Entering In No Entry

I was lying nude on my bed.my husband was on top of me guiding his penis into my vagina.i was completely aroused and wanted my husband to fuck me really hard but this was no special night.he cummed in just 4 strokes.he got off me,cleaned himself and lied beside me–ignoring my feelings.I just lay there—nude–unsatisfied.

2 years back i got shifted to Mumbai after i got married to vivek,a nice looking,handsome guy.i was 24 then and he was 27.since then we are sharing a very busy life in a rented apartment where we get chance for sex only on weeknights.he is working as manager in a reputed company in Mumbai and i am working as a sales executive in a reputed company in Mumbai itself.heavy workloads has affected our sex life very badly.he never showed care towards me or my feelings.every weeknight,i lay on my bed only for his satisfaction and not mine.I was tired of giving him blowjobs as and when he wanted.i was tired of laying with him like a dead body.i was looking for the care a woman needs, the love a woman dreams of and a real man a woman wants in her bed.this is me—-bharati—a lonely woman.

That was an another weeknight, i was lying nude in bed with my husband.he was kissing me all over my body,my boobs,hips,knees,my vagina,my face.i was in full ecstasy when he entered his penis inside.and as usual he didnt last even for 20 seconds.all my pleasure turned into grief.I laid there as it is till he slept.I then went into bathroom and cried.Cried till all my agony came out.I didnt wanted to betray my husband but fate has decided otherwise….

A month back, I and my boss,a man in his late 30’s,had worked very hard and prepared a presentation for client.The day has come,I weared a black saree and i was looking a real traditional indian woman.it was a Wednesday,our head of department,who is based out at delhi, has visited specially for this presentation.we all started at 11 and finished by 5 O’Clock in the evening.it all went just too good, it was a grand success.Our company was about to get orders in crores.Our HOD,a 45 year old,fat man,was too happy and invited me n my boss for dinner at his hotel where he stayed.we both accepted his invitation.we moved from our office to his hotel in my boss’s car.It was 6 in the evening,too early for dinner,we sat in hotel restaurant.Our HOD Mr.Kaushik asked me whether i like having champagne,I nodded in yes and there we were,three of us,celebrating our success.I was sitting there…quite…staring at two men’s body,there shoulders,chest and imagining about there penis and wondering how lucky there wives were..!!! i wanted them to tear my clothes right there and fuck me on the same table where they were keeping there champagne glass.

After champagne, we ordered dinner and finished it by 8:15.

“It was nice meeting with you sir..” my boss got up and wanted to leave “Shall i drop you bharati?” he asked me.”Ohh..thank you sir…i’ll manage…dont worry.” i replied smilingly.and then he left in his car.I was not feeling like going home…”Would you mind if i stay here for another an hour sir??” I asked Mr.Kaushik.”Absolutely no dear..I would love to spend time with you..but i have flight to catch at midnight….If you dont mind you can come up in my room..meanwhile i can do my packing”.he said in very casual manner. nothing abnormal i felt and i agreed to his proposal.

Then we went to 3rd floor,in his room..He took his shaving kit,toothbrush,perfumes etc and started putting it in his bag. “Is anything wrong bharati?” he asked.I was standing there and suddenly i turned my back towards him…there were tears in my eyes..”No si..r” my voice was breaking too. and suddenly i felt warmness of his hand over my shoulder..”Tell me bharati…whats wrong..?” he was caressing my shoulder warmly.I put my one hand on his “Noth..ing si..r..” my voice broke more.i slipped his hand from my shoulder and with that i slipped pallu of my saree too……….

It took no further time for Mr.Kaushik to understand the situation.he immediately closed room door.he came near me and turned me towards him.my eyes were closed.he kissed my forehead and then cheeks.in the next movement,i was lying in his bed..he was sitting besides me and unhooking my blouse, i helped him removing my blouse.then he caressed my shoulder and slipped my bra strap from both sides off my shoulder…he turned me and unhooked my bra…and there i was lying topless in front of a person i didnt even know.

