Blast From Past – Goa Encounters – Part 3

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You know what they say, “What happens in Goa, stays in Goa”. But not this time, because this is a story worth reading, and It’s special!

Hey, everybody! I’m Arshad here, from Mumbai. This story is Malvika’s mainly, but I’ve collaborated with writing it since she’s been a little busy lately and also because it involves my first time with Malvika (the one and only).
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As I stood there in front of the fridge, in the kitchen at Malvika’s place without my clothes on, I heard a noise behind me. “What the Fuck! What are you doing here?”. I turned around quickly, panicking. There was a young lady standing there, naked like me. She slowly reached into a drawer and pulled out a knife, pointing it at me. That knocked me to my senses, and I said, “Malvika brought me here last night, I don’t know anything else….”

At that she let her hand drop and sighed, “Oh, It’s Mom again, she just can’t ever get enough…”. With that she said to me, “Where did she find you? Last time I talked to her, she was leaving for Curlies.” I picked up from there “Yeah, well I met her there, had a few drinks and then this led to that, now I’m here. So you’re her daughter…. Huh? I’d never have imagined she had such a sexy daughter.” All this time I was scanning her body while pretending to look inside the fridge.

I started making sandwiches while sipping some Pepsi I found, and Riya began to watch silently, from her bar stool.She didn’t talk much, but didn’t bother covering up. I started a little chit chat with her making enough for both of us, as I suspected she was in no state to fix her own meal. I finished up and carried the sandwiches up to her at the counter where she was sitting, and sat down next to her.

“Thanks for the breakfast, btw. I don’t usually talk to the guys Mom brings home, cause we have an agreement, but sometimes I make exceptions. I’m just hungry and I needed something to eat quick.” With that, she turned and looked it the window as we ate, but quietly stealing glances at my slowly hardening dick.

Being the opportunistic idiot that I am, I lost no chance in running my eyes on her curves, raving up and down. Girls are experts at knowing when you do this so she turned to me very suddenly, saying “What? Was my Mom not enough for you? She’s held a perfect record, no guy has been able to satisfy her completely. I doubt you can, you’re not even that muscular…”. Ignoring her comments on my vitality, I teased her, “Are you saying there’s no one who has matched her libido? In all these years?” She looked at my semi-hard cock which was rising by the minute, and back up at me. “I’ve seen bigger cocks go inside her, and she always wants more.”

I smirked and said “Looks like it’s a habit of yours to watch people fuck your Mom” To which she retorted “I don’t care, it’s her sex life, I have my own worries and guys to fuck.” I could sense her blushing, but she tried not to show it.

“Alright, whatever you say”, I said, purposely dropping the ketchup bottle on her lap. “Oops!” She yelped, and I jumped forward to get it off her. “I’ll get that off”, I sad as I started wiping off the ketchup on her lap with my hands, feeling all her thighs in the process. She said nothing, but she was getting turned on slowly, and didn’t stop me from going all over them. As I was reaching up to her crotch for the last drops of ketchup, her breathing grew louder and heavier, when suddenly someone called from the stairs, ” Riya, where are you…?”

She snapped up, and I slowly pulled away from her. I guess she was really enjoying it, while I cursed in my mind at the interrupting voice. I moved away from her, and watched out for who was coming in. She yelled back, “I’m in the kitchen, it’s OK”.

Soon there was a guy standing at the kitchen doorway, also naked. I looked up at him in shock. “Hey is that you, ….. Saleem !?!?” I said, as I gazed at him in surprise. “Arshad?? What? How?”, he replied as we both stood there naked with Riya sitting between us.

She looked up at me and then to Saleem and then back to me. “Do you know each other?”, she started giggling when it dawned on her. We both looked sheepishly for a way to cover up.

When we both had our underwear on, all 3 of us sat on the sofa,recalling what happened last night and introducing each other. Saleem was an old school friend of mine who shifted to Delhi after our 10th exams. Riya was laughing at our unexpected awkward meeting and started talking about ex’s and sex’s. We got close and chilled soon.

I noticed that Saleem had a bulge in his underwear that was nearly my own size. We were both eyeing Riya as she was sitting nude between us. To put things in motion, I asked her, “Whose cock do you think is bigger, Riya?,” To which Saleem got the hint and replied, “She won’t know until she’s seen and measured both of them…” So Riya looked at both of us, smiled and winked, “I know what you want me to do, but you have to convince me…”

With that, we both nodded and sat close next to her, taking out our cocks and putting her hands on each. She sat and looked at both dicks, presing them that lightly. Soon, she started stroking both of them, from base to tip, and trying to measure their size comparison. I placed a hand on her boob and started pressing it while she was doing so.

