An Erotic Night With Colleague

Hi, guys, This is my first story. Let’s begin.

I am Kiran(fake name) of average height and the normal looking guy, working in a corporate company. One day we had a lot of work in an office, so we had to extend our office hours till late night. There is a girl named Neha in my team who had to extend with as most of our team members were on leave. She had an issue with her work and called me to her cabin. She was there sitting in front of her system with free hair, nice curves wearing tight t-shirt and jeans which was exposing her body shape and tempting me.

I was checking the issue and went close to her, she was looking into my eyes and I can feel that she is feeling the same thing which I am feeling in my mind. I cleared it and went to my place. For surprise it was around 12:30 Am and everyone left the workplace except both of us. She called me to her place again, asking the same help again. I understood her intentions but didn’t show it out. I was about to hold the mouse and I felt her gentle hands holding the mouse, surprisingly she didn’t remove her hand from the mouse.

I too didn’t bother, I was using the mouse with her hand and my elbow accidentally touched her soft melons. I said sorry and removed my hand from the mouse. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs. I felt the softness of her possession and started squeezing them, slowly I passed my hand inside her t-shirt and grabbed her bobs slitting through her bra and started squeezing gently. She was out of control. We smooched for some time. I held her hip and dragged her close to me and gave a lip lock tasting each other. She was kissing all over my face. I slowly kissed her neck and biting her ears. We hugged each other.

We can feel the heat emitting from our bodies even in office having A/c. Thank God for providing closed cabin. We cuddled each other and stayed in the same position feeling each other’s breath. I was on fire, and my erected dick touched her pussy which made her so horny and she wanted it very badly. Even me too. But risky to do it there, still she was not able to control and made me sit in her chair and came down to my dick under the table. She started touch it and I became so long that it clearly visible from outside.

She started rubbing it and I felt like I am on verge of heaven. She then opened my jip and hold it and started giving me blow job. She was sucking my cock for around 10 min and I ejaculated. We interchanged our positions and I went down her body , raised her t-shirt , started kissing her navel and tried to open her jeans. Oh god , it’s so touch to remove it. It wasn’t comfortable with her jeans , so I removed it completely and dragged her panty down and there it is. It was the first time for me seeing it in real .

I was not able to control my urges. It was cleanly shaved and dripping her juices which indicate that she is on . I slowly inserted my finger and started fingering . I increased the pace of it and started doing it with two and ended it with three. White Juice was flowing from her flower. I licked it and started doing it with my tongue and she wanted more and more but it’s too risky to go beyond it in office . So decided to continue it outside.

We finished our work and about to leave the office. But she was not able to wait to have it . We both decided to go to my flat which was luckily empty as my roommate went to his hometown. I took her to my flat . We resumed our work from home ???? .

Now no one is there to stop us. We directly went to bed room. I stripped off her t-shirt and jeans and she removed mine. We both are with our inners in our bedroom. I never imagined that a day will come like this in my life. I was on to her kissing all over her body from for head to toes. I removed her remaining clothes also and made her fully naked.

She was damn sexy without anything on her body with perfect curves and a nice booty. I grabbed her boobs and started sucking her nipples and squeezing it. She started moaning. At the same time, she was playing with my piston and feeling its heat. We went first with 69 positions and came to normal sex. We both were on cloud 9. Her pussy started dripping the juices again making my moment easy and frictionless.

We had it for some time and hugged each other and rested for some time and she came for more and I will never say no to anyone. We did it 3 rounds and both got tired. Again we raised but this time had anal. This lasted till morning 4 O clock. We slept peacefully after that. By the time we woke up, we r already late for office.

So we took leave and had it again and again. We were without a dress for around full day and we forgot to eat also. We felt so hungry. To my luck, she is a good cook. She brought me some food and we had our food and spent the whole day in our flat together. It around evening 6 pm. She wanted to shower and we both took bath together. That was a wonderful shower in my life. Thus we enjoyed a full day and after that, I dropped her near her hostel. We are into friends with benefits relationship after that.

Hope u guys like my story. Give ur feedback @ [email protected] and u can contact me for fun at night.

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