Beware Of Strip Games

By : Rahujraj

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Hello all im Rahul ! age 21 from Hyderabad ! Guys Im a regular reader of ISS its my first story to publish hope your definitely gimme response at [email protected] ! Well coming to my story .. It was a real story which took place very recently [2 months back] which happen with my friend pooja who was my close friend from my schooling !

Well she was a Active type of girl with good vital stats some thing like 36-28-36, fair , 5feet 4 inch .We are so close that we used to watch second shows, often go to pub, drink together etc etc ., Never we had a word of sex or that type in our conversation.but do watch adult movies like American pie, Girl next door ..

Now the actual story begins Once Pooja`s parents left to Delhi, As their parents look out a business and pooja is their only daughter Her parents trip was total 15 days. Mean while pooja is accomplished by her maid she was 25-30 years ! she used to come at night times as pooja would be afraid of sleeping alone! 2 days passed and it was Saturday that night ever her maid did not come due to some ill health of her children,

I usually talk up to 12 at night with her ! but that day she was so tensed i could find that in her voice , After continuous asking she said that her maid was`nt came and she was so afraid of sleeping alone ! Then she asked me to come to her house and give her company then i said YES [ but without any bad intention ] . I jumped my house wall and went to pooja`s house.

Pooja was dressed in a blue satin two pieced Nightie , she was really dam hot that day, she put Twilight movie and we were siting on sofa , But im not interested to watch that movie and asked her to change the disk or just switch on regular TV , she said okay and given me TV removed and asked me to keep channel of my wish.

Then I took remote and switching on the channel ! their i came across Some local music channel in which Hot Aahiq Banaya Aanpe song is playing then in that moment i stopped channel switching and pretended as the remote is not functioning ! During the song in one scene hero would remove heroine`s shirt that moment i carefully looked into pooja`s eyes i observed she is so attentive in watching that scene ! Then she suddenly looked at me I was observing the whole scene but just pretending that im unaware.

She was slowly moving towards my side i took it as a chance and placed my hand over her shoulder ! and i too moved near and looking towards her and she`s also looking to my eyes and slowly i felt like kissing her lips and came close to her face buy she just moved her face far from me ! and with shy she stood up and running towards bedroom. I followed her and went to her bed room !

unfortunately Power was gone ! for me its like OH SHIT ! then she lighted a candle and brought near us ! she is feeling so sweaty and i asked her to remove her coat like thing of her nightie ! she first felt shy later slowly removed her coat ! now her inner nightie was also a satin one which was up to her knees and it was a sleeveless one !

I felt like Thank god !! then my happiness doesn’t left longer Power came back ! Then for my luck she didn’t wore that coat ! now i could see her in that nightie oh my god she is so sexy !

my dick was up like a flag saluting her beauty ! she then came with UNO cards and she said that we`l play i said im not interested then she said that we`l keep bet up on something ! I said ok ,but bet on what ? she said money first i said no late we came to compromise that we`l play it strip ! i was really awaaah !!

I was wearing a t shirt and a short ! she was wearing that nightie, a black bra and pink panty.It was a first game where i won ! and it was her turn to remove her first piece of cloth ! then she said that she removed her coat earlier and she would not remove now ! I then said okay for that and we played our next game ! then i lost !! then I removed my t shirt ! Now i was with my short and boxer on ! then on next game i won so quickly ! As this time god blessed me with 2 draw 4`s and 2 draw 2`s ! then i was like wow ! and asked her to remove her cloth ! she soo cleverly removed her panty ! I was like Omg what is this ! then agin we played a game ! where i lost again !

Then i removed my short now i was with my boxer only ! i felt so bad and then played ! soon and won that match we had a rule that we can wear a cloth or make others to remove a cloth ! then i wore my short on !

Then again we had a tight game and she lost . now its her turn to remove her cloth ! then she took of her nightie wow ! shez covering her pussy with her removed nightie ! and then I lost ! and she wearied her panty on ! then again we played then I lost the game then i took off my short !

Next time she lost I asked he to remove her cloth instead she said that if she would lose in next game she would remove panty but for now she asked me for a wish ! i said gimme a nice Kiss ! she said ok and gave me one on my cheek ! i was disappointed as i did`nt mentioned that on my lips ! But this time i lost ! and said the same excuse ! she also asked me to kiss her but on lips ! i was like awaa and this was like a wish for me ! then without any wasting of time I gave a long smooch

During that she was ON and she pulled me on her . I continued kissing her all over, but this time even she replied back to me.Slowly I started rubbing my dick to her pussy and massaged her nipple slowly she was mourning with pleasure and she slowly started massaging my dick and removed my dick off my boxers, and given a hand job continued by a blow job ! I started removing her panty slowly and by this time we both are completely nude !

I started licking her pussy , shez feeling like heaven and the room was filled with morns and finally pooja cumed ! This was very exciting for me and i continued my licking business and shez busy with her morning business ! And the time came for both of us to loose our virginity ! I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy by taking an extra care and started my moment to and fro, slowly increased my pace ! By that time she was even enjoying the pace and then I cumed my sperm into her pussy That time my princess was feeling so happy and that whole night we were fucking with different styles and at last we slept ! I jumped my compound wall by 5:00 and even now we enjoy sex very often !

Hope u guys like my experience and gimme comments on my mail [[email protected]] Girls,Aunties below 35 of hyderabad can contact me for having an exciting thrill !

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