Had Sex With My Widowed Cousin Sister Many Times

Hi.. this is reddy.. i had sex with my widowed cousin sister 5 years back. i have a cousin sister whose husband was dead 8 years back and she has good daughter,where they both stay alone. Her daughter is studying her +2 now. i never had any kind of feelings on my sister before. wen my jijaji was expired, i had feelings on her. my engineering college was very near to her house. one day i thought of having sex with sister. i’v gone wild on that day because i’ve seen a BLUE FILM while going to college in the bus. I bunked my college and reached my sister’s house. She was surprise and asked me ” dont you have college today?” I said no one is present except few people, so thr would not be any classed because of absentees. She said Ok. And she haven’t bath yet. She went to kitchen n preparing food and I was watching Tv in the hall. She came to hall and said that she would take her bath and asked me to sit in the hall for a while. She looks fair and hot in the sarees. Fortunately, she wore saree on my surprise. My feelings raised. I just look normal with wheatish complexion and with 5inch cock.

She had done pooja and she came and sat in the hall to watch TV along with me. We both were sitting in different sofas. I was moving here and there, how to approach her about my feelings. I could sense her navel with a deep cleavage. My cock is getting erected for every second. Suddenly, I asked my sister to sit beside me as I wanted to talk to you something personal. She came and sat beside me. My tent is raising like hell. I could see her boobs from saree covering. We were discussing about our relatives and other stuff for few minutes, meanwhile I took her hand and I was rubbing and feeling her soft skin. I told her your skin is sooo soft akka. And suddenly I kept her hand on my tent. For few seconds,she was shocked and she didn’t remove her hand from tent. In spite removing, she was feeling my cock.

She suddenly took her hand,she scolded me what were u trying to do with me. I told her my cock is very thirsty akka, I know even you look soo thirsty in the absence of jijaji, we’ll do something crazy akka. She asked me to not to talk suck kind of nonsense. It was lunch time, she left from there and went to kitchen to heat chicken of the previous day for me. Because she knew that I like chicken. Meanwhile,I locked the door and again I went to kitchen and we were talking something about our relatives and suddenly I grabbed her from back started pressing her boobs and kissing her hips,she was drowsing and drowning with my kisses and presses on her boobs. My cock was feeling her busty ass. I thought this would be the best time and switched off the stove and with kisses and caressing,I took her to bed slowly.

Meanwhile, I removed my jeans and removed her saree. I was so passionate to kiss, lick and suck her navel. Thats the day I got a chance, I’ve utilized every second and I starting licking her navel and she started moaning, meanwhile i started removing her jacket hooks. When i was done removing hooks, I came up and started pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples from bra. She started moaning loudly. My tent has grown big, she put her hand on my cock and feeling it from my underwear. I removed my underwear and I put my cock in her hand to play. I was sucking her boobs and she was playing with my cock. I took her whole jacket out and her saree too. Now shez on langa and bra. Slowly, I removed her langa too. Now she is on panty and bra.

Slowly, I turned her to the other side and started kissing her hips. In the mean time, I removed the hook of her bra and I started rubbing my cock from back on her panty. She was catching my cock and pushing it up and down, as she never holded my jijaji’s cock. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her hips from back. Her panty got wet almost. I’ve turned to my side and saw her boobs, which was looking awesome with big nipples. I started sucking her and biting her nipples, she started moaning again. I was rubbing my cock on her pussy which was covered with her panty. My cock could feel her wetness on panty. Slowly, I came down and removed her panty, which was hid in the forest of hair. I started licking her pussy with my tongue. She started moaning loudly than ever. I thought someone wud hear the sounds and starting do it 69 way. I put my cock in her mouth and I started licking her pussy.

It was bright afternoon, But our room was so dark which made me soo romantic and that was my first sex with a gal. I fucked her 3 times in 2 hrs and it was around 3:30 PM. V both got dressed up and had lunch, and I started to my house. While going we kissed each other passionately.

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