Fun With Sister In Law

Hi this is Aditeya, I’m 26 and a computer programmer by profession. I live in Delhi. I’m a long time reader and fan of this site. I love the stories published here. I always wished that I had a story worth sharing. Unfortunately I never had one, that until recently. I was married to a really nice looking girl last year. I’m lucky to have two very sexy sisters in law. Elder one is Kanika, 22 and youngest is Anika, 19. They both are pursuing graduation and very bright in studies. We shared a nice Jija-saali relation complete with banters, jokes, pokes and what not.

They also seek guidance and help in their study, class assignments and projects from me. For last few months, I started to feel that Anika was developing a feeling towards me. She started to text me a ton of romantic and naughty SMS and leave such kind of posts on facebook, we also spent a hell lot of time chatting with each other. Although I’m a shy guy and I didn’t have an affair even in my college days, it gave me a strange but strong feeling. So I started replying to her posts and SMS in a positive manner. Then about two weeks ago, when we were chatting, Anika asked me to help her in a class project; she had to make a program in Java. I asked what I would get in return if I help her.

She said she will give me a chocolate. I replied that chocolate is not enough incentive for me to work. So she asked me what I want, she will give me whatever I want. I said jokingly that a “kissie” would do the job. She fell silent and didn’t reply for few minutes. So I thought I went a bit too far and probably offended her, so I said sorry and that I was only kidding. She replied after few more minutes that she got disconnected so she didn’t get my messages and asked me to repeat them. I didn’t have courage to repeat them so I avoided it, saying I didn’t write anything serious. So she asked whether I’m gonna help her or not. I said I’ll help her. Then she said that she will come down to my house on Saturday with my mother in law and we will discuss the project.

On Saturday they came to our house, we had lunch together. After lunch and some chat I asked her to come to study room so we can start working on her project. So we went to my study room and she sat on my side describing the project details. Some times later my wife came to room and informed me that she and her mom are going to market to buy few things and will return in half an hour. When they left I locked the main door and returned to study and started working on Anika’s project. All of a sudden, she asked me that I didn’t tell her what I wanted in return. I was a bit hesitant so I said a chocolate would do. Then she said, with a surprised tone, “Why? You don’t want that “kissing” now?” After hearing it I was taken aback.

I asked if she had disconnected how come she knows about kissie message. She replied that she wasn’t disconnected actually and just enjoying my desperate attempt to make her talk to me. She said she is okay with it and I can have my “kissie”. When she said it, my heart started to beat very fast. I didn’t have any idea how will it turn out. I looked at her face and there she had a mischievous shine in her eyes. God, she was looking really beautiful. Her pinkish lips were looking very juicy and I wanted to consume all the juice that it contained. But I was weak, afraid and didn’t have enough courage to do that. So I said that I was just kidding at that time.

Anika looked a bit sad and disappointed and said – “It’s okay, if you don’t find me worth kissing”. I said it wasn’t like that and kissing her would worth every penny. So she said – “Then why you are not kissing me, I didn’t know what to do, so I leaned over her and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and said – “Humm, better but not the best you can do. So why don’t you give me a taste of your lips”. And then she leaned over me, place her hand on the back of my neck, closed her eyes and whispered in my ears -”Kiss me on my lips”. She said it and I lost all the control I had.

I grabbed her and started kissing her on lips. My god, she tasted so sweet and juicy and warm. She was responding back so well that I was aroused within seconds and my dick was in its full size. My hands were running all over her back and her hands were caressing my face. We smooched for few minutes and we both were breathing very heavily. While we were still kissing each other madly, she took one of my hands and placed it on her boob and pressed it hard. This gave me a complete idea of what she had in mind and it was also a green signal for me to go ahead. I started squeezing her boob, while kissing her all over her face. We both went down on ground and she grabbed my dick to play with it.

She asked me to show her my dick. I allowed her to take off my shorts and underwear. She sighed at the sight of my fully erected dick. She bent forward and took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I was on cloud 9. That time I had just one thing in my mind that I’m gonna fuck her so hard that she would never forget. After few minutes of sucking I stopped her and started to kiss her again, on her face, neck and shoulders. I tried to pull her top and she raised her hands so I can remove it. She was sitting on the ground in her white bra. Her boobs are not so big, rather small but very firm. I then removed her bra and she removed my t-shirt and hugged me very tight.