Mr.Kaushik gripped me by my shoulder and started kissing on my lips.It was a long kiss..I felt like Mr.Kaushik was searching something on my lips through his tongue. meanwhile, he was moving his hand on my boobs,he slipped his one hand inside my saree from down and was feeling my legs,my thighs..i folded my leg and my saree was covering only my hips.When he was done working on my lips,he moved to my boobs.i was gifted with 32 sized boobs with light brown aerola and nipples.he started exploring my nipple through his tongue,moving it all around my aerola..he simultaneously pleasured my both boobs..by the time he released my boobs,it was wet with his saliva….he moved further down and planted couple of kisses on my belly button.my 28 sized stomach ached in pleasure…signaling him for more ….. and ……more…….then he hold my hand and pulled me towards him making me stand on the floor,he then pulled my saree…then my petticoat and then….my panty…….ohh god….i was naked completely…

He then removed his shirt then pant and then his underwear…he then offered his penis to me.i took it in my hand and started moving it back n forth..he grabbed my hand and removed it from his penis..then he made me sit on my knee..and directed his penis to my mouth..i sucked it for couple of minutes then removed it from my mouth..i went further down and started kissing his knee and started moving upward from there..i kissed his thighs and moved my tongue all around it then came near his penis..from there i jumped to other thigh and started kissing him downwards…when i reached his second knee i jumped to his testicles….i took it in my mouth and sucked him slowly…and then his penis again….he then went to his knee and made me stand..he gripped my 34 sized ass by both of his hand and started pressing it.he went on kissing my thighs and lubricating them with his saliva.he then went to my vagina and planted a kiss over there..I went crazy by his action..he further kissed my vagina and to my surprise he started sucking it…

I was losing my control now..Ummmhhhh…AAAhhhhh…Sir….Fuck me please sir…..Fuck me hard….I started begging him…the next movement,i was lying in bed..kaushik sir was on top of me..he started entering my vagina…and his penis slipped in with ease as my vagina was waiting for his penis from a long time..he started drilling me up and down.. up and down…”you are too wet down there bharati” kaushik sir said while he was pumping me with his full power.i started moaning loudly..i dont know whether my voice went out of that room..but i didnt care.”Ohhh bharati….U r a sex goddess…hmmmm…hmmmmm….hmmmm” he moaned too while fucking..”AAAhhhhhh….AAAAAHHHHH…..AAAAAA
Hhhhhhh” i had reached an orgasm..but kaushik sir was still drilling me…he fucked me till my vagina became dry and then he cummed….yes he cummed inside me….

I completely forgot in excitement that we didnt used condom….when kaushik sir withdrew his penis, his sperm was spilling out from my vagina..Ohhh…I liked it…then kaushik sir lied beside me and gave me tight hug..he kissed my forehead and was moving his fingers through my hairs…Ohhhhh Lord……I fell in love with this man..

Suddenly my phone rang,It was my husband..”hey bharati,where are you..its 9:30″ He enquired about me…”Sorry vivek,i should have told you…I am in a celebration party for today’s presentation success” Vivek:”When will u be home?” Me:”In an hour” vivek:”OK..Come soon” Me:”OK bye vivek..” I was lying in kaushik sir’s arm, fully naked and talking to my husband….I laughed…then kaushik sir got up,took his phone and started calling someone..Me:”Who u are calling?” Kaushik sir:”Airport…Just enquiring whether flight is on time..” I took the phone from his hand and asked…”if you get 26 years old,slim,sexy and horny woman to fuck for a whole day tomorrow…..would you still go tonight?”

Mr.kaushik just looked into my eyes and smiled..I messaged my boss requesting for leave and it got approved…Mr.Kaushik cancelled his ticket to Delhi……We both were standing there naked looking each other and smiling…

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