By this time she was already in a lusty mood, so she winked and said, “I’ll have to find out using my tongue, hand isn’t guessing well enough”. With that, she bent over my side and opened her mouth over my dick. As soon as her saliva dripped onto the top, I shuddered with excitement. It was hot and sticky, followed by the edge of her tongue on my cock head. Then she made a small circle with her lips and very slowly slid it down over my shaft. It was perfect the way she did it.

Saleem also had his hands on her boobs and thighs, meanwhile, and started doing his work. He explored all over her body, wherever he could reach. When he pinched her nipples, she let out a loud moan when her lips were still at the base of my cock, making it vibrate strongly. She had the whole length inside her throat, so quickly, I was surprised.

Not many girls I encountered had such good deep throating skills. The hot warmth of her mouth was engulfing my hot rod, as I stroked her hair, feeling like heaven on earth. It was amazing, the things she could do with her tongue to a cock in her mouth.

After pausing her mouth and nose at the base of my cock and coating it with her saliva, she pulled slowly to the top, keeping her eyes on mine. She smiled, once out, and slid back all the way down.

“What a perfect sex bomb, just like her mother”, I said aloud to Saleem. At that, he snapped up at me and opened his mouth wide.

“Really? That’s who you were fucking last night, across the hall? Her mom? Damn!”, Saleem’s reply was exactly what I’d expect from him, upping my pride.

At that, Riya stopped to listen to our talking, at which I grabbed a bunch of her hair and said ” No no, no, who said you could stop? Keep measuring that cock like the sucking bitch you are!” and bobbed her head to keep moving.

“Oh so you like going fast? Let’s see how you manage when it’s my turn!”, She smiled again and obeyed, moving her mouth faster now.

I placed a hand on her boobs and pressed them lightly. So soft, they felt like heavenly pillows. I’m a boob addict and love to pamper them, so I pulled and pressed them harder.

Saleem had taken his mouth to her tits and was sucking hard on them. After going up and down with her mouth on my cock many times, she switched over to Saleem’s cock, doing the same as she did for mine.

I took this chance to pull her leg on top of mine, opening up her pussy for my fingers. Riya was getting worked up on Saleem’s cock while I began rubbing my saliva covered fingers on her war, hairless and soft cunt.

After some time, I pushed one finger inside, instantly making her moan louder. She bent over closer to Saleem putting her leg on my shoulder, so she could open up her pussy more for my hand which was pushing faster now. I had my finger going all the way in and out of her pussy while I was kneading her breast with the other. We kept at this for a long time. I never let go of her boobs, I was mashing and squeezing them like crazy.

Saleem started bucking harder and Riya picked up the pace. There was no returning from that point, he was going to cum. I stuck my second finger inside her and pushed hard. Saleem’s throbbing dick muffled her screams as I quickly thrust another finger into her hole, while pinching her nipples tightly.

“Aaaagghhh….” Saleem let out a groan as he shot his load inside Riya’s mouth, most of which she drank and the rest came drooling out. Meanwhile, I had picked up my speed and was violently fingering her like no tomorrow.

I felt her body shuddering hard as her build up was coming on, but still ahead. Riya grabbed my head and pulled my face into her tits, and I willingly began to suck them hard. “Yeah, just like that, suck them, bite them, mmmm. Make me your bitch today! Give it to me the way I like it!”.

I flicked my tongue over her nipples, and then bit them, alternating between left and right.I have this way of doing it, by living one nipple softly while pinching the other very hard. Then I would switch, again and again. Riya seemed to be really enjoying herself and was moaning away. She was taking my name and screaming all types of expletives to me, making me all the more hornier.

Suddenly I got if the sofa and kneeled in front of her, holding both her ankles and spreading her legs really wide. I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful her pussy was looking. Pinkish, glistening and aromatic; it was warm, and oozing liquids.

But I like to tease, so I avoided the main areas and started licking her sweat from her navel and pelvis, and it was so tasty, like some nectar. I was feeling really kinky and I have a little fetish for female sweat. This made her shudder and she began to push her pussy closer to my lips.

Then I slowly moved on to her pussy and started lapping up those juices, flicking my tongue all over the inner lips.Every now and then, I would tap it with my fingers, and then insert my tongue deep inside her. With all this happening down below, Saleem had time to pay attention to Riya’s boobs, fondling and bouncing them, and kissing her lips.

Within no time, she was on the edge of climax, exactly when I was hoping it to be. I got up from my knees and put the head of my dick on her wet opening. As per my usual habit, I began to rub it up and down, gathering the ooze on my rod. Riya looked straight into my eyes and said, in a commanding tone rather than pleading, “Do it. Fuck me.Now! You motherfucker, I want your cock, I want you to make me your bitch, make me your slut today!”

I didn’t need any more persuasion, and inserted the tip inside her hole, stopping half way. She was very tight, still considering that she was pounded hard all night long.

“What happened? Are you scared of something, bastard? Push it in! ….. Aaaahhh … Yes….. Push it all the way in!”

