Friends Girl Becomes My Wife

Hi readers I welcome you all to my story as this is my first story in this site, if you found any mistakes please forgiveOk now I starts with the story, myself Vijay name changed. I have one good friend name is Vinod. We both are very good friends and we studied from class first and we were doing when this incident happened. He loved one girl and her name is Shilpa and she is my neighbor. As she is from north and came to Chennai for his studies and she stayed in room with their friends and nearby I also lived.

My friend Vinod went to Mumbai for some college project after two days it was nearly 11 in the night I got a call and on the other side it was Vinod. It was raining very heavily and he was much tensed. He said Shilpa is alone in the room and their friends went outside and due to rain they stayed in their friends room she is very frighten in the room as she is alone. He said like that I asked him what I can do man. He said please go to her room and stay with her for today night. I said I can’t go as my parents will scold me.

He said pls pls pls help me as she is crying. I said ok. Shilpa is a very ood friend of mine. She used to talk a lot so without any hesitation I went. When she saw me near the door she ran towards me and hugged me tightly and was crying. When she hugged me my penis started rising. I asked what happen she said I’m alone in the room and I am very frightened due to heavy rain. From her cell I called Vinod then only feel relax and he said thanks macha.

I said its ok macha. As I know Hindi so I chat with Shilpa very freely. Now I will tell about Shilpa she is tall nearly 5.9 in heights and fantastic figure 36 30 36. She asked me if you are getting sleep then just sleep. I said now I’m not in the mood to sleep I’m already wet I wants to play in rain. She said wow I’m also thinking the same just come and we will go and play in rain, I m just searching for the company.

We both went and nearly for half an hour we played in rain then we came back to room we both were shivering due to cold then she changed her dress. I asked her give me one dress to wear my one is also totally wet. She gave her track and said please don’t smell it tomorrow I have to wash. I said it’s ok it’s not at all a problem. I said this is the time to drink it will be very nice. she said i m too thinking the same I was shocked and asked her ah you used to drink.

She said please don’t tell to Vinod he don’t know about this. This all due to my friends they only forced me do this and now I stick with the taste. But how can we bring now she said I’m having one full bottle vodka and sprite also. I said just bring we will have fun but she was tensed, I said don’t worry its promise I will no tell to Vinod she was very happy and joy and brought the bottle. We started drinking after 3 rounds she was not in normal condition. I asked her laptop and she gave and I thought I will hear some songs.

But I am shocked to see that in f drive there is one folder name sexy, I just opened it was shocked its contains XXX movies. I asked her she said its normal darling ok just play the movie we both will watch. I said your my friends girl friend she it’s ok we will kee it as a secret. Then I console my heart and started watching the movie, that movie was having lots of vulgar scenes but she was watching very casually. But my organisms started raising as it was raining very heavily. I just started touching her thighs hands but she didn’t refused it she said Vijay I’m waiting for this only but your friend Vinod is waste, he don’t know anything. So Vijay you just help me.

When I heard this I become very happy and started removing her dresses she wearing one track and t shirt and nothing inside it her boobs are just like I big ball very smooth and I started playing with that. She also removed my pant and started sucking my penis. Her pussy was clean shaved and I started licking it like a ice cream. This we this for half an hour. She then said don’t irritate me only by doing this please come and fuck me I’m dying.

Then our main picture started I fucked her very fast as my penis is nearly 9 inch long. She liked the way I fuck then I entered me penis in her ass hole and she was shouting very loudly but no one can hear as its raining very heavily. Nearly one hour we fucked each other as we both were drunken and I cum all in her mouth and she was taking it as some healthy drink. Then again we had 2 more pegs an had one more session.

Then we both slept again in the morning I said sorry Shilpa for last night, but she said ok and whenever you feel sexy you just come to me and I will full fill your desire then in the morning we had one session in the bathroom while we both bath together that night I was very happy as we had a wild and vulgar sex that day only I came to know that I’m having this much strength. Please comment me for my story in my id [email protected]

I m eagerly waiting for your replies. And even you have any problems you’re always welcome and free to ask me.

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