Dad’s friend fucks mom

Hi friends this is my first story to ISS.This incident occured during this New Year.We are a family of four with mom,dad and younger brother.Dad is out on company work and brother is working far from home.So mom and I stay alone.Mom is about 50yrs old but still good looking.This incident happened when my dad’s friend who works abroad came to our place during New Year.Since dad and my brother weren’t home he told us let us go to a resort and spend New Year’s night there.We all agreed.That night we reached a resort and went to our rooms.We had booked two rooms.One for ourselves and one for uncle.During the journey to the resort and at the resort I could see uncle was getting very close to mom even touching her.Both of them sat together in the car at the rear seat and I was sitting at the front.Something was on between them.At the resort we had our dinner and went to our rooms.It was around midnight that I realised that mom was not in her bed.I got up and went near uncle’s room’s window.I was shocked with what i saw.Mom and uncle were lying naked on the bed and kissing.Uncle was around 60yrs old,but was very healthy.He was kissing mom all over and telling her that he was waiting for such an oportunity.He was fingering her slowly and kissing her at the same time.Then he started pressing her breasts and sucking it.He slowly went down,opened her legs and started eating her pussy.Mom was enjoying the action.I could see uncles’s penis now.It was about 9 inches long.After a long time of foreplay uncle told mom that .

He wanted to fuck her.She was a bit apprehensive looking at his tool.But uncle slowly placed his penis near her pussy and started giving slow strokes.After a few strokes he was completely inside her.Both were breathing heavily.Uncle told mom that he was having sex after two years since his wife is staying in his native place.He increased his pace after some time and started kissing her.Then with a final flourish he loaded his semen inside her.A lot of it was dripping out of her pussy.They lay there motionless for some time.Then uncle got up and licked her pussy.Both of them got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.I don’t know what they were doing inside because it took them more than 30 minutes to come out.Both of them were naked.Uncle was caressing her from top to bottom.Mom wanted to go but uncle wanted her to stay for some more time.Both of them lay on the bed and uncle was now interested in her backside.He opened her ass cheeks and kissed her asshole.He told her he wanted to fuck her asshole.Mom said no.But uncle was adamant.He had regained erection and told mom to lie in doggy style.He then applied some pussy juice to his penis and tried to enter her asshole.After a lot of effort he managed to enter her.Mom was almost in tears,but uncle was stroking her with full force.Finally he loaded her.After that both of them cleaned up and went to sleep.I too went to my room and slept.Mom came to our room early in the morning before i woke up.That morning we left for our home.Mom and uncle behaved as if nothing happened.After reaching home uncle was all over mom when i was not looking.That night too they had sex.And it continued for the next one week when he finally left.Thats it folks.

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