Ankita Bhabi’s Fuck

You have read two stories how sexy my Ankita bhabi is . She fucked with ten penis through out the night and all of them accept their defeat and beg excuses to release them from her sex prison and she kicked out all including the principal penis .She do not care any penis but she is not only sexy but have a sexy body and eyes . Her lips are always wet and so also her pussy.Anytime if any finger is inserted in her hole it will be found wet with her pussy juice and with coating of the juice around it.She has an average body with pineapple boobs and pumpkin shaped buttocks . The ravine in her crack attracts any fucker . The dress she wear enhanced her beauty. Her thin satin shirts with out bra extremely tempted the man more particularly when she is walking flapping the boobs as if dancing but for her elephant like walk.This bring his penis to full length and girth .She is in between forty to forty five years old but still her boobs are erect and facing ninety degree and her body looks like a young girl .

Her nipples are detruding the shirt as if to shoot coming out of it. She is blessed with one child who is now reading in class 12th in the eastern media public school nearly thirty kilometers away from her home town.She used to go by seven in the morning and returned after five thirty as the bus took minimum one hour to collect and bring them . Her husband is a shopkeeper and remain in his shop from eight in the morning to ten p.m in the evening . He used to take his lunch in his shop by asking the boy to bring from the nearby hotel as his wife is not in Cavour of cooking and the lady cooker used to come by ten a.m. left her house and again come after six p.m.She only cook and another maid servant do the cleaning and cleansing of utensils and other household materials like clothes and floor of the house before seven in the morning and five in the evening. In another words my Ankita bhabi would have been engaged through out the day but she avoid all works and left at the duties to her maid servants and she like to remain in sex .She remain busy all through the day from eight thirty five sex play with her lovers and remain busy in the leisure hours in dressing painting and keeping her pussy clean and oily.She is keeping her maid servants in such humour that they helped her to have sex even in their front.So let us enjoy her sex play . She earn a lot not as a prostitute but as gifts from her lovers for her very pleasant sex play in a very sexy mood utilizing her full body and mind .She can not count her ejaculation as it is numerous and plenty but maintain good health as her sex lover ensure very nutritious food and some vitamins to keep her body enjoyable.

The washer man came to take the clothes for washing as usual i.e. once in a week but while she gave him the clothes in bundle one of her panties full of her waste menstrual blood come out when the washer man counts the number of pieces of clothes . The washerman smell the sexy scent of the panties and picking it out rub on his face including her lips and philtrum and smell to sexy but smell several times in her presence.She could not think what to do or reply him but the washerman murmured smilingly in audible voice ” if it is so fragrant how the gourd emanating so sweet juice be sweet and fragranting.How lucky is the person using the gourd and why the almighty is not giving him a single chance even to smell the gourd or lick the fluid ? If available I will not take my mouth from licking sucking and smelling ” and remain silent but after listening him my Ankita bhabi told the washerman it is his duty to wash using detergent but she will allow him to clean her smelling gourd with his tongue water alone rubbing thoroughly without using any detergent but should not waste any cream produced from the rub.The gourd is cleanly shaved and pleasant to lick but time is short and any delay will shorten the time of licking even if it is pleasurable or even if he do not want to leave it as her adolescent daughter may come from her school.The washerman got full encouragement and in one second kneeling before her he lifted the saree upto her naval and licked the mound and pussy hood.But my Ankita bhabi became angry and told him in a taunting voice ” are you a man or a woman as you do not know how to lick “.


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