I thought for a couple of moments and agreed and we moved. In next 40 mins, we reached my apartment and parked my car outside and went in without getting noticed. As soon as we both got in, I closed the door and we both left a deep ho!!

Our next task was to control ourselves. Thus we got bit formal and I offered her a coffee and she accepted. When I moved to the kitchen, she said she’ll make it and came in lead. She asked me to stay at hall itself. The apartment was a compact one. Thus sitting in the hall, I can see her and she also gave me a couple of sexy eye locks. I couldn’t control, I went near her. We started chit-chat, cracking some naughty jokes and all. So we both got comfortable and got a relief of stress. She was pouring coffee to cup. Sounds simple. Right? That was one epic compromising position a girl could offer you. That was my limits of control. Thus I just placed my hands on her hip from her back and came closer. She paused. I further moved and smelled her hair first and back of her neck. She completely stopped her activity and was cooperating with me to proceed further. I slowly started to massage her hips with my hands and continued smooching back of her neck. She was zig-zag moving her head.

I slowly moved my hands to her navel hole area over her dress. Our position was in a way that my dick was rubbing her ass and at the same time I was running my fingers over her navel hole and smooching her neck and earlobes. She adjusted herself and turned to my side. A second of complete silence and our lips approached each other. Her lips were so tasteful. While kissing, I was caressing her ass and back through her dress. We got a break and looked each other. I slowly placed my hands on her netted overcoat buttons and started to remove one by one. She gave me a naughty smile. She also helped me to take off them completely. She was now on sleeveless black top with black jeans. She was looking damn sexy and I was busy enjoying it. We both ignored coffee and went to her bedroom. Before I could do something, she unbuttoned my shirt and took away in one pull like a professional. She slowly started feeling my body and hair on the chest with her fingers and lips. I hugged her and made her lied down to bed and hugged even deeper. We both were smelling and smooching each other. I untied her hair and was playing with her. It was so smooth and silky straightened hair. The smell of her hair serum was also seductive. We again started lip lock and I pulled up her top a little and placed my middle finger on her navel hole to which she gave a deep breath and an intense bite while liplock. I knew it really turned her on.

I started playing with my fingers inside her top on her navel hole and boobs. Caught boobs over her top and started to massage them. I was able to feel her erected nipples over top. She was getting turned on. I slowly lifted her hands and smelled her armpit with trimmed hairs over it. It was smelling so good. Thus I started licking them and I got to taste very few drops of her erotic sweat. That was so tempting. Thus I did same from another side too to which she replied with a soft moan. I kept them sniffing and licking, at the same time my right hand was playing with her boobs. I was able to feel her heat. Her legs were cuddling me like a snake. She started to feel my dick in my pants. Unlike other girls, she was so quick forward. I was fine with it because the fantasy she asked me to do was such a wild pick. Thus to give them something more exciting in return, I took my right-hand straightway inside her jeans and panties. Aaaaaaaaaah. Mmmmhhhh. She left a seductive moan due to the high excitement and she was keep hissing like a snake while I was feeling her private hairs.

She started to press and rub my head on her boobs and was rolling her hands over my face due to the excitement. I slowly took my hands back from her private hairs and pulled away from her black sleeveless top. She was wearing a cream cotton bra with elastic strap. I was playing with her melons again while she found time to unbutton my jeans. I adjusted myself for her to get my jeans unbuttoned. Before she pulls it down, her phone ringed. That was a miscellaneous call and it almost ruined our continuity. Once she disconnected the call, she kept it silent mode. We both were like, what next? She reminded me of her fantasy and asked me shall she proceed first? I was like ‘why you should ask all these, just go on’.

And its time to reveal, her fantasy was to keep me her slave and let her do whatever she needs. Sounds wild. Right? But I was sure when a lady asks for this, she must be damn thirsty for sex and she can get me to next world of sex, unlike other ladies. So she found 4 towels and tied my hands and legs on each pillar of my bed. I was still on unbuttoned jeans and she was in her bra and jeans. She tied me hard enough so that I won’t move much out of her way. We both were ready for it. She started to move her hands over my chest and hairs surrounded there first. And she was feeling my chest with her lips. She was running her hands all over my body and face.

Her hands were so soft enough to enjoy them. Then the trouble started. She started to tickle me over my armpit and my navel hole. She was playing so softly so that I should beg her to stop tickling. By the time my dick was erected enough. She unzipped my pants and pulled down till knee. He found 2-3 droplets of my precum on my blue jockey. She felt the precum with her fingers over my underwear. She sniffed it and gave a bite with an awkward smile.