She kissed all over my body, from head to toe and gave me a great blowjob meanwhile. I unbutton her trouser; she pulled it down along with her pantie. I lay her down to take a good look on her naked body. She was looking gorgeous. Her pussy was neatly shaved. I asked her if she shaves her pussy always. She said that she cleaned and shaved it that morning, especially for me. She also said that she wanted this day to come for a long time. She told me that she loves me as much as my wife would love. She said that I shouldn’t be ashamed of fucking her or cheating on her sister, because she is my half wife (Sali adhi gharwali).

I decided to oblige her love for me. So I took one of her nipples in mouth and started sucking, licking and chewing it softly. I grabbed her other boob and squeezed it. Few minutes I played with her boobs, then put my hand on her pussy; slowly I inserted one of my fingers inside. It made her moan. She was caressing my hairs. Her nipples were totally erected. She asked me in a very weak voice if I can give her some oral pleasure. Since she had given me a wonderful blowjob, there was no reason for me to not to fulfill her wish. So I went down and kissed around her naval for a bit and then parted her legs and started licking her pussy. Within seconds she was moaning, arching her body, pressing and squeezing her boobs, thrusting her pelvic against my face.

I felt her pussy getting extremely wet and her moan grew louder and louder. I inserted my fingers in there and started finger fucking her while still licking and sucking it. Soon she was begging me to fuck her. She kept repeating, Ohh Adi, main mar jaoongi, please fuck me. So I went on top, inserted my dick in her pussy and started pumping her. Her pussy was so wet that my full dick went inside without any trouble in a single jerk. I started fucking her slowly and increased my speed after every thrust. She was moaning, actually more like screaming, yeah fuck me hard”, “Adi fuck me till I die, Adi I wanna die in your arms, Ohh yeah, Yess!!

After 5 minutes her body arched, I felt her pussy contracted around my dick and she had an exploding orgasm. I was about to explode as well, so I told her that I’m gonna cum. Trying to catch her breath, she said in a broken manner that she want me to explode inside her. So I let it go and had an earth shattering orgasm. I filled her entire pussy with my cum. We both lay there naked and silent, trying to catch the breath. She’d spoken first and said: Thank you for the first fuck of my life, it was bloody awesome. I asked if she was a virgin. So she replied: I’ve never had sex before, if that’s what you asking. But I do masturbate almost everyday. She turned to face me and hugged me, so I took her in my arms and kissed her.

Then I realized that it’d been over half an hour since my wife had gone to the market, and she would be returning any minute now. I told her that we should get dressed before her sister and mother come back. We got dressed just in time, because I heard the door bell as soon as I pulled my shorts up. She stayed there for next two hours and we kept kissing each other all the time. I asked her that I ejaculated inside her, and she may get pregnant. She was worried about it as well, so I said that I’ll come to her house and would take her to market and buy some morning after pills. She was worried that what we would tell her mother for why we are going to market.

So I suggested that she should tell her that she needs a book for her project and I’ll accompany her to the book shop Next day I went to my in law’s, picked her up, bought her some morning after pills, then we went to buy her that book and before returning to her home I fucked her again in the car. Let me tell you guys, either she is a fucking horny girl or she is deeply in love with me, because she responds really well while making love. Since that Saturday, I have had sex with her 3 times, latest just yesterday. Her first year exams are around the corner, and yesterday she made me promise that I’ll make love with her a day before each of her exams,

So that she can appear in exams with a tension free mind. So today I’ve taken a room on rent in Katwaria Sarai, because its way too cheaper and more secure than any hotel. I also bought a cot, a mattress, some utensils and stuffs. I will take half day from my office, pick her up from college and take her to my room and fuck her up nicely. I’ve decided to play with fire, because if my wife gets to know it, it will not only ruin my life and family but Anika’s life as well. So wish me luck guys for fuck’s sake, I’m walking a wire here.

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