She placed her legs on my thighs and tightened them, bringing me closer and my cock deeper into her vagina. It was heavenly, her warm and tight pussy was too good.

I put both her hands around my neck as I bent forward to thrust deep into her. This time, after a few minutes of pushing, I got all the way in. All this happened so quickly, it made my head spin. After that, she reached up to kiss me, swayed and lustful.

We locked our lips together as we began to rock back and forth in a rhythm, with my cock penetrating deep inside her widening walls.It was mad, the way we were fighting our tongues in each other’s mouths, while we thrust at each other violently with as much force as we could.

“That’s better, that’s how I like it, baby….. Yeah, fuck it, just fuck me hard!”, she moaned.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you real good, no doubt in that, baby. You’re going to wish we had met earlier”, I said, as I picked up the pace.

I noticed Saleem disappear for some time and come back with something in his hand. I looked at it and realized it was a bottle of lube. He came up from the side and sat down near her legs. I saw him take out a huge amount and put it on 2 fingers, placing those fingers on Riya’s asshole. I took the cue and flipped over, putting Riya on top, with her asshole wide open for entry.

for his anal ambition. Within no time, 3 of his fingers were rapidly thrusting in and out of her ass, which made her legs spasm with excitement and pleasure.

After some time he pulled out his fingers and spit inside her asshole, and applied lube in large quantities.

“Let’s see if you can take it in the ass like a real woman!”, Saleem said.

Riya said, “So you want my ass? Huh… I don’t usually let first dates do that, but I’m making an exception today, fucker, so enjoy!”

To which Saleem, slapped her butt so hard or rang through the room, leaving a five finger red mark on her smooth round ass, saying, “Bitch, I’ll have your ass whenever I want, you’re our slut today, we can do whatever the fuck we want with you”

Then, he made a go for it, and started pushing his hardened dick inside. He managed only the tip at first, so he added more lube and tried again. He grabbed Riiya’s shoulders and made a gigantic heave forward, impaling that poor ass, nearly half the way. Riya squealed very loudly when his dick entered her, but she couldn’t move much since I was still fucking her from below. After some thrusts, her pain was replaced with pleasure, and she grew accustomed to his cock.

“Yeah, baby, push it deep, fuck yes! Faster, faster!”, Riya was saying between her moans.

It was going all-out crazy, with our bodies colliding in a mix of sweat, cum and saliva, pounding away like no one else even existed. I was taking full advantage of Riya’s breasts on my face, squeezing and sucking them like mad. In a fit of lust, I took one of her boobs in my mouth and bit it hard, not letting go, clamping down on it like a vice. She screamed and twisted but I held on to it. (She later told me that it left a hickey there for a week, wow)

Saleem was now going full force throttle too, pumping his cock in and out of her ass like a piston, shaking her violently. For quite some time, all that was heard in the room was moaning, groaning and the beautiful sounds of sex.

This was only my third ever double penetration I’ve been in, but it was amazing. Our cocks were hitting her holes together, and she was ecstatic in her pleasure, speaking incoherently.

It had been quite some time since we had started and I was going to orgasm soon. By the look of it, Riya was close to cumming too. I took advantage of Saleem’s thrusting and started for the last mile, going faster. Riya was now going crazy, shaking and writhing between the 2 of us guys.

I took one last plunge inside her as my jizz burst out, and it came out hard. She came as well, and that made her pussy tighten up, squeezing every drop of cum out of me.This made both her holes contract, bringing Saleem to cum soon after that. He released his load inside her asshole, collapsing to the side.

I was feeling light headed, this was one of the greatest fucks I had had in a long while. I turned her face to me and planted a wet kiss on her lips, which she received and returned with full passion. We were so out of breath, yet we couldn’t bring ourselves to release our grip on each other.

Our tongues were dancing on each other’s lips and mouths, mashing together in heat and moistness. Meanwhile, Saleem was giving his tongue’s attention to Riya’s neck and shoulders, biting and licking.

“You two are good. I like that. I want more, give me more. Give me more!”, Riya was ecstatic, and I felt proud of what me and Saleem managed, almost like porn actors.

I slapped her face and kissed her again. ” You bet we will, my slutty bitch, we have more on the way!”

“So here’s where all the fun is going on, and that too without me?” I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

Sure as it would be, Malvika was there, standing nude, at the door. She looked at me, then Riya, and then Saleem.Then she smiled and said, “Well, this isn’t fair, Riya. How can you just steal my lover without asking? And who’s this young man with you? Please introduce his cock to me!”

With that, she reached for Saleem’s limp penis and started stroking it, while taking my hands and putting them on her nice plump 36DD tits, which I couldn’t resist, even though I had didn’t my night playing with them. Then, I thought to myself, “Oh boy, here we go again….!”

….. (Continued later)

What happened after that? Where did this end? Wait and watch as the story plot thickens, in the upcoming Part 4! Do keep reading and stay tuned!

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