Fucked aunty

Hi to all the readers,i am dev,dehi and i am here to tell my sex experience in my winter holidays trip to shimla.I and one of my friend were going to shilma from i.s.b.t and we sat on our seat nearly by 8am.After 5min a aunty with her daughter and son came to bus .the lady was with a good figure(36-28-35) and nearly about 35 year of age.She took the seats next to us and then we all waited for the bus to start.As the bus started i and my friend started to chat about our college results ad listing to this she asked me “are u both studying in some college ?”.To her ques i replied “yes aunty we both r in a medical college”.After this she asked me “where u both going” and i replied that”aunty we both r going for holidays to shilma”.To this she replied that “we r also going for holidays”.In the way her daughter and son went to sleep and even my friend also felt to sleep.I and aunty talked a lot during night.But i was having no wrong intension in my mind about her.In the morning we reached shimla and she asked me to help her getting a room in shimla.I replied”aunty i w’ll look for 2 rooms in a same hotel so that you can contact us easily if u have any problem” and she said “ok” .I and my friend went to number of hotels but all were full due to rush in tourists during winters. Now after half an hour we both came back and told aunty that all hotels are book.Aunty said lets me and you go for searching rooms .we went to 3-4 hotels but all were booked ,but at last we found a hotel in which room is there but only one room.Now a big problem is in front of us….I asked “aunty what to do” she replied “this is the only one we have fond out in the whole day and i have no power ,lets take the room and all of us w’ll stay there if u and ur friend have no problem”.By looking to situation me and my friend agreed to stay with them and w’ll get apart as soon as we found a new room.In evening around 4pm we all went to market to eat something as well were hungry from entire day.But aunty was felling weak,but then also her children insisted her to come along.She came ad we all had food but she didn’t take any food .While coming back she felt so weak that she asked her daughter to give her some support but she was unable to give the support properly.I saw this and i asked if i could help out, her daughter said pls..u give her some support i am feeling exhausted.I held her from her waist with one arm and gave her support and told my friend to go to hotel and unlock the door, me and aunty r coming slowly.

She was nearly on me and her breast was touching me.I was busy in giving her support and some how she began to enjoy.She also hold me tightly and said it is very cold here and she holdme more tightly.We reached the hotel and i helped her to lay on bed and asked her children to take care of her i am going to bring medicine for her.From market i bought medicine for her and came back to hotel and gave to her .She take the medicine and after half an hour feel well.At night we all started preparing for sleep, and aunty decided that there is only one double bed and one sofa set so one of us ave to sleep on sofa set and other 4 have to adjust on double bed.My friend told he is going to sleep on sofa and 4 of u sleep on bed.From left it started,first her son ,then daughter,then aunty and at last me.we four were using 2 blankets.We all went to sleep but i was in a big problem aunty big ass was my side.And i felt some erection in my lund,she asked me if i fine i said i am ok,but feeling some cold.She moved my side and put her toe on my toe and told now u w’ll not feel cold.But she began to move her toe on my toe slowly and hold my hand said that u r very cold let me warm u by rubbing ur hand and i said ok and covered my face with blanket.After rubbing my palm she hold my palm in her hand started pressing it.I got a courage and started moving one of my finger in her boob.She also covered her face and came inside the blanket

And kissed on my lip, i was surprised and i moved back and in a shock what to do.I just catch her boobs and started pressing them and she got excited and started kissing me,i put one of my leg on her and put one of my hand in her kamij and stared to play with her belly point…and tried to remove her bra but was unable to do in small space and her to remove,she did it and i moved a little down and sucked her boobs one by one and with one hand i untied her salwar and stared moving my hand on her panty and sucking her boobs tightly on other side.I push down her panty and started finger in her pussy ,she was wet and smelling good.I pulled my pant and underwear down and put my rod in her hands and she hold it tightly and started doing it up and down.I was feeling good and finger in her pussy with two finger…now she pulled her salwar down and turned to other side and hold my lund in her hands and put the top of my lund on her pussy lip…i was able to feel them…i hold her from back and put one of my leg on her waist and gave a stroke which entered my lund in her pussy and she i felt as if she was away from sex for a long time due to which her pussy is tight……and i gave another stroke and with 2 inch more i measured her depth she again and with a final stroke my 7 inch lund touched her depth and she tightly hold any hand and started moaning slowly… And i started making my strokes slowly and now she was also moving with my moves…and i started pressing her boobs and naked my strokes well and she was enjoying and she released her water during this and after 15 min i released my cum in her pussy and she enjoyed it ..we did it like this 4 times in hole night and in morning i got with a news that we have got a room in hotel…but i was happy as i got a sign from aunty…i came back to delhi with her and also in my holidays i use to visit her house and fuck her whole day…all the girls and aunty willing to enjoy your unhappy sex life can contact me on [email protected]……

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