I was getting on & on. She started to feel my dick over jockey. She was damn teasing me. Usually, it was me who tease all girls/ladies. She started to lick my thighs and came upwards and paused at my dick. She bit there, to which I left a hard moan. She licked my jockey and it was all wet with her saliva. She pulled the elastic of my jockey and dropped. Bash! It was damn paining and a kind of special pleasure too. She did the same couple of times. Then she slowly bit the tip of my jockey and pulled down with her teeth itself. Damn! My erected cock was released from the pressure of underwear. My dick was in 90-degree pole position with full power. She felt the tip of the dick with her soft fingers and took the droplets of precum with her finger and applied it to her tongue and tasted herself. She kissed at the tip of my dick. And when dick was on full power, she thrashed it hard with her fingers and I was ahhhhhhhhhh in a screaming noise. She didn’t expect such a voice to come up. She said sorry and proceeded further. I said I’m fine and go ahead.

She stood up and pulled down her jeans and removed her bra too. She was in panties only now. Her panties were half wet. She came again and gave me a liplock and held my dick in her right hand. She started increasing the intensity of kiss and started stroking my dick. It continued for next few mins. She stopped and asked me if I’m fine if she proceeds a bit more to an erotic level. I was on top of pleasure and whom should say no at that time. Her next move was unexpected. She brought her wet panties and oozing pussy and pressed it to my face. At first, I was not able to make it up and I got fine after few seconds.

I started licking the sticky liquid all over and she also started to moan. In next 5mins, her panties were all cleaned with my tongue. And I paid her back a revenge, I pulled her panties with my teeth and left it in force. She was like oooooooh. Aaaaaaaah. She smiled and said, wait for it. She removed her panties completely. The private hairs were neatly trimmed. Still, there were drops oozing again. She asked me to clean it and she again brought her pussy to my face. At first, the damn erotic smell was unable to control and in next few seconds, I got fine with it when I started enjoying the taste of her cum. I even kept sucking her clits even after cleaning them. I was writing alphabets with my tongue on her clits. She was leaving moaning sounds.

By the time, my hands were paining a lot as it was tied up. So I asked her to loosen it up a bit. She completely made me free and asked me to get up and finger her till she squirts. I was thinking how much she’s hungry for sex these past months. We both lied next to each one and I slowly started feeling her clit with my right-hand middle finger and started rubbing at surroundings of pussy. She was breathing heavily. Thus I slowly inserted my one finger and started fingering. To increase the intensity, I started sucking her nipples too. After few fingering strokes, my middle finger was lubed and it was loose enough. So I added one more finger and proceeded again. By the time she was moaning heavily. She was in a complete erotic mood.

Her body began to sweat again. My fingers were moving faster than I can sense it. Fingers were completely lubed and were oozing from my fingers. I took fingers out and started to massage her clitoris very very fastly from left to right and in reverse. She was crying in pain and told me not to stop. I continued fingering her again and did it couple of times. On 3rd attempt, while massaging her clitoris I sensed some vibration on her pussy lips. She shouted its coming, faster faster. On the next second, it splashed all over my bed, my hands and even on the floor. And it was a lot of cum. Really a lot of. She was almost tired and I gave her a liplock and smooch. She didn’t even have energy to respond to that. She was moaning and rubbing her red turned pussy lips for next 10 mins.

We both got up and went to clean ourselves. We had a bath together helping each other to clean and apply soap each other. While applying soap to her pussy lips, she left a moan and said ‘its paining and stressed enough. So we again stood under the shower and started smooching again and liplock thereafter. Such a romantic mood. She got hold of my dick and balls and started massaging them while I was busy tasting her lips and tongue. I then proceeded to caress her back and ass and press them while kissing. She was responding to everything positively. And the bath continued for almost half hour. We got out and cleaned ourselves. For next session, she dressed up in a cream shemmis and black shorts.

By the time, I was cleaning bed and floor. So we’re discussing our previous experiences and I showed her my few private pics from my previous experience without our faces to which she also agreed to take some shots while next session. And she was also explaining her session which she had with her colleague recently. We were almost hot enough for next session. So we approached bed again.

We both were holding each other and she asked me to play some porn clip. I opened my phone and played my favourite Indian clip from phone’s vault folder. It started and I was able to feel her heat getting increased. At a point where the guy in the clip was licking the girl’s pussy, she picked up my hands and placed on her thighs. I understood what she wanted. So I started massaging her thighs and between her legs over her shorts. It went for next few mins. I proceeded further and approached her boobs and then erected nipples and I sucked them over her shemmis. The portion of nipples was wet. And I again sucked her armpits again and again.

Lifted her shimmies a bit and kissed the navel and kept sucking them. She was still watching the porn clip and was massaging my hair with her other hand. My fingers again went downwards and were feeling her pussy to which she responded with a lip kiss and dropped the phone. Lip kiss continued and she started to feel my dick over my trousers. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Thus her touch made a pole quickly. She was trying to catch my balls over trousers. I asked her can we play the slave service vice-versa? She dropped silence for a minute and agreed. I bought the towels and tied her hands on both ends. Didn’t tied her legs, just because I wanted to see her fleshes and curves moving to and fro.

Please let me know your valuable comments and suggestions. Meet you’all there. Happy day.

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