Factory Women And Pharmacist

By : Jwala

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Hi iss reader I am Jwala from Katmandu Nepal ,I am new in hear this is my first story in ISS.  I start to read story from last 25 days I read almost 400 stories in that time. After reading these stories I decide to sear my experience in ISS at first I want to apologize for my poor English’s I would like to tell you about me, as I have told you I am Jwala from Katmandu ,18 years old am 5.8″in height.

With mascular body that’s why all people can’t believe that I am only 18 because of my body structure. I study pharmacy in reputed college of ktm valley. I have many experience of sex. I am going to tell u about my interesting sex story of my life, which happen when I am in my 3rd semester of pharmacy. I am very crazy about sex. I always look blue film and masturbation dally, I work in pharmacy as a part time job in evening shift, one day when I am in pharmacy I will become so tiered that’s why I am went out from pharmacy for refreshment in the site of my pharmacy there is small place where fresh air is come I sat in there .

I always sat in there for some time, as well as that day after some time one lady come with small child around, come and sat next to me she is 4.9″ with figure 34 29 39

I will become so crazy on her ass she wear red kurtha at that time she was looking dam sexy. I give small smile to her but she can’t response it after some time her son start to play with her for get her mobile after some time she become angry and say to her son “stop otherwise I slap you”, than I told to baby that “if mom slap u than tail your dad about it ok”then she smile and me to and her son take her mobile and start to dial number of his dad his mother told him that,”

I haven’t enough money to dial your dad don’t dial than boy stop dial start to play game in mobile” than she say that her hubby is in India for urn money she give a smile to me after that we talk about normal thing she told that she stay in near to my pharmacy she work in Galiancha industry she stay hear with her son hear etc. after some time I ask her son, “do you know how dial number on mobile?

She say yes and I told him that dial a new number and told my mobile number, she dial I get vibration on my mobile after that I ask her name to save her no she told sita I give a miss cal and she ask 672 is your no? I say yes. Than I start to talk with her son after some time she told that she is late for prepare dinner it’s7 pm. And she starts to move towards her house and boy is still talk and play with me she told him to come boy can’t ready to go with her that’s why I told her that “he is happy with me after some time I take him to your place.” she agree and live for home I also reach pharmacy and take with him and give him a hornitos after some time sita call me and say “come to home”.

And I say ok and I take a packet of condom (kamsutra) and walk towards to her place boy is in front of me 1 min later we reach to the gate of her house I give a miss call to her, she came to gate and take a boy and say me to come inside, than we reach to her room which is in 3rd floor of this house when we inter in the room she close the door and window too.

I will be happy as well as nervous to and she sat on the bed and boy sat on another bed and start to play game in mobile then she ask me for tea I say no thanks then she told that this roon is give by the industry in this house the all room is fill with industry workers.

As well she show me her hubby photos at that that time I place my hand on her solder she can’t react after a minute her phone is ring she start to talk on phone at that time I start to check her body from top to feet and I saw her lips is so big and sexy ,atook at her she fill little shy and smell sexily and poot the phone down and told to son that her mobile beatry is low she have to charge, than boy fill fell sad and I told him that you can play with my mobile and give my mobile hand he start to play.

Sita told me that why did u give him mobile if he found something’s in your mobile and laugh and I reply what something and take my hand on her knee area and give small smile and say the things which is in with boy in mobile video and I say to her r u taking about blue films she fill little shy and me to .suddenly she ask me my age and I told I am 22 and I ask her she say 28 and I say surely I told her that I thing you might 24 she smell and look at me and ask me where

I am stay and where I live do u no be late answered all and start move my hand in her thigh she get up and take my mobile from son and told to son to go for big mother house told them for stay ,I can’t understand there mining boy go out and take door open I get up and close the door and she ask why  I am so afraid by this question I think to take the risk and take the condom from my pocket  and told”

I thing to use this ” she look on me with shy angry look and told me what u thing about me to show me that” than I say I don’t min that but I thing that it give pleasure for both of us .she reply that she is only fluked by her husband and I don’t want fault my husband .and I say your hubby also fuck other in India she reply he is man he can fuck but, I am lady I cant than, I come near to her and told it just the physical need of all human

I thing to fulfill it today with together she make her eye big and roughly told me if “I am there fore only fuck her I can get out from her place”fill so embarrassing and I am ready to get out from room than, she say don’ be angry we will be friend so stay there for some time and she give me a smile and take to her bed and give my mobile and take her hand on my hand and I fill some confident and ask her if you want to sea the some thing of my mobile?

And she reply do u have than, I open my hidden folder, and play the xxx which is best of my collection and she come near to me and we stare to see it .after some time I place my hand on her solder and she put her head on my solder first film is finished than I start next one then she ask me how many film do u have I answered maybe 52 she laugh and say u are the central bank of blue films.

Then she starts to look to film. her check is become red, I place my one hand on her bob it is not to big but so soft she can’t react then I move my hand on stomach she can’t react than, I move inside her kurtha the she cached my hand and say no don’t do it. I can’t move hand more downward but I can fill her warmness and her wet underwear she just catch my hand and look at my eye it’s make me to hot and I kiss her on her lips and at that time she become to hot and live my hand and stay in the same position than I again kiss her this time more longer I test her lower lips it is soo soft and big than I insert my hand on her underwear I can fill her soft public hear and wet pussy lips the she start to mom aaahhhh. I insert my middle finger in and she is jump upward and mom lewdly, my one hand is busy in fill her soft breast then,

I remove her top and bra as well then I start on her bob my one hand reach to her ass. it is so soft and to much big at that time my cuck become rock hard I remove her surbal and I also remove my t-shirt. I kiss on her lips and insert my tangle and she start to suck it than, she move her hand on my body, I remove my pint and underwear the her to and, I insert my two figure on her pussy at that time she come on my hand then,

I take her come in my hand and pent on my cuck and I insert on her pussy she is mom so loud aahaaa thane kiss her, increase my speed after 20min. I came inside her she came 3 time at that time than I lie on the top of her and kiss her gently she thanked me for giving pleasure by my cuck and she kiss me wild .I again fuck her at that time I vibrate her for 35 minus. I lay on her top and kiss her then she tank’s again,

I wore my cloth and she also and I just living the room at that time she kiss me again and with smile she give me the packet of condom and take it and told her sorry, for not ware condom she say it’s ok than I told her to come with me on pharmacy and she came with me and. I handle her I pill she out from pharmacy after that day I fuck her once in a bathroom of pharmacy we both want to fuck moor time but time can’t help us after some time she live her job as well as room she told me that she start to drive tampu on koteshwor – ratnapark, I still call her. After that incident I am interested in aged girl rather than young, for feedback please mail me at [email protected]

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