A Starving Bhabi

Every night when Raja returns home from his tuition, Rahul, his elder brother and Mita, Rahul’s wife are already asleep. Raja uses his keys to enter the house, has a wash, finishes his dinner and then walks up to the first floor to be in bed in his own room. By then the calendar rolls over to the next day. This day was no different from other days. It was well past midnight when Raja was sitting on his bed. Rahul was supposed to leave early morning for one more prolonged tours, which he was famous for every 6 to 8 days he began a 52-54 day tour, which made Mita annoyed in her seven years of marriage. Her conjugal life was in total disarray. A number of times, it so happened that during Rahul’s presence, she was in her feminine cycle.

That irritated Rahul. He started avoiding Mita. Mita, being a newly wedded wife was sexually starved mainly because of Rahul’s busy schedule. But she could not persuade her husband to act sexually with her. Rahul had another drawback. His penis was pretty small in size. Not that his erection was short-lived, but a few attempts to penetrate his wife went futile. This annoyed Mita the most, but she could not accused her husband as the size was a natural one for which Rahul could not be blamed.

This night he could hear them talk. Mita’s voice was filled with anger. Raja heard her say –

Mita: This is ridiculous. It has been seven years now since we got married. Your stay with me are very few and far between. We cannot even make serious attempts to have sex. You keep yourself busy in your office work. But for me it is really difficult task to keep my mind away from sex thoughts.

Rahul: Look Mita, either you shall have to accept my incapacitation and starve sexually, else leave me and get re-married to another person. You must have known by now that I cannot satisfy you. Moreover, I am loosing the urge for sex nowadays with the work pressure that I have. Being my wife you have to either co-operate with me or break this marriage.

Mita: Why did you marry then? You knew of your own problems before marriage, didn’t you?

Rahul: I thought,, may be. I could get proper support from you to improve my chances of sexual pleasure. But whenever I come, you are in your filthy sanitary napkins. That does not help me any way.

Mita: What do you mean? How could you make such a silly comment? That part is not determined by me. It is my system. But you have 24 or 25 days at your liberty. Why can’t you adjust you tour dates?

Rahul: Don’t talk stupid. My company pays salary to me and that is quite a sum. You expect me to go and tell them that I need to adjust my tour dates for your convenience?

Mita: You are acting funny now. Don’t you know to talk diplomatically? Why do you have to cite your wife as your problem?

Raja heard a thud following her sentence and a shriek from Mita.

Mita: Oooooh! You kicked me out of the bed on to the floor. You wretched stupid!

Rahul: Shut up, will you and just get lost out of my sight. I don’t want to see your blinking face any longer. You do not deserve to be any one’s wife, you slut!

Mita: It’s you who is a criminal, because you have cheated me having a full knowledge regarding your shortcomings. You cheat!

Raja heard a second sound, and definitely a heavier one and that was followed by a loud cry from Mita.

Mita: Oh! God! How dare you beat me?

Rahul: You bitch! I’ll beat you black and blue, if you don’t leave this place. You are deliberately disturbing me, knowing that I need to leave at 4:30 in the morning.

By then Raja could realize everything. He had retired completely having locked his room. A few minutes past and he heard a knock on his door. He knew that it would be Mita, but play acted and took some before opening up. It was Mita alright in her night dress,

Raja: What’s up? How come you are at my door so late at night.


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