Helping Daughter In law

I am a young housewife married a year ago and have given birth to a baby about two months old now and taying with my FIL (father in law) and hubby is working in the states. MIL (mother in law) is no more and so alone with FIL who takes care of every need as for my looks; I am quite pretty and endowed with good sexy features. usually wear saree below my navel well wrapped up to enhance my sexiness along with a well fitted blouse.

Mostly sleeveless and with front and back deep cut to expose my full and firm boobs and clevage. These days my boobs are full with milk and I feel nice to breast feed my baby, Then it so happened my baby fell sick and was unable to suckle and the doctor said to feed the baby from outside milk in the night my boobs were full of milk and I could not feed the baby because of Doctors instructions. My boobs started to give me pains because of its fullness.

I tried to squeeze out the milk by myself but could not. I started weeping because of pain. My FIL heard me crying and so came up to my room and enquired about what is the matter. I said, my boobs are paining a lot as the baby cannot drink the milk. The baby was sleeping in peace after I gave the medicine and outside milk. It was late night and there wasn’t anybody we could get help from. So my FIL volunteered and asked, Nisha, if you don’t mind may I help you in squeezing out the milk.

I said, Papa, I tried but it is very painfull unmindfull, of my protests, he brought a container and sat near me and asked me to open my blouse. I was feeling shy but there was no other way and therefore I unbuttoned my blouse. I was not wearing any bra due to the pains. My milk containers were exposed to my FIL and FIL then took hold of my right boob and slightly exerted pressure. I cried loudly as it pained a lot though a little milk sipped out which was collected by FIL in the container.

I vehemently protested for not squeezing any more. FIL said, Nisha, there is no other way please bear with a little pain you will feel relieved but still I said no, I can’t bear the pain. FIL then suggested one more plan. He said, Nisha if you don’t mind there is one other way to get this done I asked what way? He said, by sucking the nipples. I said but the baby can’t suck. FIL said I know, you will have to replace the baby with some one else. I asked who?

He said who else than me, provided you agree. I felt shy and went red in face, but there was no other way out. I agreed and my FIL slept with his head on my lap. I switched off the lamp because of my shyness. My FIL then started tonguing my nipples lightly and then started sucking the milk out of my boobs. I thought he would spit it out but he started drinking the milk as he continued sucking, the pain started going down.

My FIL was lightly fondling my other boob which was still full and paining. After a while he changed side and started suckiling my other nipple and there too my pain started receeding as he drank the milk. I noticed in the darkness a buldge on his crotch. FIL took one my hand and placed it on his buldge. I started stroking his cock from above the pyjama lightly, as I became horny due to his sucking of my boobs. After about half an hour sucking both my boobs was empty and I felt relief from pain.

FIL was still sucking one of my boobs and playing with my other boob like little children do. My boobs were firm and nipples taut because of his caressing. I then whispered, Pa I think there isn’t any milk left in the boobs. He said, yes Nisha I drank your milk completely. I, said, thank you pa, you have helped me and relieved me from the pain. He said, you are welcome darling Nisha. Now, if you don’t mind will you help me reduce my erectile pain down there?

Saying this he got up from my lap and lied down on the bed and pulled down his pajama to expose his genitals. I looked towards his genitals to find a huge cock which was standing erect facing the ceiling and its length was approximately not less than 7 inches and girth of about 2 inches. Pa looked at me as I was looking towards it. I then looked towards pa and he just pulled me towards him and I crushed on to his broad hairy chest which was naked as he had already removed his banyan.

He brought my face towards his and started kissing me on my lips. I opened my mouth on his constant poking and he entered my mouth by his tongue and started sucking on my lips. My blouse was open and therefore my boobs were naked and were just crushing against his naked hairy chest after about 5 min. of kissing he released me and looked into my eyes and whispered please Nisha my Johnny boy is waiting for your mouth please make love to him.

I understood what he meant. He was requesting for a blow job. I was too horny and therefore went between FIL’s legs and started licking his thighs and around his genitals. Slowly, I closed down on his genitals but I first went for his balls and I heard a sigh of moaning from FIL. The balls were so full and heavy that I liked it and sucked on it for a while before proceeding to take the monster cock. I licked it right from its base from where it arose to its tip.

I licked it from all sides and was hearing small moaning sounds from FIL. I then held his cock straight and looked at its tip a little lip like thing. I titillated it with my pointed sharp tongue and then finally started taking the cock into my mouth. I moved my head over his cock in and out in and out and took its maximum length in my mouth. One thought crossed my mind about my hubby’s cock which was not more than 5 inches even when it is erect.

I continued with my blow job the giant cock was stretching my mouth to its fullest. My FIL’s hand was on my head and as he was approaching his climax he make me stop my jobworking. I looked at him surprise and he said, stop Nisha let me take care of your pussy. He mad me lie down and removed my nighty. I was wearing a panty which was fully wet now. He removed the panty and spread my legs wide. He then, started kissing over my thighs and then over my cunt.

He licked my wet soaked pussy and started eating it ooooh! God! It was heaven and he inserted his tongue inside my pussy and tongue fucked me. I moaned and moaned. He took the whole of my pussy into his mouth and sucked it along with tonguing he was also fingering the upper part which was getting me mad as I became hot and very hot and he placed his cock on my cunt lips and looked at me.

I was looking at him a hairy beast, who was about to fuck me FIL asked, Nisha should I was surprised how can a person ask at such a point of no return.I said, if I say No then? Will you leave me at this stage and he said no Nisha if you say No, I will rape you but while saying this he could not resist and pushed in his cock and it smoothly sailed in my already lubricated cunt.

His thick cock stretched my cunt muscles to its fullest. I said Pa you are already in, Pa then started fucking me, oooh should I say a battering and me fucked for full half an hour and then ejaculated inside my pussy and deposited quite of lot of cum straight into my uterus. He then dropped by my side and slept besides me. He whispered, Nisha if you get pregnant because of tonights fucking, which I think in all probability you will, then please for my sake abort the kid as I can’t be a father to my grand child and this is the end. Thanks for reading.

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