Aunty Sex

This is a true story which i encountered, but only thing is names are changed. My name is sarvadaman Banerjee i am 38 years of age now. This incident occured when i was 18 years of age. We have double storied building in hyderabad on the top floor we have one room where my Aunty Vijaya(name changed) and Uncle Were satying, they were very close to us.

Now coming to the real story. Aunty is about 35 years at that time and she 5.8 inches tall good looking with healthy body, she has features like mixed fox and tiger. Her boobs were big and firm standing tall on her chest, she had nice slightly builging stomach, which is covered because of her height, she got very wide and firm hips which can make any mans head spinning.

It was summer and we were sleeping on the top floor where my uncle and aunty were staying. were sleeping in the open air and uncle and aunty were sleeping in there room itself.

I think it was 1 O’Clock in the night, suddenly my sleep has been distrubed, when i woke up i could see the light still glowing in my aunties room, and also could hear small sounds, i was very curious to know what was happenning in the room, so i woke up went slowly towards the room, there was a window to the road side of the room and all were sleeping on the other side so nobody could see me.

I went towards the window which was little bit broken through which i can see indside the room, i was seeing from side of the window so aunty and uncle cannot see me, slowly i peeped into the room the hole in the window aunty and uncle were not yet slept.

But what i saw in the room was very exiting to me, uncle and aunty were sitting on the edge of the cot, and deeply engaged in kissing, infact it was aunty who was kissing uncle.

Aunty was wearing a transparant pink colour nighty through i can easily see her blue colour bra and panty. She was holding uncle’s hair and sucking his lips very passionately uncle was trying to move away, i forgot to describe uncle’s personality, he was 40 years of age and shorter and much thinner than aunty.

After sometime aunt broke the kiss and started removing uncle’s lungi, uncle was not interested and trying to resist, but anuty was not in moode care, she easily seperated uncles’ lungi from his body now uncle was only in baniyan and underwear which bit loose to him, she also removed his baniyan, and started rubbing his bare chest with her hands, sometimes tikling his nipples.

Suddenly she stod up and loosened the nighty band, and nighty went down to floor then she came out of nighty, i was shocked as i saw her only in her bra and panty, it was first time for me to watch any women only in her undies and that to my anuty with curvacious body.

Her bra was fitting very tight to her as 80% of her boobs were clearly visible, and here panty to was tiny and very tight, here buttocks were builging out of here panty, i thought here panty will be toren if she flexes here buttocks a little bit, here thighs were also very thick and strong with nice shape, where as uncles thighs were creamy and so soft and smooth.

Aunty was very horney and as she was much taller and stronger than uncle she lifted easily and throw him on the bed and she jumped on top of him, uncle was helpless and unable to move and stopped resisting.

Aunty was like boss of the bedroom at that time, as she was completely dominating uncle in the sex. He strated licking his whole body she sucked his ears, neck, chest sucked and licked nipples one after another, aunty was playing with uncle’s body.

Sometimes sqeezing his penis in between her big builging strong thighs, she was almost raping uncle, uncle was unable to move her away an inch, as he was struggling to push her away, she was squeezing him still hard, laughing as saying seductively, oh my darling cute husband, i love your smooth body baby, i want to have sex with you daily atleast thrice, don’t try to push me away baby, did you see my body, see my thighs and buttocks they are very big and strong than your’s, so quitely sleep on the bed and enjoy and let me enjoy baby.

Saying that she removed his underwear completely and also removed her bra and panty, uncles penis was already hard, seeing that she laughed and inserted his penis in her hairy cunt, pressed it hard on his shaft, his member went completely into here already wet cunt, and she started moveing up and down slowly, then started moving fast fast fast, her buttock were bucking like pistion on uncle’s shaft, uncle was literaly crying and pleading here to stop, but she was not at all caring his pain, after sometime she pressed uncle very hard with her thighs as she had her orgasm, and also let uncle to cum inside her pussy, she laid like that for some time and got up from uncle, uncle weakly tried to turn other side an sleep, autny did not allow to turn and said, be patient baby, my buttocks are waiting eagerly to take your penis inside them……

Please mail me if you like the story so that i can extend it how aunty fucked uncle in dogy style..

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