Fun With A Distant Cousin

Hi friends! My name is Anupreet and I am from Mohali, Punjab. I am now 36 years old, married with 1 kid who is around 10 years old. Most of my stories which I am sharing here are of the time when we stayed in Mohali and I was attending Panjab University for MA in English, I was an average looking fair Punjabi girl around 5 feet 4 inches tall. I was around 48-50 kgs in weight throughout my college and university years and was considered round at the right places.

My sexual life took a wild turn after some amazingly fun filled moments. First Joseph and then Manjeet gave me sexual pleasures which satisfied as well as increased my inclination to have fun as long as it lasts. However I remained discreet in my pursuits of sexual pleasures as any error could have landed me in big trouble. At times sexual gratification was resorting to masturbation.

This piece of action happened a few weeks after my romps with Manjeet at our ancestral village. After coming back to Mohali, life went on as usual for a few weeks and then something happened. One of my uncle and his family which was my aunty and their 14 year old son Piyush visited us from Canada. They were in India for holidays and were visiting some of the close relatives. While the elders were catching up, Piyush was finding it difficult to kill time as there was no one of his age around. He was a quiet boy who looked slightly studious hence

I asked him if he would like to read some books and novels which I had stocked up. I took him to my room and showed him my collection of books and left him there to rummage through the collection. While he spent time reading I helped my mom in kitchen for dinner and stuff. As time went by and we got over with dinner it got quite late. Sleeping arrangements were made for uncle and aunty in the guest room while Piyush was to share my room for the night.

I changed into a loose set of night clothes, and crashed on the double bed next to Piyush who was properly tucked in by his mother. While I dozed off into sleep in no time, I had not thought that the next few hours would turn out to be an exciting and sex filled. I don’t know for how long I had been in deep sleep, but some light weight on my tummy woke me up. I felt a hand on my tummy. I realized that it was Piyush’s hand. It seemed like an innocuous gesture which each one of does while sleeping. The boy would have mistakenly placed his hand on my tummy while rolling over in sleep.

I checked on him to see him sleeping on his stomach with his one hand under the pillow and the other one on my stomach. Within few minutes I dozed off again but was woken up to feel some tickling sensation on my belly button. I was awake as an owl but pretended to sleep so as to know whether Piyush was intentionally tickling me or was it accidental. After few seconds of inactivity I felt his hands trying to move towards my full grown melons.

I do not wear a bra at night so as to give freedom to my melons. His finger tips reached the base of one of my breasts and he started slowly rubbing his fingers on the circumference of the base of my tit. The tickling sensation and the touch aroused me, but I was circumspect about doing something with a 14 year old boy. However I decided to let the boy have some fun and see how far he could go. I was confident that after some tit rubbing he would back off and jerk himself to sleep.

While I was enjoying the tickling sensation of a young boy rubbing the base of my tits with his fingers, the boy started to grow in confidence. Seeing no response from me, he moved his hands further up and placed his hand on my right melon and starting sizing it in slow circular motions of the hand. My buds started to grow erect and he took my right hard erect nipple in his fingers. I knew it was time that I let the boy know that I am awake and totally into the game. I slowly moved my free hand caught hold of his hand which was sizing my melon.

Holding his hand I switched on the lamp on the bed side and mockingly confronted him. Seeing me awake and having caught him, he requested me not to tell anyone and felt sorry. He told me that he was horny and was tempted to feel my breasts as he found them big and sexy. I did understand his feelings and told him that I would let this incident go if he gives me some more pleasure. His eyes lit up and I could feel that the night would bring me some sexual pleasure.

I hugged him and started massaging his back and ass. I could see that he had closed his eyes and was feeling the warmth of my embrace. I placed my pink lips on his and started kissing him slowly. We kissed each other for some time and soon were rubbing each other. I started to the feel the length of his dick and tried to size him up. Since he was only 18, I did not expect him to have a huge meat. I felt the length of his erect tool inside his underwear. He was decently big for his age. His tool was almost 5 inches and stiff hard.

We continued kissing and soon as expected he slid his hands under my tee and lifted it over my head. I was topless in bed with a 14 year old. He pushed me on my back and mounted over my stomach. He started rubbing my breasts. I could see lust in his eyes when he was squeezing my round melons and erect pink nipples. He bent over to roll his tongue all over my size 34 melons. I loved the way he assaulted my melons.

The vigorous massage, licking, sucking and biting of my buds took me towards a point of no return. I started to feel familiar tingling sensations between my thighs. I needed a meat rod inside my pussy and I had a 14 year old boy to do it. Our foreplay continued, during which we had stripped each other to our birthday suits. The boy had a lean body and his erect tool which was almost 5 inches was about to enter heaven.

I asked him whether he had sex before to which he said no. He had been masturbating for some 2 years. His dick head was pink and looked like a lollipop. After having taken 2 big rods this 5 inch dick was actually like a lollypop for me. I spread my legs and asked him to lie on top of me. I placed his dick head on the entrance of my cunt. With some slow movements of my hips he inserted the tip of his tool inside my pussy, which was wet with my juices.

In a matter of few seconds he was able to shove his entire length inside me. I let me keep his dick inside me for some time. I wanted this fuck session to last for some time. While we lay doing no pumping I started kissing his lips and told him to rub my tits. After some more foreplay I asked him to slowly pump his entire length slowly in and out of my pussy. He started pumping me slowly at first. His rhythm was erratic at first as he was a beginner but after 2-3 minutes he found a steady rhythm and started fucking me with easy speed. I started buckling my hips to match his strokes

I knew the boy would not last long, hence slowed him a bit so as to have a longer session. My juices were flowing and my twat was wet like a paddy field. He started thrusting his tool at a faster pace I knew he was about to cum. I hugged him tightly and felt warm spurts of his seed inside me. We stayed in the same position cuddling each other, his limp dick buried in my wet pussy juices. Boy there was a look of satisfaction on the boy’s face. I too was happy after a fuck. After some cuddling and after-play it was time to sleep. For feedback write to me on [email protected]

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